Check out the full restoration feature on Pommie’s 1981 Kenny Roberts RD350LC here.. The CP3 and Grasshopper showcase the customising potential of the XSR900 and XSR700 and just how easy each model is to change to suit personal taste. We wanted to show how easily one can transform the XSR900 into something completely unique – just by swapping out the tank panels.” The tank can be purchased through the Bunker store and is a simple mod to change the look of your XSR900. The team decided this would be a track-only motorcycle so they wouldn’t be held back by the regulations for day to day road use. Hi where can I get a set of side panels like the ones on the white and red rd900. Our build philosophy is absolute perfection. Instruments: Digital multi function central display, Pommie’s restored 1981 Kenny Roberts Yamaha RD350LC. The 2018 Yamaha XSR900 'Kenny Roberts RD900LC' alongside Pommie's restored 1981 RD350LC, Engine: 847cc liquid-cooled inline three-cylinder four-stroke, 78 x 59.1mm bore x stroke, 31mm IN and 25mm EX valves, 11.5:1 compression, Clutch: Wet, multiple-plate, hydraulic actuation non-slipper. Forged aluminium pistons are fitted with fracture split (FS) conrods and the 78mm diameter pistons run in direct-plated cylinders, which ensure effective heat dissipation. travel. Custom Öhlins suspension, Brembo calipers, specialist PFM brake discs and BST Carbon Wheels provide stunning handling. Claimed torque: 40.2Nm@8000rpm Demonstrating that the highly active Yard Built scene in Germany continues to go from strength tostrength,the CP3 debuted in its homeland at a July Yard Built Night in Hamburg, alongside the Hookie Co. Grasshopper, another German-made 2019 Yard Built bike. The EFI system features twelve-hole injectors designed to deliver an atomised fuel spray with a droplet size of only a few microns. Find out more, Test ride Yamaha Motorcycles at events near you. Brembo calipers and a Motogadget Speedo mix with flowing forms created using traditional panel beating techniques and hand forming. Check out JvB-moto hereTo buy JvB-moto parts, click hereCheck out Hookie Co. here, Industry, News, Motorcycle Culture, Custom Motorcycle, This Custom Bike: Come Get Offended At Terrible Welds With Me, Reimagined And Amazing: Custom Honda CB1000R, The latest entry in this series comes from the garage of JvB-moto, a German outfit founded by, This is part of the beauty of the Yard Built series: the designers, This build, dubbed the CP3, is a retro-influenced custom, Latest Yamaha Yard Built XSR900 Is A Custom Vision In Blue,, Jens vom Brauk, who is known for his minimalistic custom designs, work within the confines of the existing motorcycle, Shoei Unveils Updated Helmets And New Graphics For 2021. An authentic performance motorcycle that blends Yamaha's triple-cylinder technology with neo-retro style. Bunker Chimera // Yamaha XSR900 At Bunker Custom Cycles, we are always looking for innovative ways to build exceptional bikes, experimenting with different processes and materials. Mert and Can say the new tank covers can be mounted in less than ten minutes. The XSR900 price starts from €9,499 (just below $11,000). Add to Cart. The bike was first presented at the 2019 Café Racer Festival where it received the Best of Show prize. For the new tank panels, the Uzer bros took an elaborate route, utilizing marine-grade manufacturing techniques to produce the new covers in carbon fiber. Jens elaborated on this approach: "I wanted it to look fast without looking aggressive, for it to be less retro and more minimalist, with areduced and purposeful design.". “From a form perspective, the tank is the most significant design element of any bike – the signature of the bike, if you will,” explains Mert. 2020 YAMAHA XSR900, Born To Rule An authentic performance motorcycle that blends Yamaha triple-cylinder technology with neo-retro style. The donor’s hallmark drilled aluminum subframe supports and headlight ears are no more, with the former now shrouded in one-off covers, and the latter having been replaced with custom aluminum brackets. I’d probably also fit a headlight from a RD and maybe some retro clocks, I mean if your going to have a RD badge on a four-stroke you may as well go the whole hog and make it look a bit more like one. Braking is ABS equipped with 298mm floating stainless steel rotors and radial-mount four-piston calipers. Price: $12,990 + ORC This site uses cookies to ensure the best browsing experience on our website. The Yamaha Yard Built line of custom bikes is a great concept, and I don’t know why more bike manufacturers don’t have a program like it. COMPACT, SPORTY CHASSIS: Underneath the sleek bodywork, the aluminum frame features a sport-oriented wheelbase with rake and trail geometry that works with the compact 3-cylinder engine to achieve light and nimble handling. Brakes: Dual single-piston calipers, 267mm discs, rear drum brake, DIMENSIONS: This design focused on blurring the lines between classic style and modern surface language. The builders also discussed their plans to offer bolt-on kits and parts for customers to purchase, embracing the Yard Built concept to empower Yamaha customers to imprint their own vision onto their motorcycles. COMPACT, SPORTY CHASSIS: The narrow aluminum frame features sport-oriented geometry for light and nimble handling. YAMAHA XSR900 SPECIFICATION - Displacement: 845: Engine Type-Maximum Output (ps) 116PS / 10,000r/min: Maximum Torque (kgf/m) 8.9: Vehicle Weight (Dry Weight)-Fuel Tank Capacity liter-See spec data of YAMAHA XSR900. They don’t come with standard XSR900. Out front, the brothers Uzer tacked on a stubby custom beak inspired by the Ducati Hypermotard and Aprilla Dorsoduro. All rights reserved. The Prototype Two will be supplied in a strictly limited run, sold as the Auto Fabrica “Type 11” and tailored to order with the first deliveries expected between Summer and Autumn 2018. High quality, bespoke, blended collections of design philosophies and techniques give the Prototype Two its powerful visage. A round headlight, conventional fueling, trimmed seats, indicators, road tires and matching metallic silver paint tie the finish of Prototype Two to the classic style of Prototype Three. The XSR still rolls on its factory wheels, though they’ve been painted gold and shod in Anlas Capra RD rubber. Prepare to Journey Further with our genuine Yamaha apparel. Your down payment cannot be greater than the price. Rear brake: Single-piston slide caliper, 245mm stainless steel rotor. Mounting the parts doesn’t require any modifications to the frame or anywhere else, with everything bolting directly on to the stock points. Suspension: Front: Inverted 41mm forks, rebound adjustment, 137mm travel. Wheels & Tyres: light alloy, 3.50 x 17in & 5.50 x 17in, Bridgestone S20 120/70 – 17, 180/55 – 17. ©2020 Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. All Rights Reserved. Although the XSR hasn’t really changed in that time, it’s still a great bike and the fact that I also had my own 1981 Kenny Roberts RD350LC (check out the restoration story here) along for the ride made it even more special. Sintered pads are fitted standard and the rear disc is a 245mm unit with a pin-slide caliper. This is part of the beauty of the Yard Built series: the designers work within the confines of the existing motorcycle while giving feedback to Yamaha about their wants and needs. ADVANCED INSTRUMENTATION: The round LCD panel features a ton of information: digital tachometer, speedometer, gear position, eco mode indicator, TCS and D-MODE indicators, ambient and coolant temperature, a fuel gauge and range of trip computer functions including a clock, instant and average fuel consumption, fuel reserve trip meter and the usual trip meters. Lightech footrests help reduce weight and give an assuring platform for the rider, with a new seat to accommodate the feel ofthe CP3. I can’t for the life of me understand how I missed this bike first time around? The swingarm is also CF aluminium die-cast, with the two sides welded together. 298mm floating stainless steel rotors are grasped by radial-mount four-piston calipers. Chassis: Die cast CF aluminuim two-piece, die-cast aluminium CF swingarm Wheelbase: 1440mm, Fuel capacity: 16.5L, Engine: Liquid-cooled two-stroke parallel twin-cylinder, 347cc The swingarm pivot, interestingly, is on the outside of the frame, making the frame and footpeg span narrow for better ground clearance and comfort. The 120º crank delivers a regularly-spaced firing sequence at 0º, 240º and 480º, that ensure a linear delivery together. Wet weight: 149kg FRACTURE-SPLIT CONNECTING RODS: Just like Yamaha’s racetrack-developed supersport models, the XSR900 makes use of fracture-split connecting rods for ultimate precision and performance. Like I said before, I really love this bike, but if it were mine I’d have to lose the rear light, I hate it. To find out more about Auto Fabrica, visit: The standard muffler is fairly quiet, although it looks good, is nice and low down, it’s also tucked well out of the way revealing the handsome alloy banana shaped swingarm. The adjustable front and rear suspension allows the rider to customize their XSR900 to match the road conditions and personal preferences.

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