Pick up high-quality bench protectors and liners at Grainger to help protect laboratory glassware from scratches and breakage and to help safeguard benchtops against damage from exposure to chemicals or extreme temperatures. There are other sources I have found where you can also buy various types of foam. The object was to have a soft, clean surface always available for delicate parts subject to destructive scratches. Terms & Conditions And no slivers! totally awesome, right now I have a small (like 2'x4'4") computer desk I'm using for some electrical work (modding r/c cars, fixing neighbor's dvd players etc.) It helps if you mash kinda hard and collect visible "flakes" of the glue. Warranty 9 years ago Sadly, the DIY desk is now gone, burned along with my home. My favorite workbench surface protector is a thick coating of apathy. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. on Step 12. Step 2: Remove the Crud. This is easily fixed by taking a bit of the scrap that was just removed, cutting it into a strip, then making little squares. A rubber mat can protect not only the workbench top but also the project parts. of 50, / This was a suggestion a number of years ago from Popular Science or Popular Mechanics. These may linger after you have removed the surface, but again they are easily washed away with warm water. Access My Account, Order History, Lists and more here. Using cheap mousepads makes for a low cost, VERY easily repaired, handsome and comfortable workbench! Blog Absorbent Upper Surface With Flexible PE Film Backing, 420 mL/sq m of Water, Dyes, Corrosive Chemicals and Radioactive Solutions, ~Lab Supplies~Lab Fume Hoods and Accessories~Bench Protectors and Liners, / Extra-Large Protective Bags. These are much more durable than you might thing because there's glue directly on them - sometimes when I take up a couple of pads, I have to scrape these off because they stick so well. I've screwed a 2' x 4' piece of 1/4" thick of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) to the front-center of my 8' x 3' benchtop to take the beating from the boat anchors I typically work on. Cut four 20-in.-long x 12-in.-wide pieces of 3/4-in. I can "refinish" only the part that's needed in less than an hour! Again, I tear the backing off because I consider the surface "part of" my desk. Thanks for all the great comments, though I don't understand the recent flurry of comments on this article! And the surface is soft and very comfortable to rest my arms on - which is important not just to me and my arms, but the old quipment I often have to work on. Protective neoprene mesh matting can offer a cushioned surface and effective drainage for just-washed labware. I love how your mouse is on a mouse pad on a mouse pad! Here is the source of our magic: CHEAP mouse pads. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. on Step 12. That's it! The mat can be cut to be customized to any shape or size that you need. ECO Policy What I did for my desk is tear that cheap coating off. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon. 12 years ago on Introduction. Delivery 11 years ago All of our bench mats are self-healing and heat resistant. It looks sorta like white glue stick, but it never dries. Here's where we do the magic on those "nicer" surfaces. All that will let you know this isnt one solid piece is the corners where the mouse pads are rounded... we'll get to that in a bit. Thirty five dollars worth of mouse pads has given me a desktop surface that is essentially a consumable. When you want to use the whole top of your workbench, a permanently mounted vise or grinder just gets in the way. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use this site. Using cheap mousepads makes for a low cost, VERY easily repaired, handsome and comfortable workbench! I've torn my desktop loose! Brackley, Northants NN13 7AW, Telephone: 01280 840293 Because that little "diamond" at every corner conceals slightly bad alignment. Tools Workbench tends to collect damage from soldering iron, gunk from old radio innards, x-acto cuts and so forth. this looks like a great idea to solve that problem, plus all the pros previously mentioned. With most desks, you mess up the top and now it's major work to refinish. I can lay and old radio chassis on my desk and not have to worry about scuffs and scratches. My Account, Cutting Mats Ask your local print shop to save you one. Again, not an issue if your surface is less permanent. About Rhino Combined with our Heavy-Duty workbench protector mats, these provide a durable industrial workbench solution that will last for years. All of our bench mats are self-healing and heat resistant. These particular pads I bought because they had this grid on the front and when I saw them I though "cool I can use the grid to cut lines and stuff" but when I got them I saw that front was really just cheap cardboard with a plastic coat. Glue and nail them together in pairs to make two 1-1/2-in.-thick … Works great for kitchen cabinets and drawers … I use a self-healing mat, you know those green ones, but this is probably cheaper. 99. Mash them around a bit and work the edges together. pkg. Still sceptic but a good +1 for me. Note that the surface below this is, on my desktop, just plywood. note. Pads are a good idea! They may buckle a bit at first but if you roll them down with your palm and squeeze the seams together you will end up with a nice continuous surface with almost invisible seams! See, the fact it isnt large sheets adds to the value. Farm Road, Reply My desk uses a piece of old exterior grade plywood I happened to have lying around the day my dad and I welded it up, and it works great. Mine usually doesn't even tear this badly, but I put off replacing it longer than usual and it was pretty badly cut up.White glue also cleans up easily with warm water, so the next step wont be needed if you are starting with a nicer subsurface. Looking for a workbench protection mat that will last for years, and protect your work-surface from damage? A warm (warm is important) damp towel wipes away what little residue was left and one would never know I once had a piece of neoprene glued to the wall. of 100, / Price Match Promise, Cherwell House The product will be reserved for you when you complete your order. Note how well this thing sticks to the WALL (that's VINTAGE paneling, chief) but it takes almost no effort to remove it when I want to. $18.99 $ 18. I recommend something you can drill, cut, or chisel into without worrying about your tool. It is essentially a rubber mat with a degree of self healing properties. on Step 12. Unlike rubber workbench matting, which will wear and score or scratch within months in heavy-usage environments, Rhino’s bench top protection mats will look great and stay smooth for years, even when sharp knives or hot equipment is being used. Your mousepad is made from 3120? Help contain spills with an absorbent paper benchguard wallet. My desktop protects whatever I am working on, and is well protected in turn.But the best part is not have to take EVERYTHING off my work area in order to repair it. The MDF is easily and cheaply replaced, with the old piece typically recycled for some utilitarian use. much kudos! Thnks for the 'structable, 12 years ago Pick up high-quality bench protectors and liners at Grainger to help protect laboratory glassware from scratches and breakage and to help safeguard benchtops against damage from exposure to chemicals or extreme temperatures. Not only do these mats prolong the life of a workbench top, they also protect tools and parts by cushioning them when they fall. plywood and hanging them on the end of your workbench until they're needed.

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