2. Cutting off a few won't kill them, but they won't be able to suck up the same amount of sunlight. But, you would live without your fingers, too. But, I get it. Turn it upside down and hang it from the stem in a well-ventilated spot in a warm, dry room until the flower head is completely dry. Use the decapitated stalk as a trellis for beans, peas etc. I don't have to many. When it has run the course of its' life, dried sunflower heads make … Most if not all of the petals will have fallen off. To harvest the seeds of your sunflower, wait until your sunflower droops and turns brown. 3 ways you can keep using your sunflower after it's died... 1. Feed the birds . Strip cut sunflowers of all leaves, except for those next to the flower head. Question: After cutting the heads off the stem/stalk of the sunflower, what do you do with what’s left standing? Cut stem at desired length, at a 45° angle, to prevent the stem from resting flat on the bottom of the vase. Step 1 - Select the Best Flowers to Cut The best sunflowers to use for cut flowers have multiple branching stems and flowers. When sunflowers are cut using the following steps, blooms can last up to 10 days indoors! Harvest the heads but don’t cut down the stalk. Place cut flowers in water immediately after harvest. Good luck! Then, cut the stem leaving four inches from the head of the sunflower. So instead of one big flower lots of small ones. I need to know when you cut the heads off your sunflowers to dry them. Another possibility for drooping sunflowers is that the plants need water. With those dazzling faces, sunflowers attract a lot of attention – particularly from the bees and the birds. I made the mistake of growing giant sunflowers next to my front steps. Depending on your climate, they could last a couple of seasons. Cut off the flower disk with a knife when the back turns brown. Sunflowers are great for summertime bouquets but to get the most out of your cut flowers, you should follow a few simple steps. To soak up sunlight and convert it into energy to grow. 3. Do you uproot the sunflower stalk and pull it out to start over? And, that was the first day that I began to cut off the sunflower heads to harvest them for seeds. Leave 1 foot of stem attached and leave the bag on the disk when cutting. The real question is what is the purpose of the leaves? Your seeds should be ready to harvest within 110 to 125 days after you planted the flower. Check the bagged sunflower head every day. Answer: You have several options. Grow tall sunflowers. What you can do is cut the de-petaled flower head off and the plant may well sprout a number of side shoots, each of which will produce a flower, which will be much smaller than the single one you had. Avoid placing too many heads in one bucket while harvesting; crowded heads may damage each other. Sunflowers are annuals, so leaving the root will not lead to reblooming next year. As simple as lather, rinse repeat. And they grew like crazy. Yes. If you are truly worried about damage to the stalk, however, tie the head up to a fence, tree, eave, or whatever the sunflower is near to help the plant bear the weight. You must store the sunflower head upside down in a dry and breathable bag. We got the seeds at a gas station for filling up the car with gas, so I just threw the seeds in the ground. On Friday, June 20, 2014, it was the 98th day of my second DIY sunflower garden. Sunflower seeds are fully ripe when the back of the disk is brown and the seeds begin loosening and falling off on their own. This can take from one to five days. Everyone who goes past my house say how nice it is to see the 7 feet of sunflowers … Cut the flower stalk about 12 to 18 inches below the top of the bag. You could also buy some seed and sow your own but you would need to do it now. 1.

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