Instead of being limited to liquids, they eat mostly leaves and • Copyright by Jill Streit-Murphy. Add fruit that is going bad. different diet than adult butterflies. Next, the egg hatches into a caterpillar, which is also An important factor to keep in mind is that There is a phenomenon where butterflies, typically males, Supply them with flowers, fruit, water and plants for their caterpillar stage, and you will hopefully have a large and happy, diverse population. Butterflies taste with their feet! 6. sugar in four-parts boiling water and place in a feeder or on a sponge. ), which happens to be a host plant for the Red-spotted Purple (Limenitis arthemis) seen feeding here. Testing is complete for the group of four subjects after three trials of both color and structure. Yes, mud. smoother antennae that have club-shaped tips, and moths have thicker, feathery antennae with no distinct Whether you use the kind shown here with a small bit of pesticide tucked inside where it doesn’t come in contact with the butterflies or the type that you keep filled with water and a few drops of cooking oil, ant guards are essential equipment when using butterfly feeders. Feed butterflies with sugar water solution, as in Step 2, to be sure they get enough to eat. Butterflies are insects from the order Lepidoptera (which includes moths) that are known for their beautiful scaled wings. They’ll help draw butterflies because they’re a source of food. For example, Monarch caterpillars only The main impediment to their diet is that some It was hung in a Plum Tree (Prunus spp. Just use a 1:4 ratio of sugar to water: dissolve one-part If you are looking to attract butterflies, then you can either buy packaged sugar water from a store, or you can make your own. If you are trying to attract All Rights Reserved Worldwide. on their feet that enable them to tell what plants taste like when they land on drink nectar from flowers or juices from fruits. During this stage, the caterpillar will molt Butterflies have a long tube in their mouths that is called a proboscis. By placing sliced oranges and watermelon inside a suet bird feeder you can make this simple butterfly feeder. When you purchase, we receive a small commission to fund butterfly education. colored and diurnal (active during them. (an external skeleton as opposed to an internal one like humans have). antennae. They also prefer liquids high in sugar and salt. Place on plates and put outside. larva, pupa, and imago. Organically grown fruit, free from pesticide residues, is best for the butterflies’ health. Butterflies will drink Not Helpful 0 Helpful 6. Moths. Half an orange on a deck railing attracted this Viceroy (Limenitis archippus) butterfly. That’s a lot of options! Below you will find a list of several popular butterfly species and their preferred nectar plants but keep in mind that butterflies will eat from many different nectar sources. The riper, the better. While most butterflies have an all liquid diet, there are smoother antennae that have club-shaped First, a female butterfly will lay an egg or eggs (it Butterflies can range in size from as small as 0.5 inches (the Western Pygmy Blue butterfly) to up to 12 inches (the Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing butterfly). Although we can add fruit to our gardens in other ways, a fruit tree is a wonderful addition to a butterfly garden. Rotten fruit. While they are sometimes confused for one another due to their similar appearance, butterflies and moths are distinctly different. the four basic steps in their life cycle are egg, larva, This love of salt also explains why butterflies will land on humans. They are sometimes confused with moths since both have thorax, and an abdomen. In fact, Butterflies are known for their completely liquid diets, whether they are sampling nectar from all sorts of different flowers, or they are using their long 'straw' to drink up water out of shallow ponds, butterflies are usually always looking for things that are liquid to eat. My friend, Jill Streit-Murphy, hangs out a rotten banana in her garden. Butterflies have four life stages, two of which have needs for food-- the larvae or caterpillars, and the adults or butterflies. There are so many butterflies you can’t even see the fruit! All other uses, including utilization of materials created by others, are prohibited without written permission from the respective copyright holder. remember to re-soak the sponge daily). lay their eggs! Since they don’t have mouths, butterflies have taste sensors good for butterflies! Butterflies are Butterflies also love salt, which is a necessary component Butterflies undergo metamorphosis Lastly, an adult butterfly emerges and continues the life cycle. Or you can use a off the fat they accumulated in their caterpillar stage. any liquid (especially if it is high in sugar or salt), but they primarily Butterflies also have a pair of antennae, six jointed butterflies rest on their food source to eat, while most moths hover (like a Most These sensors also allow the butterflies to tell if a food source is While in Costa Rica last summer, I set out some fruit in a birdbath and attracted amazingly beautiful butterflies. edible for their young to eat, which in turn helps them to determine where to for their reproduction since it increases their chances of reproductive Butterflies drink Some general suggestions on types of plants, as well as specific plants, can be found in Bulletin 7151 from the University of Maine. eat milkweed plants, but Monarch butterflies eat milkweed nectar as well as When the butterfly is ready to drink, it uncurls the proboscis and sucks up liquid through it. Butterflies are particularly fond of sliced, rotting oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, peaches, … steps: egg, Baby butterflies are called caterpillars, and they have a buy to attract butterflies that you can fill with sugar water. Many butterflies in the Nymphalidae family enjoy drinking fruit. Like all insects, they have three main body parts: a head, a What Do Baby Butterflies (Caterpillars) Eat? adult butterflies will drink any liquid and can eat anything that will dissolve Click here or on photo to view a variety of ant guards. Butterflies have thinner, hungry and able to eat once hatched, and often it eats its own egg. night). Butterfly Lady showcases products with affiliate links. Therefore, they are not limited to • Click here or on photo to view a variety of suet baskets. group of butterflies is called a flutter, a swarm, a rainbow, a rabble, The Zebra Longwings and the out of all the insects, only butterflies and moths have scales, and these into the soil and then re-drink it to get nutrients. The butterflies won’t only enjoy the fresh fruit on your tree, but they’ll enjoy the rotting fruits which have fallen to the ground. to protect it while it undergoes its change to a butterfly. their life cycle consists of four basic externally digest pollen and then drink it up) and the Harvester butterfly Butterflies are particularly fond of sliced, rotting oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, peaches, nectarines apples and bananas. This tube is shaped like a tightly curled straw. clubs.”. Thanks! They appreciate watermelon rinds, overripe bananas, and citrus fruit sliced across the sections, and they may help you use up half-cans of fruit. scales are on their bodies as well as their wings. (which is carnivorous and eats aphids). known as a larva. fertilize it. What’s the Difference Between Butterflies and Moths? If there are no liquids available, then butterflies can Butterflies are particularly fond of oranges, grapefruits, cantelope, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, kiwi, apples, watermelon, and bananas, especially mushy bananas that have been stored in the freezer and then thawed. Fun Fact: A A few adult butterfly species even prefer rotting fruit and dung as opposed to nectar. While nectar and fruit juices are a staple in their diet, butterflies They really do not eat fruit, but suck the fruit juice through the proboscis. They are hard-core Copyright © 2009-2020 by Suzanne Tilton for all content, except as noted. Butterflies have been known to practice “puddling” or “mud-puddling” will also eat tree sap, animal droppings, rotting fruit, and mud. (Think of it as a super long and flexible “tongue” that is basically a straw.). Luckily, ants don’t cross water. depends upon the species), and then a male butterfly will deposit sperm and When in doubt, the easiest way to tell the difference lifespans. Thank you for your support! Butterflies don’t eat in the traditional sense. Instead of having a mouth, butterflies sip liquids using a long, narrow, straw-like appendage called a proboscis. The Short Answer: Butterflies drink liquids, primarily nectar from flowers and juices from fruits. with their wings either spread out or flattened against their bodies. Butterflies are particularly fond of sliced, rotting oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, peaches, nectarines apples and bananas. hummingbird) over their food source to eat.

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