“Ponder over the creation of Allah and do not ponder over the essence of Allah because your minds cannot possibly encompass that.” (Hadith), Allah is Transcendent. How does He look like? Where is He? Many questions rankle in our minds about the nature of God (Allah) to which we need answers. I do not know. Your brain couldn't image how Allah [swt] looks like. Muslim beliefs lead a person to hell because they reject the truths that the Lord Jesus Christ is God and Savior. Answer Save. Prolonged companionship with the Qur’an is one of our most cherished desires, but do we really attain it? Do you think Muslims will give up Not accepting gay community as Muslims among them? what does Allah look like? Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Al-Hamdu Lillah (praise be to Allah) Who limited his plots to whispers only! How are these allowed? Sofa_King November 5, 2001, 11:55pm #3. Are there some questions whose answer is not cleared for people because of the Wisdom of God? how would you answer this question from someone wanting 2 know about Islam? What Does Allah Look Like? Have a copy of the Quran and read parts of it. Where is He? Question: I would like to know how Allah (swt) is described. He begot no one nor was He begotten. This is why expensive Persian carpets will often have one stitch deliberately put out of place, because the person who made it doesn’t want to be seen as trying to insult God by being impudent enough to (Ahmad and Abu Dawud). But then I began wondering about all the pictures/drawings of not only bin Laden but also - seemingly on every flat surface except the ground in Iraq - of Hussein. I advise you not to focus on these issues again. 4 months ago. How come in Islam woman have to cover theyre hair and head but men do not? Are any Muslims offended, if I claim that two of these drawings are NOT of Mohammad? how would you answer this question from someone wanting 2 know about Islam? So No one is comparable to Him.’ (Quran 112:1-4). Allah doth guide whom He will to His Light: Allah doth set forth Parables for men: and Allah doth know all things. Who is Allah? If I asked someone standing on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Beirut: “How much is the quantity of water in this sea?” An ignorant person would give a number, while the one having knowledge will reply, “I do not know”. His throne extends over the heavens and the earth; it does not weary Him to preserve them both. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. How does He look like? There’s a strong injunction in the Koran against making graven images. Are their answers, intentionally, hidden by Allah so that we may not know them? MB. Hence the Islamic love of little abstract squiggly lines. Change your position. We pray to Allah to help you to overcome Satanic whispers. The Parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass: the glass as it were a brilliant star: Lit from a blessed Tree, an Olive, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil is well-nigh luminous, though fire scarce touched it: Light upon Light! It was the home of somebody who didn’t exactly like Saddam, so there weren’t the usual pictures of him everywhere. Neither slumber nor sleep overtakes Him. Based on the prophetic dictate above, we should steer clear from trying to grasp the reality of Allah. Allah (/ ˈ æ l ə, ˈ ɑː l ə, ə ˈ l ɑː /; Arabic: ١ّللَه ‎, romanized: Allāh, IPA: [ʔaɫ.ɫaːh] ()) is the Arabic word for God in Abrahamic religions.In the English language, the word generally refers to God in Islam. how would you answer this question from someone wanting 2 know about Islam? For this reason Moslems don’t make pictures of Allah just as Jews don’t make pictures of Jehovah. There are answers to each one. Allah created him so finely that once I started reading how our Prophet Muhammad PBUH looked, I would utter Subhan Allah after a few moments. if Islam say anything on the topic... Answer Save. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Thus, the Prophet (Allah bless him) is narrated to  have said, “Contemplate on the creation of Allah but do not contemplate on Allah.”  [Bayhaqi, Shu`ab al-Iman; Tabarani, al-Awsat; Abu Nu`aym, Hilya; Asbahani, Targhib]. Can Allah Feel Emotions Like Happiness and Sadness? For this reason Moslems don't make pictures of Allah just as Jews don't make pictures of Jehovah. SubhanAllah! Allah is Unique in His entity, actions, and attributes. Relevance. Can you post a picture? Okay, I’ll bite. Let’s agree first that your keenness on knowing Allah and worshipping him the right way at such an early age is an indication of a promising Muslim youth. What do you think of the answers? If you’re actually looking for a picture of Mohommed then again you’re going to be disappointed because graven images are verboten and I suspect even if their were any images from his lifetime they would have been destroyed. Read what Allah says about Satan and his temptations: Children of Adam, do not let Satan seduce you, as he did your parents, causing them to leave the Garden… (Quran 7:27), …And do not follow Satan’s footsteps, for he is your sworn enemy. 8 Answers. The same way that most Jews allow their hair and beards to be cut, but some don’t. There are many things that we cannot comprehend even if they are explained to us. There is to Him no equivalent. If you said, “I know”, you will be considered an ignorant person. He tries all possible means to take you out of the track you planned for yourself in your relation with Allah. There is something called logic. What to do? (It’s a steal at any price.) But to answer your question, I guess it’s a rule open to interpretation. Lv 6. It’s fairly unlikely that a non-Moslem could claim to have seen the Moslem God there’s no way that anyone could ever come up with an image of Allah. How does He look like? *Originally posted by Pacifix * Get answers by asking now. What should we do with this kind of questions? You have to know that following the footsteps of Satan will corrupt your faith. Allah says: If a prompting from Satan should stir you, seek refuge with God: He is the All Hearing and the All Knowing. Read what Allah commands the Prophet when reading the Quran: [Prophet], when you recite the Qur’an, seek God’s protection from the outcast, Satan. Dr. Mohsen Haredy holds a PhD in Hadith literature from Leiden University, the Netherlands. Favourite answer. Allah revealed Surah Ikhlaas: ''Say: He is Allah, the One and Only! How can Allah hear all creatures at a time? (Smileys are out too). But I am certainly sure that Allah hears us all. How much is the quantity of water in the Mediterranean from Beirut to Spain? The Prophet saw it the night of the Prophet's ascension as Imam Muslim narrated from Abu Dhar that he asked the Messenger of Allah "Did you see thy Lord? 1 decade ago. Where is He? ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar! Christian Scientists Confirm Qur’an Is True! He knows what is before them and what is behind them, but they do not comprehend any of His knowledge except what He wills. If God was brown skinned Allah, why would he invent white people? The Laws … O Prophet of Allah, one of us finds in himself [Satanic whispers about Allah] and feels so bad that he would rather burn until he became like charcoal than to reveal what he is thinking about. So, what do you say about Allah, The ''Light of the Heavens and Earth'' [Qura'an]? Muslims believe Allah is perfect, is the one God, and that any representation of Him by a human will be less than perfect, therefore it is forbidden. Bleeding After 6 Days of Menstruation: What to Do? The reason these aspects are impossible for Allah is because they are attributes of created things and Allah has clearly stated in the Qur’an that “there is nothing whatsoever like Him.” (42:11), One should realize from this the transcendent nature and majesty of Allah Most High, whose reality the meager intellects of man cannot fathom. Quran 24:35. Face; The face of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W looked like the most beautiful face on the earned and it was radiant. When you repel such whispers, it is a good sign of your sound faith. Allah is not like any creature that He Created whether it is human or jinn. These are just a part of the dirty war that Satan has launched on you to lead you astray. I had read this a while back as well, about images of animals, people, places being forbidden. Don’t give Satan a chance to beat you. A bird has more colour vision than us. Hail_Ants November 5, 2001, 11:48pm #2. Satan works day and night to fulfill his mission. This is what the Quran tells us about Allah: God: there is no god but Him, the Ever Living, the Ever Watchful. We ask Allah the Almighty to help you remain steadfast in your faith and support you in embracing Islam in your daily life. The bin Laden and Hussein picture wavers obviously don’t think the prohibition of all pictures to be a reasonable interpretation of scripture. Always think of Allah as a great and mighty entity. 2018 Okt 26 - A question that's bound to arise at some point in every Muslim's life is, "what does Allah look like?" Anonymous. The answer is in the following verses of Qura'an and hadeeth: *The Non-Muslims asked our Messenger this. I am unable to control my desires. Chubbs November 5, 2001, 11:41pm #1. If I asked someone standing on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Beirut: “How much is the quantity of water in this sea?”. The Laws … He always commands you to do what is evil and indecent, and to say things about God that you do not really know.

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