There are more than 200 varieties of potatoes sold throughout the United States. For more potato nutrition information check out our guide to potato nutrition. The round white potatoes that you see all over your grocery store are a generally good all-around potato. They can have a flesh that is white to even deep red in color and can be substituted for sweet potatoes depending on the application. Some common varieties are the White Rose, Cascade, Superior, Cobbler, Kennebec, Snowden, Atlantic, and La Chipper. There are over 100 potato plant varieties with the most commonly purchased at the supermarket being … These cheesy Broccoli Cheddar Potato Puffs are fluffy on the inside with just a bit of crispiness on the outside. Preferred uses: mashing, salads, steaming/boiling, frying. These are also known as all-purpose potatoes (featured above) and come in White Rose or Finnish yellow varieties. Best for salad or chips? The oblong-shaped and pointed tip red sweet potatoes (featured above) have a reddish-brown skin and sweet, moist orange flesh. They're also very absorbent, so are great paired with butter and cream -- think mashed potatoes. Like potatoes cooked by other methods, fries provide important shortfall nutrients and are now prepared with healthier oils. White potatoes hold their shape well after cooking. Common varieties include French fingerling or Red Bliss. Use high starch potatoes for baking, frying, and mashing. They come in Purple Majesty, Purple Peruvian (fingerling variety), All Blue, and Purple Viking to name a few. The welcomed sweetness can commonly be purchased in two types. Also Washington and California on the West coast are white producers. A simple recipe to turn leftover mashed potatoes into a delicious side with incredible texture and flavor! These potatoes are also called brown russet potatoes or Idaho. (More About Me). Another way is to fill up a large pot with water, put the potatoes in, and let them soak for a bit right before cooking–most of the dirt will fall to the bottom of the pot. I enjoy making family friendly recipes while sharing cooking tips and knowledge of food science. They can be whipped together with a few healthy ingredients in 30 minutes or less for a delicious meal. Choose ones that are heavy and very firm, with clean skin and a just few eyes (indents). Roasted potatoes seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning, roasted crisp and served with caramelized onions. From fried, mashed, roasted, boiled, steamed, and baked, the versatility of this vegetable is impressive. What are the Similarities Between Red and White Potatoes     – Outline of Common Features4. Get my essential cooking techniques that I learned in culinary school. They are native to South America. These are also known as all-purpose potatoes (featured above) and come in White Rose or Finnish yellow varieties. Their delicate, thin skins add just the right amount of texture to a velvety mashed potato dish without the need for peeling. Sometimes called the American Giant, the White Rose type of potato is a large, long white potato that has a high yield. Container and Pot Sizes: How Much Soil Do I Need? White Rose. After peeling potatoes, especially Russets, immerse in a bowl of water to prevent enzymatic browning on the surface. As medium starch potatoes, white potatoes also have moderate moisture content, and while they can be used to make fluffy, starchy potato dishes, like mashed … These products are instantly quick frozen to lock in the taste and nutrients of fresh potatoes, and maintain a longer shelf life. Besides, red potatoes are best for dishes like salads that require the firmness of potatoes. Red potatoes have a thin, red color skin while white potatoes have a brown color skin. These round or oblong potatoes have a thin golden-colored skin, with a yellow or white flesh that is waxy in texture. They can be boiled, steamed, roasted or sauteed. 'NEW' POTATOES: These potatoes are 'baby' freshly harvested potatoes that have a white skin and white, firm flesh and are small and sweet. This salad is made with sumac roasted white potatoes, crunchy Persian cucumber, fresh mint and light dressing. Your email address will not be published. It looks like it could be an all-purpose type of potato, a medium starch content. Their delicate, thin skins add just the right amount of texture to a velvety mashed potato dish without the need for peeling. Not only do potatoes taste delicious, but they also have some health benefits! It’s no surprise that these edible tubers Solanum tuberosum from the nightshade family is one of the highest consumed crops around the world. White potatoes can be found is two distinct shapes, with longer varieties being shaped more like a russet but with a silky smooth skin, few eyes, and a bright white appearance, and the round varieties with a baseball type shape and a white to light tan skin with possible freckling or light mapping lines on the surface. This white “superior” potato variety has a very light-colored skin that covers white flesh. From russets, reds, yellows, whites, purples, fingerlings and petites, there are a variety of potato options to fuel the body and the brain throughout the day. Superior potatoes have a very high yield, making them a popular variety of all-purpose potato. They are prized for their creamy golden flesh, that has a buttery flavor. A creamy potato salad flavored with ingredients from Korea. The culinary applications of the beloved potato are endless. Maine has the reputation as being the white potato state, but seasonal crops are grown in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware. This can lead to head-scratching questions about how to choose what is right for recipes. Filed under: Ingredient Guides Kitchen Tips. Peppers Bell peppers are great sources of vitamin A and C, potassium, and folic acid . The main difference between red and white potatoes is that red potatoes are the light red color-skinned potatoes that are less starchy and more sugary whereas white potatoes are the brown color-skinned potatoes that are starchy. In my opinion, are the best for mashing, baking, and frying. Diced potatoes along with black beans, corn, chilies, tomatoes, and onions, a great accompaniment to eggs of any style. Potatoes Au Gratin is a French classic recipe, perfect served in colder weather as a side dish. I can’t wait to hear! They have thinner skin, a smoother texture and are generally smaller and rounder. Whole potatoes are actually put through an advanced process to create premium dehydrated/instant potato products. Thanks Adrian and Sarah. They work well for crispy roasted potatoes, boiled, steamed, or simmered for soups and stews. Red and white potatoes are the two main types of potatoes. Sweet and sticky teriyaki glaze on sautéed potatoes. Instant Pot Potato & Chickpea Curry – an easy weeknight curry which you can make in 30 minutes in your IP.

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