Inline Fuel Filter Would be willing to Pay as a Consultant ….. December 24, 2017 @ 8:32 am Take care and enjoy this project, Bela, January 9, 2020 @ 4:11 am I built a small micro-controller to monitor battery usage and charging status. I get anywhere from 60 to 85 miles per charge, depending on driving style; so charging around the 60 mile mark is a good idea. Owner converted electric cars have been around for decades. Bela Banathy, Ricky … I live in the Sacramento area … if you reside in the vicinity, perhaps we an get together … I am a member of the United British Sports Car Club Sacramento .. that would be a good point of contact …. This kit contains I found this article very helpful and would like to know how your conversion is oerforming now. Electronic kits ; Distributors; Full Packs ; Sparkrite ; Rev limiters; Ignition parts and tool. “In our research and development, we put the cars through vigorous testing, which showed just how much pressure is on the body as well as the components. This kit contains all the parts needed for our Classic Fuel Injection system October 8, 2017 @ 9:23 am (you do not need to order anything else from our range ) Actually, monitoring the state of charge of the battery pack is a big deal. We supply only the best quality parts making your conversion reliable, usable and have outstanding performance at very competitive prices. good luck with the conversion … I live in the Sacramento area, if you reside near by we can get in touch …. Have its makers ruined an iconic classic British roadster, or have they made a decades-old vehicle relevant in the modern context. Electrical Wiring Both my wife and I are now retired, and a pit stop at the 220 volt plug one a week works well for us. This changed a few years ago with the introduction of Lithium Ion batteries. 2 x Carburettor Adapter Idle Air Take Hose Fittings A regular voltage gauge is useful to keep track of a small auxiliary battery that powers the lights and other 12 volt accessories. That gives the car a good twenty year lifespan, if they are charged a couple of times a week. With over 20 years experience we offer EV converions in a variety of performance, range and price packages. I decided to use a three synchro four speed gearbox; primarily because they weigh a bit less, and I have learned how to rebuild them. Since I'm writing this in hopes that others will consider trying a electric conversion, it's only fair I point out the costs involved. This arrangement of parts gives the car a nearly 50-50 front-rear weight distribution. That technology comes from working with Zytek Automotive, the company that powers Formula E racers, no less. I find that the most reliable way to keep from running out of juice is to closely watch the trip odometer. I did not consider the hybrid option because of the ICE maintenance issues. Zero EV has developed a range of high quality electric vehicle conversion parts specialising in the reutilisation of OEM components. Thank you for sharing this. Thanks. thanks, bob, April 21, 2017 @ 9:41 am 2 x Carburettor Adapters to suit SU 1 1/2 inch equipped vehicles Just 30 of the electric MGBs will be built, but if that's not rare or exclusive enough, the company will also offer an all-electric Jaguar XKSS recreation for an eye-watering £150,000. I installed a 76-80 style dash for better instrument location and the glove box … this was a fun project … keep in touch, Bela, March 6, 2017 @ 11:16 pm Copyright © 2020 Classic Fuel Injection Ltd Classic Fuel Injection Ltd   Unit 7B,  Reeds Farm Estate, Writtle,  Chelmsford,   CM1 3ST, UK. It may look like an old MGB, but this one has been built by British classic motoring specialists RBW Classic Electric Cars and, you guessed it, it has an all-electric drivetrain. The remaining 12 cells ended up in two boxes in the engine bay. Install it, Drive it and let the system do the hard work for you. Fuel Hose Clamps Altezza. Fuel System Kit Comprising - still great to know it can be converted. Because of that, it's not cheap. Distributor Sensor Only 30 will ever be made, so it’s a good thing that Jonny Smith (formerly the Car Pervert, currently of The Late Brake Show) has had a go in one, because you’ll probably never get to see one in real life. Unbelievable! “Such is the power of the engine, we used new components wherever possible to ensure the best for owners to enjoy from their classic electric sports car.”. Anton. RBW Classic Electric Cars claims it’s securing the future of classic motoring with this MGB Roadster, which blends the aesthetics of a much-loved model with 21st-century technology. As the years crept up on me, I decided that in my late sixties it was becoming too difficult for me to muscle an internal combustion drive-train in and out of an MG; and this would definitely be unwise several years from now. Just last month, Jaguar announced it was making its electric E-type concept a reality and now another classic British brand is getting a zero-emissions makeover. October 11, 2019 @ 9:23 am Would you be able to share the manufacture/model number of your AC motor? In most cases this should allow you to then start and possibly drive the car. Well, if you watch Jonny's video, it's pretty clear that it's actually a great effort, at least for a certain type of buyer, and its main problems are the high acquisition cost and the fact that fast charging is not supported.

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