I chose a variant human, tempest cleric, stats were rolled. Edit: I just realized that a heavy crossbow deals a lot more damage on average than Sacred Flame, and a heavy crossbow can be flavorful too (it shoots bolts!). Both can be flavorful and useful, with DEX you are more safe from AoE attack but have 1 less AC and with STR the other way around. I'd like optimize my character for a game I just joined. For a race I went variant Human. As mentioned above, Great Weapon Master works wonders when paired with an ability that adds 10 to your attack roll. I wouldn't grab Res-Con unless its after WIS and War Caster. Human: Humans make a great choice for any class. Should my Dex-based paladin get the War Caster feat as a sword & board user? Sailor Background. With regards to OP, have you thought about using a reach weapon and taking spell sniper instead with booming blade? Level 3: Exchange one of your first level spells granted from the extended spells known list for Armour of Agathys. Mage Hand or Prestidigitation are both pretty good and can be made flavorful - my Cleric uses Prestidigitation to have lightning surround his weapon. TL;DR: put the 18 to Str, 14 to Con and Wis, and use spells that don't have a save. Also, I forgot to ask in my other comment, but how are you handling ASI/Feat order? I imagine mixed usage of Sacred Flame and BB weapon attacks, depending on range. Age. Why Is an Inhomogenous Magnetic Field Used in the Stern Gerlach Experiment. We can put the extra language into anything, and Celestial seems appropriate. Decipher name of Reverend on Burial entry. See below on why. I edited the question to emphasize the main question. CharOp questions need to also include objectives. It really helps with the Utility. Is it illegal for a police officer to buy lottery tickets? War Caster seems really important. If you use these human traits, do not use the variant human traits presented in the Player’s Handbook. Which build path would is more effective for a Tempest cleric acting as a tank? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, aid other tabletop gamers in creating memorable characters, Press J to jump to the feed. Plus Plate is crazy expensive and cant be sneaked in. As a cleric of Thor he has a Chaotic Good alignment. The alternative, to me, is picking either Heavy Armor Master or +2 STR at level 4, then War Caster at 8, but I feel like I want that ASAP. Teslanon Stormchaser is going to be a cleric with the Tempest domain. If its just for flavor, then what is your CON? Nature Cleric with Shillelagh and Booming Blade sounds really strong too, and I almost went with that concept instead. The Variant Human is a fantastic choice for a melee war cleric. If you use these human traits, do not use the variant human traits presented in the Player’s Handbook. I'm making a VH Tempest Cleric with Magic Initiate for Booming Blade and an owl familiar. If you want your main activity to be a melee weapon attack, than your main stat should reflect that. Shakäste (pronounced /ʃə'kɑs.tə/) is a human cleric. Any other Cleric and I would agree with you that Shillelagh is a good option. As well, in campaigns that use feats, characters should not be allowed to choose feats that duplicate any provincial traits. As such, there are three races in the 5e basic rules that make for an amazing cleric: the hill dwarf (although any dwarf is pretty good), variant human, and the wood elf. Your one attack per round would deal 3d8+3. Far less (or at least different) utility but more thematic. I was thinking Lightning Lash or Shocking Grasp for my other cantrip (for flavor) and would like suggestions. Gust, Mage Hand, whatever. Could make a good War or Tempest Domain cleric. We're using point buy and I'm starting at level 4. Tank Cleric Variant Human Cleric. I'm personally torn between STR (with Heavy armor, Warhammer and Shield) and DEX (with Medium armor, rapier and shield). The Cleric: The Treantmonk Variant Arms and eyes upraised toward the sun and a prayer on his lips, an elf begins to glow with an inner light that spills out to heal his battle-worn companions. But booming blade has huge synergy with tempest cleric abilities, and you can't mix and match between classes spell list using magic initiate. A list of character builds for 5th edition D&D, sorted by class and race in a simple and easy to read format. Opportunity Attacks hardly ever trigger, Booming Blade even less, if the DM has any tactical sense. You can't do both properly, especially if you also want feats. Maybe he wouldn't want to be on the deck of a boat throwing lightning around in big, heavy, metal armor. I'll still probably go with mage hand though. Hill Dwarf [+1 Wis] That additional wisdom and durability make for an excellent Cleric pairing. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It is brilliant against goblins, less spectacular against ogres, and useless against a lich. Lightning Lure would use your Int for a save, so don't expect to succeed. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Lightning Lure and Shocking Grasp are fun, but Magic Initiate makes the saves/attack rolls based on INT, so not that great. Is whatever I see on the internet temporarily present in the RAM? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service.

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