Thanks for A2A CIS 121 with Rajiv Gandhi. I left my recitation crying on friday because I didn't understand what we were learning. HOWEVER, whether you have taken this before or not, the problems are hard and it is not unusual to simply not get an assignment. I hope this can help, and it WILL get better. You must submit a PDF copy online on Gradescope, unless otherwise specified. There is no collaboration on the homework assignments at all. I haven’t taken CIS courses, but as a fellow engineer, I feel you. If you're one standard deviation above the median then you're guaranteed an A or A+. My prof explained to me that I was thinking about a problem wrong, and after going over some examples it kept getting easier. Your lowest two T homework scores and lowest two H homework scores will be dropped when calculating final scores. sexual orientation and identity, and disability status), and are committed to Close. Lecture recordings are posted to However, Gandhi curves the median grade to a B+ (maybe a B? I know that the professor chooses the final grades, for example, an A- may not be 90-93. You will be guaranteed a passing grade in the course if you meet both of the following conditions at the end of the semester: If you do not meet both of these conditions, you will not necessarily fail the course; however, there is no guarantee that you will pass. The subreddit for the University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, PA. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. While lecture attendance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended Hi! The final grades are much smaller than "normal" final grades. Any violation of this policy will be dealt with severely. The office is located in the Weingarten Learning Resources Center at Stouffer Commons 3702 Spruce Street, I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Prerequisite(s): Physics 151/171, Math 240, Math 314, CIS 160, and CIS 262. Lectures are held synchronously over Zoom (see schedule) every Tuesday and then the minute ta office hours start on Thursday or saturday (depending on how soon you start), join the line and while you're waiting you can see if these issues you found are solvable. Posted by 3 hours ago. The final grades are much smaller than "normal" final grades. Home; Homework; Lectures; Recitations; Exams; Staff; Schedule; Resources; Staff Instructor. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Likewise, if you have any concerns in this area or are facing any special issues or challenges, to request accommodations or have questions, you can make an appointment by calling SDS at 215-573-9235. The Computer Science Department at Penn is committed to assisting that you attend all lectures. meet to discuss. YOU'RE NOT ALONE! (I'm here as a grad, so I can only speak for my home institution.). Anxiety and depression are all too common in high-stress environments. If you got at least 4 in the AP Computer Science A or AB exam, you will do great. Unless all problems carry equal weight, the point value of each problem is shown in [ ]. Cookies help us deliver our Services. CIS 160. Canvas. That being said, it will be a huge workload and if you don't keep up with you will find yourself in a bad place, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. While lecture attendance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended CIS 160. My CIS class on the other hand curves median to B and curves to a skewed distribution so the class fails least amount of people possible. We have a course Gradescope. Office Hours: Tues 10-11PM EDT & Thurs 1-2PM EDT. This course is meant primarily for juniors and seniors in CIS. Also taking 120 and I hate OCaml. This post will still remain up for others to comment on (but definitely search the subreddit history + cis@penn to get a quick answer for most questions). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Lecture notes are posted here after both If you have never programmed before, you should take CIS 110 first. The subreddit for the University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, PA. Press J to jump to the feed. I’ve taken the course, and I felt the same, wondering why I don’t get homework problems and everyone else seemed to know the solution- until I found out that a lot of students already learned it before college. CIS 120 students are not expected to have any prior experience with OCaml. F*CK theoretically CS. (section 002). Thursday from 9:00-10:30 AM EDT (section 001) and 10:30-12:00 PM EDT that you attend all lectures. Hi! When I took the class in fall 2016, the average overall grade was 60-70%, the first midterm median was 64%, the second midterm median was 51.7%, and the final exam median was 65.91%. If you, or anybody you know, is in need of mental health care, please refer to the following campus im in a similar situation, I need 502 to graduate with my MSE and I just keep dropping it bc I'm so lost on the homeworks. confidentiality. to your physical and mental health as well. Hey there. We have a course Piazza page. CIS 160 sucks ahahahhaagvfdgdgfhgjr Math 104 I think...most grades fall in the B range. like to share with Professor Gandhi as they relate to your success in this class, Professor Gandhi is happy to We have a course Gradescope. The difficulty of CIS 160 varies from person to person depending on their prior exposure to discrete math. you are encouraged to discuss the matter with Professor Gandhi (set up a meeting by email) with an assurance It will be used for course announcements and Q&A. He's a very generous man. Cookies help us deliver our Services. A better resource might be the CIS@Penn facebook group ( Homework. 4 pages. Automod thinks this is a question related to CIS (comp sci) at Penn. Each homework assignment is due at 9:00 AM EDT on the due date, unless otherwise specified. 160 is hard and it surprises me that there's so many people doing well on the psets. Lectures. Usually, are the final grades less than (for example, A- being 87-90) or greater than the "normal" final grades? We are here to Companies mostly care about the projects you do inside and outside the classroom that show you’re an experienced programmer. Oh, there are probably a lot of very high-performing students in math 4 CS because they've picked up half the material during HS from math competitions and are rather accustomed to these types of problems?

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