No, I do not mean making a username irrelevant to one’s actual name with an anime or a dead meme as the profile picture. This will allow you to think outside of the box and offer unique perspectives that the standard software developer wouldn’t even dream of. I want to take this skill a step-further by mentioning that problem-solving is achieved by breaking down problems to the smallest component. There is some value in being a generalist if one’s goal is to be in a multi-disciplinary business or achieve a Renaissance status. Managing your time effectively means you can multitask and strategically prioritise the most important tasks. And there’s no time to consult anyone, how confident are you able to take decisive action on your own? It makes you more fun to work with and your colleagues will likely return the favour creating a better work environment. It certainly was for me leaving a comfortable managerial role. They equally consider candidates with non-tradition tech backgrounds in the humanities, artists, and MBAs graduates. No motivation is required! For example, eating a whole pizza from Dominos with a liter of Coke tastes better than having to eat a plain salad with a cup of water, but the former will most likely result in obesity if consumed often. I apply my ability to break down problems to the smallest components during a confrontation. That is what distinguishes creative people from everyone else — that includes programmers, entrepreneurs, writers, lawyers, politicians and just about every successful person from every profession around. Speaking of the importance of soft skills, here are some common ones that I’ve found to be particularly beneficial and highly sought after by the tech companies. One of the biggest reasons for this is that these candidates tend to excel at their jobs thanks to all the people skills and soft skills they bring from their previous experience to their newer role. Again, the major source of this stress comes from spending hours or days on a handful of bugs. Things have gone wrong. Unless the job description states “Candidate must know how to print ‘Hello World’ in 10 scripting languages” there is no point in taking the shotgun approach to software development. You’re always going to make mistakes and whilst some are more impactful than others, it’s natural to want to avoid confronting any fallout with your colleagues. Collaboration. Here are my 5 Transferable Skills Software Development Taught Me: 1. ), L – Liskov substitution principle (Let q(x) be a property provable about objects of x of type T. Then q(y) should be provable for objects y of type S where S is a subtype of T. All this is stating is that every subclass/derived class should be substitutable for their base/parent class. If your previous experience in the business world required you to demonstrate high levels of empathy – possibly because you dealt with customer inquiries, this will come in highly useful. Cover photo by Branko Stancevic on Unsplash. Developers must keep pace and ideally lead some of the thinking around adoption, use, and, when necessary, rejection of different technologies. I have lived and worked in 4 countries and speak 5 languages. In my opinion, being a good listener is a superpower that gives you an unfair advantage over those who only know how to talk. Writing e-mails can also be tricky as 93% of communication is non-verbal and getting the right tone and clarity of message is important. I understand that new developers are eager to learn as many languages as possible because a lot of job postings state 10+ languages/tools. My favorite quote to summarize how I approach confrontation is: “You want to be right, or do it right?”. Problem-solving is a critical skill in Software Development. That is why it is vital for developers to pick their niche on the first day of development and find what technical stack is most relevant for their niche. But many of the talents of a software developer are transferable into other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields, since problem solving is the discipline’s primary purpose. Taking responsibility of your mistakes is really important in your development and growth as a software developer. You may very well have thought of making the career change in order to follow your life-long passion or you may be in search for better career growth and opportunities. A team is only as strong as their weakest member. One will improve their Google skills and ability to connect previous experiences to work around a problem. However, changing your field of work can be one of the most daunting things you do in your life. It is strange how life works like this. Learning to code/other tech skills might prove to be the perfect way to make the maximum use of your existing skills, while also making exciting and fulfilling changes in your career. Working without motivation or a coach always on the stand-lines is an incredible skill to achieve not just in Software Development but in life. I have made it my mission to inspire everyone and anyone to learn to code. Company profiles include full reviews and ratings of industry reputation, quality of life, salary, career advancement and diversity. You can demonstrate this by: No single individual is the same and everyone has a unique perspective on something you don’t know. I picture myself being a Chief Technology Officer so I focus on strictly technology and business. Although it’s tempting to rock up to the office, put on your headphones, sit back and code to your favourite tracks, it’s important not to isolate yourself from your colleagues completely. As well as being creatively, your willingness to adjust to challenges at a whim will also help you to overcome them. Many times, you will be working with people that come from various cultural backgrounds and it’s important that you are able to be considerate of their needs. Badly. Especially the team noobies. Managing one’s emotions is a critical skill to increase productivity and shut-off doubt. That sound's suprising, right? Although it’s true that some folk seem to have a particular affinity to soft skills, we all possess them. As a manager sometimes performing interviews for developers with non-tech traditional backgrounds, I’m going to be looking for existing skills on their resume’ that emphasise the qualities above. Expanding off the skill of controlling emotions, perseverance is essential for overcoming blockers in projects. I often read/hear stories from Reddit and in-person that too many junior developers quit programming because they find the task “too hard” or not how they imagine. Contact Customer Service at, In-depth industry and profession profiles. Firstly, before embarking on your quest, get used to the idea that your past experience in another industry is actually your biggest strength right now. This is the difference between denouncing your poor colleague and letting him know how “darn awful his code is” instead of explaining what he you think he should be doing, “your code would be better if you did X, Y and Z.”. Frustration will lead to doubt of one’s own ability to be a developer and, if not checked, can lead to quitting software development as a career! I know my circumstances and goals more than anybody! This is how I encourage someone reading this article to think about this skill. Technology will change. If I had made decisions out of fear for what others thought of me, I would be a miserable Biochemistry major pursuing a career I knew would not provide me satisfaction and limit opportunities for growth. How to Break Into Software Development Without a CS degree and SUCCEED, How to Keep your Coding Skills and Knowledge Up-to-Date, Why you won't regret changing your career to being a Software Developer, This Is What Happens When Coders Meditate, The mindset and habits that helped me learn to code and successfully change my career, The Science Of Sleep Deprivation And Coding. I often encountered blockers and bugs left-and-right when it came to making UI changes on a stack I was not familiar with or integrating a new Backend application to render an API.

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