It offers a medium to medium-firm feel and will react to your body heat and weight and allow you to slowly sink into it to a certain degree to provide you with that classic memory foam hug and feel and with the right amount of support where needed. Page. One of the most important things you should consider when looking for a mattress topper is its thickness. 4 inches is considered to be a maximum thickness of a mattress topper and anything thicker than 4 inches would be classed as a mattress rather than a mattress topper. Click here for the best price on a ViscoSoft Select High Density mattress topper!). The ViscoSoft Select High Density mattress topper will add a soft, cool and luxurious feel to the top of your mattress and provide that classic memory foam hug and contouring. All Rights Reserved. The Molecule Triple Zone mattress topper is a 3″ thick mattress topper of a medium firmness with a unique construction including various layers of foams. JYSK Linen n' Furniture 15 King Edward Street, Coquitlam, BC, Canada V3K 4S8. A mattress topper is typically used as a protective layer over a spring or foam mattress. It is also ideal for couples as it isolates motion transfer so you won’t disturb the sleep of your partner. ($399 for a Queen size.Click here for the best price on the Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Latex mattress topper!). Click here for the best price on a Layla mattress topper! Sign up to the JYSK email newsletter and you will be entered into prize draw to win a $250 gift card. The gel memory foam will contour to your body and allow you to sink into it for a perfect pressure relief. If you have a latex mattress and want memory foam on top, then you can use a 3-inch memory foam topper. Your email address will not be published. And, while even the best mattress toppers won’t fix a worn-out mattress, it will help you to get a better night’s sleep. There is also a Firm option that can make your mattress feel firmer and provide more resilience and gentle support for your body. It is designed to cushion your shoulders and hips to prevent the appearance of pressure points and provide enough support to those areas of your body where it is needed most. It is medium plush, so it’s not so soft that you’ll sink in, but just firm enough to give you support. A MATTRESS TOPPER TO PROTECT YOUR MATTRESS. Items 1-24 of 28. This specially designed copper gel inside the memory foam helps dissipate excessive body heat and keeps you cool and comfortable all night long. Linenspa Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Sign In For Price Starting at $154.99 Comfort Tech Serene Foam Mattress Topper 5.1 cm (2 in.) The ventilated design helps promote airflow, and the infused gel material helps regulate temperature throughout the night. It will gently mold to your hips and shoulders and cradle your body to prevent the appearance of pressure points and provide you with amazing comfort. Changing the Level of Softness or Firmness of Your Mattress, IDLE Sleep Natural Latex Hybrid vs. Click here and to get the best price on a PlushBeds Cool Bliss mattress topper! You can unsubscribe at any time. Some people may find that their bed is too low for them or that it is too thin and compresses pretty quickly under their weight. The Cedar Natural Latex topper is a 2″ thick mattress topper available in a medium firmness, which means that it offers a perfect balance of comfort and gentle support for your body. Click here to read our full PlushBeds Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam mattress topper review. Click here to read the full Layla mattress topper review. The Puffy mattress topper is a 2″ thick mattress topper made of 40% Bamboo and 60% Polyester. If you want to see how it feels like to sleep on a memory foam mattress without purchasing one, or you already have memory foam and you don’t like it and want to try latex or wool, in each of these cases, you can change the nature of your mattress by using the right mattress topper. A mattress topper can help fix the problem of a too-hard (or too-soft) mattress and – in the case of a memory foam mattress topper – can actually change the sleep experience completely. It also provides a good support necessary for all sleeping styles. Clear Filters. A 3-inch mattress topper is a bit thicker and depending on the material you choose and whether you purchase a softer or firmer topper, it will provide you with greater comfort and support. If your mattress is made entirely of latex or it is an innerspring and foam hybrid, then a viscoelastic or memory foam mattress topper may be the best solution for you. It is designed and built with both the environment and comfort of all sleepers in mind and uses a special layer of computer designed latex sculpted into 3 targeted comfort zones for extraordinary comfort and pressure relief. The special proprietary foams used in the construction of this mattress topper create that classic memory foam feel of hug and contour. The Layla mattress topper is a 2” thick mattress topper featuring copper-infused memory foam just like the Layla mattress. It is a 3” thick topper made of high density gel-infused memory foam designed to relieve your pressure points, allow greater airflow through the topper and dissipate excessive body heat. They can be used either on the older mattresses that lack comfort and support or as an addition to the entirely new mattress. ($159 for a Queen size. Click here for the best price on the Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Latex mattress topper! This is going to alleviate and reduce the stress on essential pressure points such as your lower back, hips, and shoulders. 2” thick mattress toppers are not suitable for older mattresses as they are too thin and they won’t be able to provide the support that you need and cover sagging or other deficiencies. Click here and to get the best price on a PlushBeds Cool Bliss mattress topper!). Some people may find their mattress to be either too soft or too firm for them and this can be right after the purchase or due to the long use. ($159.99 for a Queen. Click here and to get the best price on a Puffy mattress topper! ($449 for a Queen size. So, the first thing you have to learn about is the availability of various thicknesses and sizes. It can increase the thickness of your mattress and make it feel more comfortable and even and prolong its lifespan, etc.

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