Picking the tea, or ‘plucking’ as it is known in the trade, continues all year round, though different regions produce their best teas at different times of the year due to the climatic variations associated with them. From a Sri Lankan perspective, exports to China have recorded a significant gain. As long as it gets plenty of rain and temperatures do not vary much year round, Camellia sinensis is a robust shrub, able to tolerate a fairly wide range of more or less tropical climates, altitudes and soil conditions. High Grown production totalling 3.5 million kgs for January-December 2019 has recorded a decrease of 0.2 million kgs against the volume of  3.7 million kgs of January-December 2018. The market demand for teas for the second half of the year would no doubt depend on how the global tea industry would progress during the first half. From a Sri Lankan perspective, non-productivity related wages and low mechanization  in the sector has impacted the competitiveness of Ceylon tea, which has resulted in a high production cost. 191.2 billion  has recorded a decrease of Rs. ... 8 acres land available for sale in galaboda, Rathnapura. All main categories of exports (i.e. Cultivation Cardamom can be found in central hill country of Sri Lanka where elevation is 600M amsl. It cultivates in all districts of Sri Lanka during two monsoon seasons. The pluckers, mostly women, restrict themselves to the two tenderest leaves and the ‘bud’ that grow at the very top of every stem. This study was undertaken by Professor Mohamed Esham 1 (Team Leader), Dr. H. S. R. Rosairo 2 , The top 5 countries (others are New Zealand, the United States of America, Jordan, and Uzbekistan) account for 13.11% of it. However , January-October 2020 cumulative production totalled 224.7 million kgs recording a deficit of 29.4 million kgs compared to  254.2 million kgs of January-October 2019. Further, this also shows a growth of Rs. Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world apart from water and analysts predict tea consumption to be growing steadily driven by China accounting for a significant portion and followed closely by India. In SRI paddy cultivation, less quantity of seeds - 2 kg / acre is required. Copyright © 2014 Sri Lanka Tea Board . So sensitive is the tea plant to such effects that samples of tea picked from different hillsides or ‘fields’ on a single estate, or even from the same hillside on different days of the week, will appear different to an experienced taster. Tea production is one of the main sources of foreign exchange for Sri Lanka (formerly called Ceylon), and accounts for 2% of GDP, contributing over US$1.5 billion in 2013 to the economy of Sri Lanka. 822.69 (USD 4.63) of January-October 2019. Turkey has retained the Number 1 position followed by Iraq and Russia with Iran occupying the 4th position. In Sri Lanka, one hectare produces less than 72% … High & Medium Grown production has shown a marginal growth YOY, whilst Low Growns show a slight decrease vis-à-vis September 2019. All Rights Reserved. Sri Lanka tea production for the month of October 2020 totalled 23.4 million kgs showing an increase of 2.1 million kgs vis-à-vis 21.2 million kgs of October 2019. Meanwhile, Mediums totalling 45.9 million kgs have shown a marginal gain of 0.1 million kgs against the volume of  45.8 million kgs of January-December 2018, whilst Low Growns totalling 189.8 million kgs have recorded a decline of 1.9 million kgs vis-à-vis 191.7 million kgs of January-December 2018. Taking these factors in to consideration and that global production during the 1st quarter is usually the lowest during the year, the buoyancy in the market is likely to continue throughout 1st quarter. Situated in the Nawalapitiya area, this is a breathtakingly beautiful piece of land with far-reaching views and its own waterfall. Production growth in the last two to three years has essentially been from the African Region consisting mainly of CTC teas. 820.75 of January to December 2018, thus recording the highest ever FOB value surpassing the previous best which was realised during the corresponding period of 2018. Yield 20000 nuts/ha/year Price of a poly bagged seedling 300/= * Special request should be made to buy Kapruwana , Kapsuwaya and Kapsetha varieties through a letter to the below address with your name, address and contact number. • Number of poles per acre: 350 • Pole size: 2.5 –3 m high with thickness of 150 mm • Galvanized wire: 120 kg of plain galvanized wire • Sisal twine: 10 kg • 4-5 inch Nails: 5 kg 3. Production Sri Lanka produces tea throughout the year and the total tea production is about 320 million kilograms per annum. Tea Exports for the month of October 2020 totalled 23.1 million kgs, showing a decrease of 2.7 million kgs vis-à-vis 25.8 million kgs of October 2019. Perhaps, higher productivity and cost reduction will have to be achieved for enhancing the  competitiveness of ‘Ceylon Teas’ in the world market in the medium to long term. tall. The Peacketed tea for January to December 2019 of 139.08 million kgs has shown a growth of 7.8 million kgs compared to  131.25 million kgs of January to December 2018, whilst Tea bags totalling 22.9 million kgs for January to December 2019 have shown a growth of 1.4 million kgs vis-à-vis 21.5 million kgs of January to December 2018. Tea industry of Sri Lanka has a century old history. Therefore, global competitiveness of ‘Ceylon Teas’ will largely depend on how quickly the industry addresses these vital issues. Therefore, if the supply and demand equation would be a deciding factor, it is reasonable to assume that prices in respect of orthodox teas would sustain at these levels as a worst-case scenario.

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