Oracle Internet Directory achieved near linear scaling on the SPARC T5-2 server with 68,399 LDAP searches/sec with 2 cores to 944,624 LDAP searches/sec with 32 cores. SPARC T5¶. The SPARC T5 also introduces a new power management feature that consists of hardware support in the processor, and the software that allows system administrator to use the feature. L1 Data Cache Latency = 6 cycles for access with complex address calculation (size_t n, *p; n = p[n]). This chart shows some differences between the T5 and T4 processor chips. The SPARC T5-1B server module achieved scores of 467 SPECint_rate2006, 436 SPECint_rate_base2006, 369 SPECfp_rate2006, and 350 SPECfp_rate_base2006. Oracle SPARC T5 (S3 core), 3600 MHz, 16 cores, 28 nm, 478 mm2, 8 MB L3, 2013, Sun LDOM: 1 CPU, 8 threads, 8 GB. x���MJA��9E�*_��݊`�o ΀0H�����]J���K^V�(����Wzz+|�&��J6�"��A�ڸ[oz�$�!�X��.9Njݫ��c`,Q�/:5rl�n�1�=o��T�QW] SPECjbb2015: SPARC T8-1 World Record Single Chip Multi-JVM Result, Apache Spark ML: SPARC T8-1 Up To 1.8x Advantage Under Load Compared to 2-Chip x86 E5-2630 v4, Apache Spark SQL: SPARC T8-1 Up To 2x Advantage Under Load Compared to 2-Chip x86 E5-2630 v4. It was first presented at Hot Chips 24 in August 2012, and was officially introduced with the Oracle SPARC T5 servers in March 2013. The snoopy based protocol used in SPARC T4 systems was replaced in order to reduce memory latency and reduce coherency bandwidth consumption. * ch/co/th — chips / cores / threads enabled. A total of 50 concurrent LDAP clients were used. In order to compare the SPARC T5-2 to a 12-core x86 system, only 1 processor and 12 cores was used in the SPARC T5-2. Translation table. The SPARC T5-8 server beat the 8 processor IBM Power 760 with POWER7+ processors by 1.7x on the SPECint_rate2006 benchmark and 2.2x on the SPECfp_rate2006 benchmark. SPECjbb2015: SPARC T8-1 World Record Single Chip Multi-JVM Result, Apache Spark ML: SPARC T8-1 Up To 1.8x Advantage Under Load Compared to 2-Chip x86 E5-2630 v4, Apache Spark SQL: SPARC T8-1 Up To 2x Advantage Under Load Compared to 2-Chip x86 E5-2630 v4, Speed — single copy performance of chip, memory, compiler, integer: 12 benchmarks derived from real applications such as perl, gcc, XML processing, and pathfinding. The SPARC T5-2 server running Oracle Internet Directory on Oracle Solaris 11 achieved a result of 944,624 LDAP searches/sec with an average latency of 1.05 ms with 1000 clients. Predecessor: SPARC T4 (S3 core), 8 cores, 40 nm, 403 mm2, 4 MB L3, 855 MTr, 2011. 22 0 obj The latest Siebel benchmark was executed on a mix of SPARC T5-2, SPARC T4-2 and SPARC T4-1 servers. The SPARC T5-8 server beat the 8 processor HP DL980 G7 with Intel Xeon E7-4870 processors by 1.7x on the SPECint_rate2006 benchmark and 2.1x on the SPECfp_rate2006 benchmark. Unified Pick Queue : 40-entry (36-entry out-of-order scheduler). [5], The SPARC T5 processor is used in Oracle's entry and mid-size SPARC T5-2, T5-4, and T5-8 servers. Oracle's SPARC T5 processor based systems delivered world record performance on the SPEC CPU2006 rate benchmarks. stream TSB exists as a normal data structure in memory and therefore may be cached in L2/L3. Results as of March 26, 2013 from and this report. MESI. %�쏢 MESI. All FPU operations latency = 11-12 cycles or more. This benchmark was designed by the industry to showcase Java performance in the Enterprise. Oracle's SPARC T5-2 server achieved 75,658 SPECjbb2013-MultiJVM max-jOPS and 23,268 SPECjbb2013-MultiJVM critical-jOPS on the SPECjbb2013 benchmark. 6 0 obj The salient characteristics of this test scenario is as follows: This test scenario involved concurrent clients binding once to OID and then performing repeated LDAP Compare operations on userpassword attribute. stream (shared by all strands/threads). The processor is designed to offer high multithreaded performance (16 cores per chip, with 8 threads per core), as well as high single threaded performance from the same chip. [10], The T5 processor includes a crossbar network that connects the 16 cores with the L2 caches to the shared L3 cache. SPARC T5-8: 3750 SPECint_rate2006, 3490 SPECint_rate_base2006, 3020 SPECfp_rate2006, 2770 SPECfp_rate_base2006; SPARC T5-1B: 467 SPECint_rate2006, 436 SPECint_rate_base2006, 369 SPECfp_rate2006, 350 SPECfp_rate_base2006. Translation Table Entry (TTE) : 16 bytes : 16-bit context ID, 42 bits VA tag, queries and... CAPTCHA challenge response provided was incorrect. T5: links to another chips: 7 links * 12 lanes * 12.8 Gb/s * 2 directions, T4: links to another chips: 2 Coherent units * 3 links * 14 lanes * 9.4 Gb/s * 2 directions. Parallel miss: 527 ns. Each client updates a unique entry each time and a total of 50 Million entries are updated. L2 cache size = 128 KB, 8-WAY. The table below compares the SPARC T8-1 server and two-chip Data TLB size = 128 items, full-assoc. SPARC T5 is the fifth generation multicore microprocessor of Oracle's SPARC T-Series family. The ratio involved 60% LDAP search clients, 30% LDAP bind and 10% LDAP modify clients. Fetch : selects strand and fetches up to 4 instructions to one from 8 Instruction Buffers. Each client binds to OID once and performs repeated LDAP Search operations, each search operation resulting in the lookup of a unique entry in such a way that no client looks up the same entry twice and no two clients lookup the same entry and all entries are searched randomly.

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