See their site for more details. The meals and desserts were marginally eatable. They advertise "4 weeks plan with pre-prepared meals," so I thought this meant three meals a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks. In a study of weight loss in 186 obese women, the subjects were assigned to either a portion control strategy, a pre-portioned food group, or traditional healthy eating counseling. Don't go this route. Not only will you receive guidance on what to eat during the diet, but you’ll also be given advice and tools on keeping fit and trim afterwards. While the basic principles are pretty much the same, there are two changes based on recent medical studies. I thought to myself, that after all the frustration I now have to pay this unethical company more money? However, making changes to these factors are not without risk. Snacks can be added on for an extra $40. South Beach Diet is now a home delivery program that is divided into three sentences. At 1-year, the average weight loss for all was about a 6% reduction in their body weight. There are no calories, fatty gels, carbohydrates or anything else – most of the food goes to your door. They vary in price and meal variety, and some also include protein shakes and snacks. It’s possible to pick the meals you want yourself or opt for a tailored meal plan created by the South Beach Diet experts. The sales person told me not to worry since I would be able to replace any of the red meat dishes. If you have a wheat allergy, it’s possible to request an entirely wheat-free menu. South Beach Diet is currently offering a LIMITED TIME 40% OFF + FREE Shakes + FREE Shipping! WHAT? I had a significant headache when I followed the program according to their instructions and knew I was hypoglycemic. The coup de gras was the $125 cancellation fee. It can impact medications you may take regularly. Food cannot be banned, but you can order products from South Beach a la carte. One or two glasses of wine or other alcohol a week is fine. portions. You can register your daily meals and snacks to watch the food. Like other reviewers have said, they told me there was a $125 cancellation fee. You can also add two independent meals each week that you can cook or eat at home. Me: What? This is almost the same as the Gold plan, with one extra inclusion. Are you looking for a diet? My hands are tied, I literally can’t transfer you to a manager without losing my job, but I do know that some people have contested this with their credit card company." I purchased the prepared ship to your home version several months ago. They suggest up to 60-minutes daily while in the maintenance phase. The Silver plan is a great option for those on a budget. Stay away from this program! Although it offers less menu variety than the other two plans, you still have a significant number of food options available. I ordered the one month plan, and the "meals" are skimpy, mushy 6 oz. Anna: The supervisor said I could cancel your order, so, my next order was canceled. Do you want to lose weight? Over 12-weeks, 20 overweight and obese patients that adopted the South Beach Diet experienced reductions in body weight, BMI, waist circumference, and body fat. You’ll eat three meals and two snacks per day, either that you make yourself or order via meal subscription. It also includes snacks within the price, for both men and women. It's awful, and now I have a freezer full of this nasty stuff. South Beach Diet Review. Our Top Choice For Weight Loss Plans 2020 ★★★★★ 5/5. What can you actually eat while on the program? But that was only on one box, the other had already shipped and they still want us to pay for it. However, I have several times now thawed a food dish, warmed it up/cooked it on the stove top only to find that it had indeed had ham or beef in it; I am so disappointed!

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