Examples: NFL, Postal codes: USA: 81657, Canada: T5A 0A7, Your abbreviation search returned 126 meanings, showing only Military and Government definitions (show all 126 definitions), Note: We have 250 other definitions for SOP in our Acronym Attic, Search for SOP in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia, The Acronym Finder is SOP: Separation of Powers: SOP: Sex on Phone: SOP: State of Practice (various organizations) SOP: Soprano: SOP: Statement Of Position: SOP: Sisters of Providence (various locations) SOP: Summary of Progress (education; various locations) SOP: Statement Of Purpose: SOP: Stock Option Plan: SOP: Standards of Participation (California) SOP: Statement of Participation: SOP: School of Pharmacy The international quality standard ISO 9001 essentially requires the determination of processes (documented as standard operating procedures) used in any manufacturing process that could affect the quality of the product. Useful links (these two are also available as free Apps for a smart phone or tablet as well): SOP SARU_07-Animal_Care_Outside_Normal_Hours, SOP LARU_05-Swine_Preparation_for_Surgery, SOP LARU_07-Surgery_and_Pre-Op_Room_Cleaning, SOP LARU_08-Controlled_Drug_Record_Keeping, SOP laru-sop12_daily_feeding_and_watering_calves, SOP laru-sop13_calf_preparation_for_lopucalves, SOP laru-sop14_-_rev01_anesthesia_for_lopu_calves, SOP laru-sop16_fire_evacuation_plan_for_laru, SOP DC-121 Flushing Gutters in the Dairy Barn, SOP DC-301 Body Condition Scoring for Dairy Cows, SOP DC-302 Lameness Scoring for Dairy Cows, SOP DC-304 Cleanliness Assessment for Dairy Cows, SOP DC-305-2 Mastitis Monitoring and Detection, SOP DC-308 Dehorning and Extra Teat Removal, SOP DC-405-2 Post Partum Care of Dairy Cattle, SOP DC-603 Bulk Tank Sanitizing Procedures, SOP DC-609-2 Milking Pail Cows in Tie Stalls, SOP DC-610 Milking Pail Cows in Box Stalls, SOP DC-611-2 Milking Staphylococcus Aureus Positive Cows, SOP DC-612-3 Milking antibiotic treated cows, SOP DC-613 Accidental Milking Antibiotic Treated Cows into Milking System, SOP DC-617 Calilfornia Mastitis Test (CMT), SOP DC-701-1 Substance Administration for Dairy Cattle, SOP DC-712-1 Pre- and Post-Op Procedures and Long-Term Care of Fistulated Cows, SOP DC-713 Rumen Content Collection from Fistulated Cow, SOP DC-715 Controlled Internal Drug Release Silicone Device Insertion, SOP DC-716.2 Transrectal Ultrasonography and Aspiration, SOP DC-718 Endometrial Cell Collection by Cytobrush Technique, SOP DC-A-3A Dehorning Weight and Medication Chart, SOP DC-A-4A.1 Heat Cycle, Signs and Conception rates of Dairy Cattle, SOP DC-A-4B.1 Signs of Heat in dairy Cattle, SOP DC-A-4C.1 Factors Influencing Heat Detection in Dairy Cattle, SOP DC-A-6B Injury Scoring Record for Dairy Cows, SOP DC-A-6C Lameness Scoring Record for Dairy Cows, SOP DC-A-6D Cleanliness Assessment Record for Dairy Cows, SOP PU-204 Sanitation Procedure_Broiler Barn, SOP PU-208 Loading and Transporting Broilers, SOP PU-209 Receiving Broiler Chicks and Poults, SOP PU-302 Environmental Management_Layer, SOP PU-304 Layer Barn Sanitation Procedures, SOP PU-308 Loading and Transporting Spent Hens, SOP PU-A-2A Broiler Temperature Management Chart_Draft, SOP PU-A-3A Should this bird be loaded_Decision tree, SOP PU-A-3B Handling Guidelines for Catching Crews, SAIL-SOP-01-Rodent Transportation Procedure, SAIL-SOP-02-Animal Management and Housing at the SAIL Facility, SAIL-MRI-SOP-02-Anesthesia Induction and Maintenance, SAIL-MRI-SOP-03-In-Scan Subject Health Monitoring, SAIL-MRI-SOP-04-Post-Scan Recovery and Follow-up, SAIL-MRI-SOP-05-Cleaning and Decontamination, SAIL-MRI-SOP-06-Daily Maintenance and Cleaning, SAIL-MRI-SOP-07-Weekly Maintenance and Cleaning, SAIL-PET-SOP-02-Animal and Scanner Preparation, SAIL-PET-SOP-03-Anesthesia Induction and Maintenance, SAIL-PET-SOP-05- Post-scan Recovery and Follow-up, SAIL-PET-SOP-06-Cleaning and Decontamination, SAIL-PET-SOP-08-Weekly Maintenance and Cleaning, SAIL-PET-SOP-09-Radioactive Cages Management, SAIL-Xtreme-SOP-01-Animal and Imager Preparation, SAIL-Xtreme-SOP-02-Anesthesia Induction and Maintenance, SAIL-Xtreme-SOP-03-Animal Recovery and Follow-up, SAIL-Xtreme-SOP-04-Cleaning and Decontamination, SAIL-Xtreme-SOP-05-Daily Maintenance and Cleaning, If you have questions or have a recommendation to make, please send an. Please note that each researcher must have his or her own storage. Rate it: SOP: Standard Operating Platform. Specifically, the researcher must keep and retain for a period of two years from the making of such record, the following information: • the kind, date and quantity of any controlled substance purchased or received; • the name and address of the person from whom the controlled substance was received; and particulars of the use to which the controlled substance was put. They are usually preceded by various methods of analyzing tasks or jobs to be performed in a workplace, including an approach called job safety analysis, in which hazards are identified and their control methods described. The Public Health Agency of Canada has implemented since December 2015, new regulations pertaining to the use of Human Pathogens and Toxins. Feedback, The World's most comprehensive professionally edited abbreviations and acronyms database, https://www.acronymfinder.com/Military-and-Government/SOP.html, State of Practice (various organizations), Summary of Progress (education; various locations), Solicitation of Proposals (various organizations), Statement of Principle (various locations), State Operating Permit (various locations), Street Opening Permit (various locations), Segment Originators PLA (Plain Language Address). 1947) SOP: Solicitation of Proposals (various organizations) … A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a set of step-by-step instructions compiled by an organization to help workers carry out complex routine operations. New employees use a SOP to answer questions without having to interrupt supervisors to ask how an operation is performed. Get the top SOP abbreviation related to Business. In the Philippines, for instance, "SOP" is the term for pervasive corruption within the government and its institutions. to be followed in carrying out Human Resource processes. The conditions of record keeping and disposal is outlined in the exemption letter as follows: Application to Use Biohazardous Materials. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Standard operating procedures empower employees to perform their job functions safely and consistently by adhering to safety rules attached to every task. With a standard operating procedure … All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. The storage conditions and physical security for the controlled substance must meet the requirements of the "Directive on Physical Security Requirements for Controlled Substances", available on the Health Canada website. Draft SOPs for review | Analgesia | Anesthesia | Surgery | Euthanasia | Experimental Guidelines | Animal Care | Veterinary Care | Monitoring Log template | Occupational Health and Safety | Farm SOPs | SAIL | Body Conditioning Score | Controlled drug SOP | Controlled Substances Requirements | PHAC Biohazard info | ALPHA Certificate | Draft SOP for review by UACC. The researcher is required to maintain records with respect to his/her possession and use of the controlled substance in accordance with the applicable regulations. [4], Procedures are extensively employed to assist with working safely. SOP 108 - Fish Amphibian and Reptile Analgesia - Feb 2017, SOP 113 - Guinea Pig Anesthesia - Oct 2016, SOP 118 - Fish Aquatic and Amphibian Anesthesia - Oct 2016, SOP 120- Anesthesia Protocol for Lung Physiology Measurements - May 2019, SOP 202- Rodent Stereotaxic Surgery - Jan 2020, SOP 203 - Surgery for Large Animals - May 2018, SOP 204 - Xenopus Egg and Oocyte Collection - Oct 2016, SOP 205 - Rodent Tumor Resection - Oct 2016, SOP 208- Rodent Mammary Fat Pad Injection - Jan 2020, SOP 209- Cranial Surgery in Non-Human Primates - June 2018, SOP 210- Care of Cranial Implants and Chambers in Non-Human Primate - May 2018, SOP 302- Large Animal Euthanasia - Jan 2020, SOP 303 - Fish and Amphibian Euthanasia - Jan 2018, SOP 305- Transcardiac Perfusion - Jan 2020, SOP 401- Controlled Drugs - Jan 2020 <- includes a log at the end, SOP 402- Tissue Collection for Genotyping - Mice - Jan 2020, SOP 403 - Guidelines Blood Collection Volumes and Frequency - Sept 2017, SOP 404 - Substance Administration - Sept 2017, SOP 405 - Monoclonal Antibody Production - Mice - Oct 2016, SOP 406 - Polyclonal Antibody Production - Rabbits - May 2015, SOP 407 - Polyclonal Antibody Production - Rats - Oct 2016, SOP 408- Water Control in Non-Human Primates - May 2019, SOP 409- Maintaining Clinical Records - Oct 2016, SOP 410 - Humane Intervention Points - Oct 2016, SOP 412- Humane Intervention Points for Aging Rodents - May 2019, SOP 413 - Tissue Collection for Genotyping - Rats - Oct 2016, SOP 415- Humane Intervention Points for Rodent Cancer Models - Oct 2018, SOP 417- Food and Water Restriction in Rodents - May 2019, SOP 419- Humane Intervention Points Rodents Models Involving Paralysis - Dec 2018, This Monitoring Log is to be prepared by the Facility Animal Care Committee as per the approved Animal Use Protocol:   Monitoring log TEMPLATE - Oct 2017, Metastatic Model Monitoring log  <- is a log, SOP 501 - Animal Transport and Use Outside of Animal Facilities - Oct 2016, SOP 502 - Environmental Enrichment for Mice - March 2016, SOP 503 - Environmental Enrichment Program for Rats - May 2015, SOP 504 - Environmental Enrichment for Rabbits - March 2016, SOP 505 - Environmental Enrichment Program for Hamsters - May 2015, SOP 506 - Environmental Enrichment Program for Guinea Pigs - May 2015, SOP 507 - Environmental Enrichment Program for NHPS - may 2015, SOP 518- Transportation of NHPs to an Imaging Facility - March 2018, SOP 519- Aquatic Animal Husbandry - May 2019, SOP 531 - Animal Acquisition Receiving and Acclimation - March 2016, SOP 532- Vermin Control Program - Nov 2017, SOP 533 - Microbiological Monitoring Program 2013, SOP 535 - Animal Facility Regulations - March 2016, SOP 536 - Procedure Room Maintenance - May 2015, SOP 537 - Working in Laminar Flow Hood or Animal Transfer Station or Biological Safety Cabinet - Oct 2016, SOP 539 - Maintenance of Passive Watering System - March 2016, SOP 540 - Operating Room Maintenance - May 2015, SOP 601 - Rodent Veterinary Care Program - May 2017, SOP 602- Rodent Health Monitoring Program - May 2019, SOP 603 - Rodent Quarantine Program - May 2017, SOP 604 - Bioexclusion Levels for Rodents, SOP 608 -Mouse Breeding Colony Management - Dec 2018, SOP 609 - Rat Breeding Colony Management - March 2016, SOP 610 - Testing of Biological Material - March 2016, SOP 611- Excluded Pathogens - Rodent Facilities - Jan 2020, SOP 612 - Working with Immunodeficient Mice - May 2017, SOP 613- Working with Rodents in the Imaging Facility - Jan 2020, SOP 614 - Guidelines on Wire-Bottom Caging for Rodents 2013, SOP 616- Rodent Identification - Jan 2020, SOP 617 - Treatment of Pinworms in Rodent Colonies - March 2016, SOP 618 - Treatment of Fur Mites in Rodent Colonies - Sept 2017, SOP 619 - Common Rodent Treatment - May 2018, SOP 621- Rabbit Health Monitoring Program - Nov 2017, SOP 622 - Marmoset Health Monitoring Program 2013, SOP 623 - Marmoset Breeding Colony Management, SOP 624 - Cat Breeding Program - Sept 2017, SOP 625 - Cat Conditioning Program - May 2017, SOP 626- Macaque Health Monitoring Program - March 2018, SOP 627 - Non-Human Primate Quarantine Program 2013, SOP 631- Macaque Herpes B Testing - May 2018, SOP 632- Animal Welfare Assessment - Jan 2020, SOP 701- Macaque-Related Injury - March 2018, SOP 702 - Animal Related Injury - March 2016, SOP 703 - Use of Viral Vectors in Neuroscience - Rodents - Nov 2019, SOP 705- Animal Biosafety Level 2 - Rodents - Dec 2018, SOP 706 - Use of Hazardous Agents in Rodents - General - March 2016, SOP 707 - Occupational Health Program - March 2016, SOP 708 - Use of Streptozotocin in Rodents - March 2016, SOP 709- Waste Anesthetic Gas Scavenging - Sept 2017, SOP 710 - Personal Protective Equipment Requirements, SOP 711 - Use of TNBS in Rodents - March 2016, 712 - Use of Azoxymethane in Rodents- March 2016, SOP 713 - Use of BBN in Rodents - March 2016, SOP 714 - Use of MPTP in NHPs - March 2016, SOP 715 - Use of Cisplatin in Rodents - March 2016, SOP 716 - Use of Doxorubicin in Rodents - March 2016, Body Condition Score Outline Mice (BCS)Body Condition Score Outline For Rats (BCS), Of interest: Article Body Condition Score for Rats.

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