In our initial tests, we also tracked how long food stayed fresh in the containers by refrigerating fresh, cut strawberries for about two weeks. The choice is yours, too. Lids fit both glass and plastic Snapware containers for convenience, Snapware glass and plastic containers are made in the USA and come with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect, Includes 1.6 cup plus 3.5 cup plus 6.3 cup, Different sizes to meet your storage needs, All-Natural Glass Vessels with Airtight Lids – Perfect for your Lunch Pack, Ideal for Serving & Storing, Safe for Microwave & Oven Cooking, Round Containers: 2pc – 1.6 cups/378mL, 1pc – 0.73 cups/173mL & 3pc – Matching Lids, Square Containers: 2pc – 1.5 cups/355mL, 1pc – 3.3 cups/781mL, 1pc – 6.0 cups/1.4L & 4pc – Matching Lids, Rectangular Containers: 2pc – 1.6 cups/ 378mL, 1pc – 3.5 cups/828mL & 3pc – Matching Lids. Specially there is no trace of harmful environmental hormone to human body in using microwave oven. Although price was a factor when we made our pick, glass containers will last a long time, so price was not as big of a concern as you might think. That being said, it’s often referred to as “safety glass,” because when it does break, it crumbles into cube-shaped pieces rather than long, thin shards. Wirecutter is reader-supported. If you’re committed to getting the Glasslock containers because you want a glass container that doesn’t leak, we don’t think the concern of chipping or breakage should stop you. The lids remained perfectly intact and didn’t pop off. Shop for pyrex glass snapware containers online at Target. PYREX® glassware is dishwasher safe. 15. Because the silicone-bordered lids are a little harder to clean by hand, we recommend the Glasslock containers instead. Can I use my Snap N Stack in the freezer/fridge? Our Leakproof Lids Keep Your Food Fresher For Longer. Michael Sullivan has been a staff writer on the kitchen team at Wirecutter since 2016. Can airtight canisters go in the freezer/fridge? They slightly hung onto scents and stains after washing, but they were some of the only cheap containers we tested that didn’t leak. ↑ back to top, The only colors available are those shown on our website. We’ve also noticed some negative Amazon reviews related to breakage that occurred during shipping. *At the time of publishing, the price was $40. Often, it’s a combination of several of these factors that cause glassware to break under the right conditions. We also froze quarter-pound portions of ground beef for two weeks to look at freezer-burn patterns. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We Stand Behind Our Glass Food Storage Containers And Will Always Focus On Your Satisfaction. 03. 16. Like the other glass containers we tested, the Pyrex set has a number of visible flaws in the glass. What type of plastic is my Smart Store made of? After removing glass food storage containers from a hot dishwasher, the experts we spoke to recommend letting them cool before stacking them in a cupboard. Lids are BPA-free and top rack, dishwasher safe, Transparent sides allow you to easily see what is inside, Space saving, nestable design allows containers to stack easily for storage. The plastic top, labeled #5 for polypropylene, has a firm silicone gasket that fills the lid groove from edge to edge and provides a tight seal that doesn’t leak. Our testers liked the colorful gaskets on the lids, which they found easy to identify and match to the corresponding container. This set came with more size options (ranging from ½ cup to just over 6 cups) and containers than any of the other flimsier sets we tested. Long-lasting glass containers are dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer safe. It is ideal for serving and storing, and safe for microwave cooking. Although it has a lot of lids to keep track of, this set stacks well and doesn’t take up as much space in a cupboard as you’d expect. Our plastic recommendations are especially great for meal prep because they’re less expensive and light enough to carry to work. Please visit one of our other sites where you can find the Corelle Brands products that are available in your area. ↑ back to top, No. The Pyrex set includes nine glass containers with matching lids ranging in size from 1 to 7 cups. These containers also shattered in our drop test. Rubbermaid Lock-its have tops that snap neatly to their nesting bottoms, so keeping mates together is easy. How much weight do Snap N Stack products hold? Our testers found that the plastic flaps on the lids were more difficult to close than the lids on the Pyrex glass containers, which were easy to press on. BPA can potentially leach from containers when heated (via microwave or other methods), ultimately creating a safety risk when in contact with food. The Anchor Hocking Glass Food Storage Set survived our drop tests, but its containers leaked more than the similarly designed glass Pyrex containers we tested. Deals. Like the glass version of this set, the gaskets aren’t removable, which makes cleaning more difficult compared with the Glasslock set. Plastic containers won’t shatter if they break, so there’s less risk of cutting yourself. ↑ back to top. If you’re looking for fewer containers, the Pyrex Simply Store line is also available as a 14-piece set (with seven containers and accompanying lids). What do I do if the latch on my Glasslock lid breaks? Best For Kitchen, Lunch & Pantry – BPA Free, Snapware 4-Cup Total Solution Square Food Storage Container, Glass, Snapware 884408028503 1120320 6.5 Cup Square Pyrex Storage W/Green Produce Keeper, One Size, Snapware 18-piece Pyrex Glass Food Storage Set (Purple & Blue), Snapware4-Piece Total Solution Rectangle Food Storage Set, Glass, Snapware Pure Pyrex 18-piece Glass Food Storage Set, Snapware 4-Cup Total Solution Round Food Storage Container, Glass, Glasslock 1129218-Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set, Glasslock 11368 2 Rectangle and 2 Square Assorted Oven Safe Container Set, 4-Piece, Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers – Food Prep Containers with Lids Meal Prep – Food Storage Containers Airtight – Lunch Containers Portion Control Containers Bpa-Free (5 Pack,30 Ounce), Glasslock Food-Storage Container with Locking Lids Microwave Safe 6pcs Set Rectangular 64oz/1900ml, Glasslock Food-Storage Container with Locking Lids Oven and Microvave Safe – Rectangular 64oz, Bayco Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids, [24 Piece] Glass Meal Prep Containers, Airtight Glass Bento Boxes, BPA-Free & FDA Approved & Leak Proof (12 lids & 12 Containers), GlassLock 14-Piece Oven-Safe Box Set with Lids, 8 Pack 30oz Glass Food Storage Containers, Bayco Glass Meal Prep Containers, Airtight Glass Storage Containers with Lids – BPA-Free & FDA Approved & Leak Proof (8 lids & 8 Containers), Glasslock 11351 15-Cup Rectangle Handy Container, Snapware 2-Cup Total Solution Rectangle Food Storage Container, Glass, Snapware Airtight 4.5-Cup Rectangular Food Storage Container Set (4-Piece), Snapware Total Solution 3-Cup Rectangular Food Storage Container Set (4-Piece), OXO Good Grips 8 Cup Smart Seal Leakproof Glass Rectangle Food Storage Container, Snapware 1136619 Glass food storage set, 6 pieces, OXO Good Grips 4 Cup Smart Seal Leakproof Glass Round Food Storage Container, Snapware 1-Cup Total Solution Round Food Storage Container, Glass, Snapware 3.85-Cup Total Solution Round Food Storage Container, Plastic, The Best Computer Battery Dell Inspiron 1525, Total Solution 24-piece set includes two (2) each of 4-cup square and 4-cup round, with four (4) each of 1-cup round, and 2-cup rectangle with Snap Lock plastic lids, Snap Lock  lids have a silicone seal for secure, air-tight and leak-proof seal that keep foods fresher longer.

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