Now he is now ready for his turn in The Pit against Durthu. New and Sealed Boxed Set. Settra vs Kholek happens in a Q&A on his blog, linked above. To bullet-point some of his most significant deeds: Here he is, Settra the Imperishable aka "Settra Himself!" All items are as shown in the image, If its not in the … Tomb Kings - Settra the Imperishable. STEEDS: This model’s chariot is drawn by Skeletal This was a really fun model to work on and I am happy with final piece. I could go on about Settra's story, but it involves about 3,000 years of events leading up to the end-times. This effectively makes Settra vs Kholek fan-fiction, though written by the same guy who wrote the canon. SETTRA THE IMPERISHABLE MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage The Blessed Blade of Ptra 2" 4 3+ -2 3 Thundering Hooves 1" 8 4+ 4+ - 1 DESCRIPTION Settra the Imperishable is a named character that is a single model. Metal & Plastic Miniature Set. pimpin' it on The Chariot of the Gods. This Q&A does NOT have GW's stamp of approval and they have explicitly said anything without their logo on it is non canon in response. Oh mighty, Settra... Great King, the Imperishable, Khemrikhara, The Great King of Nehekhara, King of Kings, Opener of the Way, Wielder of the Divine Flame, Punisher of Nomads, The Great Unifier, Commander of the Golden Legion, Sacred of Appearance, Bringer of Light, Father of Hawks, Builder of Cities, Protector of the Two Worlds, Keeper of the Hours, Chosen of Ptra, High Steward of … God I hope not! He is armed with the Blessed Blade of Ptra. Settra can get the best chariots and tombguard in the game if you invest in the redline skills and the settra unique buffs. Warhammer Weekly with Vince hit it spot on on what should be done, Settra returns as former king of shadespire, has an army of shadeglass inspired soldiers, launches attack on Shyish, that way Death isn't just one monotheistic thing and there is actually conflict there, it's a tie in to existing AOS lore, and a tie in to Underworlds, it would be perfect! Image 3 Shows a Completed Example, Your Item is Provided as Per Images 1 and 2, New in Box, Unassembled, Unpainted. tombguard with over 80 melee defence is a unbreakable wall add in chariots with 40 attack and defence makes his army one hell of a hammer and anvil force especially if you remove basic chariots and only have archer chariots.

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