From traditional cart noodles to the iconic put jai go puddings, the lively streets of this once-industrial Hong Kong neighbourhood offer up cheap and delicious humble pleasures. While the chickens are out of sight and kept in the farm, the occasional feather bobbing in the air is proof they’re close enough. In fact, Kranji is home to one of Singapore’s most well-known egg brands - and its most technologically advanced. Seng Choon Engineering, established in 1951, specializes in piping system material fabrication, manufacturing and importing & exporting of products ranging from pipes and valves to special pipeline system, and control instrumentation.Seng Choon’s commitment to product innovation using new technology is key to serving the ever changing needs of the market. With this new machine, Seng Choon was able to grade approximately 400,000 eggs a day. A word of warning: it is not that easy to snap a good photograph of these little beauties! Seng Choon Farm was established in 1987 in response to a call by the government to develop high-tech poultry farming to maximise the use of land space for local fresh egg production. We are probably 10%–12% of the market, so it’s quite a nice size to maintain.”. We will expand, but I don’t suppose we will go very far with more product lines. As at 2020,Seng Choon Farm produces more than 220 million eggs annually. You’ll be getting a ton of dreamy shots like these as you delve deeper into the flora and fauna. (Watch: Beyond The Table With Chelsea Wan of Jurong Frog Farm). I hereby give permission that my data will be used to send this download. Three decade-old egg farm Seng Choon, for instance, is the first fully automated high-tech poultry farm in the region. I hereby consent to use my details to keep me informed of news and offers from MOBA. Tired of all the food shopping? Not many people know how their eggs arrive at the supermarket, but your travels to the North will reveal the origin story behind your oyster omelette and soft-boiled eggs from the kopitiam. This conveyor belt transports the eggs from the hen houses without the need for human contact. Just as short-term leases are useful in forcing poultry farmers to embrace modern technology, Singapore’s stringent regulatory requirements have an upside for the farms. Seng Choon Farm, founded in 1987, is a pioneer in providing high-quality, farm-fresh eggs. Seng Choon Farm, founded in 1987, is a pioneer in providing high-quality, farm-fresh eggs. Seng Choon Farm has also claimed an edge over its competitors by marketing its product. Purchasing general T&C - Privacy Policy - All rights are reserved © 2020 MOBA. This was very uncommon in the Singapore and Asia market but was on the rise in America and Europe. Singapore may be known as a concrete jungle, but this reputation isn’t all pervasive. Seng Choon Farm was established in 1987 in response to a call by the government to develop high-tech poultry farming to maximise the use of land space for local fresh egg production. From goat’s milk to mushrooms, wheatgrass and even frogs legs and premium hashima - there’s plenty to fill your shopping basket with in Kranji. Contrary to popular opinion, farming is not at all a backward trade. Seng Choon Eggs are collected automatically from the hens, graded, packed and distributed to the retail/bakery/food industry in as soon as 4 hours after laid. Try wiggling your fingers at the fish – they’ll start swimming towards you, thinking there’s food! 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We use cookie to elevate your user experience, perform audience measurement and enhance the quality of our service. The Company current operating status is live and has been operating for 33 years 225 days. “My father was the first in Singapore and maybe in Asia to market eggs, nearly 30 years ago,” Koh explains. Currently, Seng Choon is the largest egg farm in Singapore. “We keep renewing ourselves,” Koh explains. To meet the evolving needs of a growing nation, Seng Choon started the construction of a new farm in 2010. To take things up a notch, the chickens are fed a custom mix which results in different good stuff in their eggs like Omega and Keratin. Fun fact: In 2015 alone, Singapore consumed a total of 1,786 million eggs. The machine was ready to start production in Director Koh Yeow Koon oversaw the poultry farm’s move to its present site in 2010, and says the relocation was a positive as it now has greater capacity than before. Seng Choon Farm was established in 1987 in response to a call by the government to develop high-tech poultry farming to maximise the use of land space for local fresh egg production. This post was brought to you by the Ministry of National Development. And here are 5 interesting things you may never have known about our verdant countryside, farmer (Read related: Local Produce You Didn’t Know Could Be Grown In Singapore), The oldest farmer in Singapore is 93 years old - and he can still be spotted actively watching over his farm today. At Sky Greens, vegetables are farmed in 9-metre towers that contain multiple troughs. We extract five interesting facts about urban farming and the Kranji Countryside that we learnt from her latest book: There are more than 45 farmers subsisting on agricultural businesses in the Kranji countryside. We can really bank on our freshness.”. His name is Ho Seng Choon and he has been active in agriculture and education for the past five decades. From day one, we have to work for profit.”, The silver lining of short agricultural leases in Singapore is that a farm like Seng Choon is essentially forced to upgrade its technology each time it moves.

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