Surreal and unsettling, Gray’s offering is sure to get you investigating every dark corner in your home in the hope there are no scrawled messages waiting for you. Already dissatisfied by her inability to follow her dreams as she works as a waitress, her life takes a turn for the worse when her husband is revealed to have been doing something secretive, and it appears that things are turning against her in an age-old plot. He fell short when it came to maneuvering the digital world as well as his young colleagues, but his veteran businessman skills and wisdom that only comes with age proves to prevail. Be warned though: none of these scary bedtime stories will be conducive to achieving a good night’s sleep. Now she was getting nervous. When David’s wife dies he doesn’t understand why, or how she came to be dead. The boy, feeling bold, locked all the doors instead and, assuring his date they would be safe, attempted to kiss her again. Again her mother brushed her off. A story can also help if you tend to wake up in the night. Use the links below to skip ahead to the section or genre that interests you the most: When you’re telling a story, whether you’re reading it from a book or making it up off the top of your head, keep these tips in mind to make sure your audience stays engaged and on the edge of their seats. In the morning, Meg was lying on her stomach, apparently sound asleep. When I was a mere slip of a girl, I had a dreadful bout of the flu which left me feeling like I’d been hit by a train. 7 shares | 1463 views . The husband was so angry at this point, he decided he would have to find whatever was making the smell himself. Read all about it here. Keep it simple — You don’t want to get too crazy with an overload of characters and a complicated plot, unless you want to see your listener’s eyes glaze over. Julie, concerned, turned on the desk lamp. Many people devote their bedtime attention to email and work materials or difficult nonfiction. Not only is it adorable, but it is a great way to end your night on a soothing and positive note. It all comes down to the planning. Her mother just brushed it off, assuming that the girl had just bumped her head on something. My great, great grandmother, ill for quite some time, finally passed away after lying in a coma for several days. Halloween is here, and whether you like it or not, things are about to start getting significantly creepier. She hit the gas as hard as possible but couldn't go anywhere, because someone had tied a rope from the bumper of the car to a nearby tree. The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes by Ian Allen – If you’re a dad in need of some new material or a frat dude who prides himself on his quality dad jokes, look no further. Suddenly, she saw a man in the shadows. Explore different fantasies and sensual situations, like the one about a psychic who meets a dirty minded woman. Have you ever wanted to bring someone to an event you knew your ex was going to be at? Like the legend of a brave queen trying to buy a car at a dealership without falling victim to the powers of a sales pitch. Answer 5 easy questions and we'll help you find the perfect mattress! If they’re happy, continue reading the story with a smile on your face. Turn off the lights, get into bed and plug in your earphones. Editorial opinions expressed on the site are strictly our own, and are not provided, endorsed, or approved by advertisers. Try Relax Melodies by registering online and start your sleep journey today! They bought her a dog to keep her company and protect her. And always remember to be enthusiastic! When you keep eye contact with your audience, it ensures all their focus stays on you and your story. She said she would be happy to give him a ride. She suffocated after a day or so. It’s a classic story about a 14-year-old greaser and the hardships he and his friends face in a world they don’t feel like they belong in. You can always turn to Henry Beard’s cheeky Official Politically Correct Dictionary and Handbook to find a more acceptable way to speak. Halloween is here, and whether you like it or not, things are about to start getting significantly creepier. We’ve been reviewing products for over 5 years and have helped over 25 million people with difficult purchase decisions. My mother put me to bed and tended to me with bowls of chicken soup and iced tea. Then I saw my breath coming out like cigarette smoke. Some adults never gave up bedtime stories but shifted the focus. Select from contemporary classic fairy tales like The Princess And The Pea or relax and enjoy some of our award-winning Sooper Books original short rhyming stories for kids, including the hilarious The Posh Rat. Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Light? does not include the entire universe of available offers. The car continued to follow, flashing its brights periodically. Who’s the man hired to do the job? The Slumber Yard is owned by Red Ventures. Click here to see our best lists. Want to know what you should pay attention to? Julie tried to get Meg to go, but Meg was insistent that she needed to study and pass the test. Pick your story, set it to play, and be lulled to sleep by these carefully chosen tales. If your mind is racing when you’re trying to go to sleep, it interrupts the transition and your mind remains hyperactive instead of shutting down. But the dripping continued, so she went outside and turned off all the faucets out there. If you’re in the mood for something short, sweet, and classic before you catch some Z’s, then this book will give you a range of excellent options to choose from. An innocent princess who has to prove herself to her boyfriend’s mother through unreasonable tests? The dripping continued: drip, drip, drip. Amanda’s world begins to turn upside-down as she fights her urges to do terrible, unsettling things both to herself and those that surround her. He called every hotel on the strip, but every hotel was sold out because of the convention. You might remember this series when you were a kid, but we still think it’s maintained its scare factor all these years later. Previous expeditions before them have become subject to disappearances, mental deterioration and aggressive cancer and as the women on the team journey deeper into the desert, they begin to discover that there’s something else there with them. Inside she found nothing but a knife and a roll of duct tape. Pause for dramatic effect — This is a fool proof way to create suspense, and have your listener eagerly waiting to hear what comes next. Find out what happens to our protagonist here. David Emery is an internet folklore expert, and debunker of urban legends, hoaxes, and popular misconceptions. I scrambled to find the handle and could hear the ghastly chuckle behind me. In this anthology, you can find peaceful and relaxing passages to guide your mind into the ideal state of relaxation. I’m usually not a flibbertigibbet and prefer not to have people fuss over me, so when I slipped into a heavy fever I tried to keep it to myself. Not only is it an intense read, but you’ll never feel left out when someone says “Stay golden, Ponyboy” ever again. The woman saw his briefcase and realized she had forgotten him. I’m an older woman now and I haven’t lost my penchant for true ghost stories, so when I found this site I was excited to have the opportunity to read other’s experiences and share my own story. Choose one of our scary campfire stories for older kids and adults, or a funny camp fire story for younger kids. Change is scary, but You Are A Bad*** Everyday can prepare you for whatever life decides to throw at you. She got out of the car and saw that her boyfriend was hanging from the tree. Over the years, I’ve gradually convinced myself that what happened on that day was nothing, but deep down inside I know the if I’m ever deathly sick again, I’ll probably seen a familiar face in my final moments. Do you have a top scary read that never fails to send chills up your spine? Everyone agreed and the groom was "it." . The Outsiders by S.E. Perfect for a relaxing drive, an afternoon nap or a late night sleepy-time sendoff.

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