They just taste oh-so-good. Finally, when it comes to fiber, regular pasta has about 1.3 grams of fiber, as opposed to the 0.9 grams of rice noodles. What Are Optimal Ketosis and Ketone Levels? Cabbage is one of the best low-carb veggies on a keto diet. As a versatile vegetable, cabbage goes well with any kind of meat. But here’s a fact: Traditional noodles are a source of refined carbohydrates. I love how zucchini can be used to create almost all kinds of dishes, especially pasta. Wait until you try these keto-friendly substitutes that will make you forget you’re on a diet. Eggplant, anyone? Rather than choosing rice over noodles, or vice versa, it is more important to analyze the form of rice/noodles and the food it is served with. So, if you’re pregnant, you should have plenty of pasta, because folate has a great importance in the health of a developing fetus. If you have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, you can't eat pasta, but can have rice noodles. Eating Spicy Food: The Good, the Bad, and the Extremely Hot, McDonald's McRib Gets a National Release for the First Time Since 2012, Out of Love for Those Ridge Burn Marks: 9 Grill Pan Recipes, Cornmeal-Crusted Chicken With Dijon Sauce and Rice. Kohlrabi is of the same species as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. I love food and sometimes you can see that on my hips, but I don't care that much about that. Would love your thoughts, please comment. To make zoodles, you’ll need to use a handheld spiralizer. Not to mention those rainy, stressful days. When it comes to vitamins, enriched regular pasta has the upper hand over rice noodles. Ketones vs Glucose: Which Is A Better Fuel for Your Brain? Struggling with a busy schedule? They’re low in calories and contain antioxidants such as vitamin C and manganese 4. I love cucumbers because they’re a zero-prep food and pair well with various ingredients. I’m a pop culture nerd who thinks too much about fried bacon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and life, the Universe and everything. What I do care more about is trying to eat healthier, even though I admit that I like to indulge in my food fantasies. This vegetable is an excellent choice. There are plenty of Asian-inspired recipes to make using kelp noodles. Amazing, right? Rice noodles with vegetable stir fry on the ceramic plate on dark wooden background. To make kohlrabi noodles, use a spiralizer to cut it into thin strips. Low-Carb Noodles: 10 Best Alternatives to Noodle and Pasta. Regular pasta also has about 10 times more thiamin and riboflavin, not to mention twice as much niacin as rice noodles. That said, rice noodles and regular pasta contain about the same calories per half-cup serving — 96 for rice noodles and 111 for pasta. For example, garlic, shrimps, mayonnaise, parsley, and spices. Zucchini isn’t just keto-friendly (since it’s low-carb), but it’s also rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, and potassium. One study showed that overconsumption of instant noodles causes an individual to be at risk for a cardiometabolic disease 1. But because they’re slightly higher in carbs than most of the options on this list, I would recommend being strategic with their consumption. Regular pasta has about 0.65 grams of fat in every half a cup, but rice noodles have even less fat: 0.15 grams. Rice noodles and regular pasta are similar in calorie and fat content. Mung bean noodles are commonly known as “glass noodles” because of their translucent appearance. Protein in the Keto Diet: How Much Is Too Much? The good news is, you don’t have to give up noodles entirely. Shirataki may sound fancy, but they’re simple to prepare! They’re both pretty mellow when it comes to the fat content. That is a whopping 8 times more than the iron in noodles. Is Allulose Keto? Mung bean noodles are commonly known as “glass noodles” because of their translucent appearance. Eggs are not just an inexpensive keto-friendly food, but they’re also very healthy. When you find yourself craving for pasta (but you know you can’t have it), these low-carb alternatives make healthy and nutritious options. Eating cucumbers is a great way to refresh yourself. Rice noodles have 96 calories per half a cup, and pasta has 111 calories. But because they’re slightly higher in carbs than most of the options on this list, I would … To make noodles out of cabbage, simply cut cabbage into quarters, then cut into strips. These noodles are lower in carbs compared to traditional pasta. There are various ways to cook spaghetti squash. Shirataki noodles are made from glucomannan which is dietary fiber that comes from the konjac plant. Egg pasta is made by blending eggs, cream cheese, and gluten. The two types of noodles are quite similar when it comes to fiber and carbs. Regular pasta has about 83 micrograms of folate, while rice noodles have about 3 micrograms per serving. And this fat is of the unsaturated variety, which is healthy for you. If weight-loss is your aim from a calorie-controlled diet, choosing rice over pasta may be the most beneficial for you. Pasta lovers can all relate to the pain of having to say goodbye (or at least cut back on) traditional noodles. The biggest difference between rice noodles in pasta is when it comes to folate. Regular pasta has 21.6 grams of carbohydrate, while rice noodles about 21.91. However, whole wheat pasta and brown rice noodles are becoming more readily available; these have more nutrients but the same number of calories. Like shirataki noodles, you need to rinse them with water to remove the liquid they’re submerged in. There are keto-approved alternatives that can be enjoyed every single day of the week. If you’re following a Targeted Keto Diet, mung bean noodles are great. Ever since we’ve gone so 'worldly' in our own kitchens, these products are popular everywhere in the world. Calorie and fat content in pasta and noodles are quite similar. When we look at the calorie content of both, rice is quite significantly lower at 117 calories per 100g Vs pasta’s 160 calories. Required fields are marked *. But in order to retain its original flavor, it’s best to bake it in the oven. Or just any day! Your Guide to This New Sugar Substitute, Celebrity Weight Loss Programs: Before and After, 21 Huge Keto Transformation Instagrammers to Follow, New Year’s Resolution: Becoming Committed To The Keto Lifestyle, What Is an Egg Fast? Shark Tank Keto Pills vs. © Last Gear Publishing & Mobiventura Limited. If you’ve got more time for prepping, go ahead and spiralize keto-friendly veggies. But let’s put that aside for a second and see what’s the difference between rice noodles and pasta on a nutritional level. Noodles made from refined white flour and refined white rice offer the least amount of nutrients and fiber when compared to their whole-grain counterparts (via Well and Good). The flour used in noodle making is traditionally a finer flour than that used to make pasta … While pasta has 21.6g of carbohydrates and 1.3g of fiber, the same amount of noodles have 21.91g and 0.9g of carbohydrates and fiber respectively. Huh IS et al. Pasta is a staple of Italian cuisine, and the calorie chart is primarily made of those varieties: spaghetti, penne, rigatoni, fettuccini, etc. They’re also ready-made (available in packs at grocery stores) which makes them a convenient choice. And after plenty of experimentation, I’ve gotten to love rice noodles Carbonara way more than the usual spaghetti Carbonara. Tracking Your Activity and Steps: And Why It’s Important. Because rice noodles do not contain gluten, this means that they’re a perfect substitute for pasta lovers who have celiac disease, a sensitivity to gluten, or an aversion to gluten that made them eliminate this from their diet. Seaweed or kelp noodles are great for those who love seafood. When it comes to low carb noodles, eggplant would be the last thing on your mind. Eggplant is a wonderful addition to your veggies on keto. You’ll love the fact that it has a great flavor plus flesh that’s just like spaghetti. Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise: What’s Best for Your Body? And it’s important to eat foods rich with these minerals because they have a hand in regulating blood pressure, the functions of muscles, supporting your immune system, keeping your bones strong, and so many more! Do low-carb noodles sound too good to be true? For example, you could throw in some tomatoes, parmesan cheese, garlic, and basil for an Italian-inspired meal.

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