And even though Grissom has a lame captain and a sad fate, its name comes from historic NASA astronaut Gus Grissom. The Reliant also didn't have an engineering section like the Constitution class ships had. There are two ships called the Saratoga in Trek canon and they look exactly the same. Meaning, a Star Trek episode in which this ship comes out of a time vortex into the future is just waiting to happen. This happened in a two-parter called “In a Mirror Darkly,” which was mostly an excuse for actors in 2005 and wear ‘60s-style Trek go-go boots and skin-tight tunics. The captain's chair was directly aft of the aforementioned stations. Some legend has it that Roddenberry initially wanted to call the ship the Yorktown because he wanted a strong naval-tradition associated with Starfleet. The opening credits of Enterprise clearly show footage of this name unveiling ceremony, which seems to imply that Star Trek the show somehow exists in the continuity of Star Trek the fictional universe. In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rey mentions “Kelvin ridge.”. Is Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s name a reference to French New Wave cinematic genius Jean-Luc Godard? Designated as a light cruiser, the USS Reliant's configuration was similar to that of the famous Constitution Class ships in that it had the same easily recognizable saucer shaped primary hull used in many Federation ships at the time. The loose English translation is “magic boat” or “divine craft.” Hopefully, this ship will make it out of the pilot episode of Star Trek: Discovery, but honestly, things aren’t looking so good on that front. This vessel comes with the Reliant-class costume, and it enables a discount when purchasing its fleet variant. Reliant was first seen in the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Since then, different versions of that ship have appeared in many Star Trek episodes across TNG, DS9 and VOY. The Yorktown was a US naval vessel that was destroyed during World War II. In NASA history, the second space shuttle ever was named Columbia. One of the most noticeable differences however was the placement of the warp nacelles being on the bottom of the saucer as opposed to the Constitution class having the nacelles above  the saucer section. The Reliant Class Advanced Light Cruiser is Star Trek Online's 25th century interpretation of a 23rd century classic. Posted by Sean Mahannah on March 27, 2019. Like the Defiant on DS9, the USS Voyager was smaller than some of the previous Star Trek ships. With a length of about 900 feet, the Reliant was slightly smaller than the roughly 1000 foot long Constitution class ships of the time. The next US aircraft carrier named Enterprise was the first one to run on nuclear power. In fact, the US naval ship that received the most awards and honors during WWII was the Enterprise. This ship has transwarp drive which was never really explained and didn’t get referenced all that often in canon later. Akira-class Starships. The most likely answer is both Saratogas were named after a 1780 early American ship named USS Saratoga. Special thanks to, TrekCore and Mike Brown. The Miranda class starship, the USS Reliant was a Federation starship first put into service in the 2250's. Everyone involved with Trek has always said that “NCC” is meaningless. The space shuttle Discovery is also responsible carrying and launching the Hubble Space Telescope. He even kept a small model of the ship in his ready room across from his desk. After The Next Generation, every single Trek series — including Discovery — is named after the place or ship where everything happens. Or maybe even more than that. After over 30 years in service, in 2285 while on a survey mission in the Ceti Alpha system, the Reliant was commandeered  by the renegade Khan Noonien Singh for purposes of revenge against Admiral James T Kirk and the USS Enterprise. The Reliant Class Advanced Light Cruiser is Star Trek Online's 25th century interpretation of a 23rd century classic. The New Reliant-class was a midrange cruiser type of Federation starship created by Starfleet. This sort of explains why Sulu thinks they are going to all get posted to the Excelsior in Star Trek IV. The public birth of this sci-fi juggernaut is pretty much a national holiday for Trekkies. NASA influenced a lot Trek's ship names, but did you know about the anime references? These armaments made the Reliant and it's sister ships formidable ships in battle. Standard to all designs were six dual phaser banks located on the primary hull – three mounted to the top and three mounted on the bottom of the saucer. Could the whole “Danube” thing be a roundabout reference to the use of Strauss’s “Blue Danube Waltz” in the classic sci-fi movie 2001: A Space Oddessy? But where did the name come from? U.S.S. For Star Trek Online, we felt it was time to finally create a brand new design with the same form factor, and the Reliant Class is the result. Seriously, Trekkies fucking love the Defiant. These shuttlebays were visually numbered; "1" being on the rear-port side, and "2" on the rear-starboard side. The first one comes from the Original Series episode “The Tholian Web,” and was sister of ship of the classic Enterprise. Seems like if Star Trek is as cool as we think it is, the answer to both questions is: yes, of course. The original U.S.S. With the great distances that had to be traveled, they could not get more than six months' travel from a friendly outpost. Here’s the funny thing: this real life ship disappeared without a trace in 1781. Miranda Class Starship Refit U.S.S. Why did Trek creator Gene Roddenberry call the ship Enterprise, to begin with? The design of Miranda-class bridge during the 23rd century shared a similar layout to contemporary vessels of that era and generally had a crew of about 220 on board. The original U.S.S. Like the Reliant in Star Trek, the Reliance was forced to switch sides in 1890. Welcome to a place made for Star Trek fans. A stargazer is another term for an astronomer. Where do those names come from? Credits. In Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, the Excelsior is introduced to sort of freak everyone out. The Scimitar-class Dreadnought Warbird is a Tier 5 (Level 50) Dreadnought Warbird which may be flown by Romulan Republic characters, as well as characters of any other faction. The name origin on this one is pretty awesome: NASA’s famous two probes that photographed Jupiter and Saturn were both called Voyager. He flew for NASA during the Mercury program and was the first NASA astronaut to go into space twice.

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