Assists in the administration of the Ozarks Public Radio by reviewing and/or filing all engineering related documents required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, National Public Radio or other governmental agencies; maintaining and reviewing station records such as FCC required logs and other records as indicated by broadcast engineering best-practices. This is possibly because of the amount of training and dedication required. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses required by the General Manager-Radio. As a freelance RF design engineer with us, you would be able to sort and filter jobs to suit you. Top-notch RF engineers should be able to accurately identify network issues and design systems that improve speed and coverage. 10. Additionally, Radio Frequency Engineer I typically reports to supervisor or manager. Generally, an RF design engineer job description would be explaining that the candidate needs to be able to analyze, design and implement the enhancement of wireless telecommunication networks. Anyone who works in a controlled business, such as telecom, is required by the FCC to clear a series of assessment. All kinds of communication run through radio waves, whether it is wireless or mobile devices, guided by RF engineer. Post a RF Engineer job to 100 job boards with one submission. Factor 3: Skill, Complexity, and Technical Mastery. A Bachelor's degree with an emphasis in Electronics is preferred. Supervises radio station computer and network operations by researching and selecting software and hardware for in-house use, learning its use, and facilitating staff instruction on its use, overseeing any programming and network administration necessary for efficient use of software and hardware, and trouble-shooting computer and networking problems and resolving them on site or sending the equipment out to be repaired by commercial vendors. To ensure success as an RF engineer, you should have an excellent grasp of computer modeling, deep knowlege of wireless network systems, and the ability to work as part of a team. Radio engineers, also called radio frequency engineers, are specialized electrical engineers who work with devices that emit and receive radio waves. Work may require frequent moderate physical exertion including standing, climbing, crawling, and heavy lifting of objects over 50 pounds. You will be working closely with wireless network specialists to evaluate, maintain, and improve our radio frequency networks. The role as Radio Network Engineer will focus on: Delivery of solutions and overall quality and acceptance Engineers of all types are in huge demand. Gains exposure to some of the complex tasks within the job function. Hiring managers and recruiters rely on well-written job descriptions for finding the right engineer. Radio Broadcast Technician/Engineer –Job Description. To be a Radio Frequency Engineer I typically requires 2 -4 years of related experience. There are universities that specialize in this area of electrical engineering and it is worthwhile students doing some research to find out which courses involve RF engineering as part of the curriculum. Usually, engineers work with gadgets that send or receive radio waves, with wireless devices, radios, and mobile phones. Over the last few years, it went up from simple commercial radio, TV and military communication techniques to being a crucial area of technology that is needed for the global economy. Job Openings for Radio Frequency Engineer I, Intermediate Radio Frequency Engineer, Intermediate RF Engineer, Radio Frequency Design Engineer I, RF Engineer I. 6. Being a Radio Frequency Engineer I develops and executes product testing and integration plans for new or updated products. Must have a valid Missouri driver's license. RF engineers, also known as radio frequency engineers, design, deploy, and optimize wireless communication systems. 10. Recording studios also might operate at all times, and audio engineers assisting with live music often work evenings and weekends. Level 7 - 2200 Points: Professional knowledge of the principles, concepts, and specialized complicated techniques of a profession. The Chief Radio Engineer supervises the administration and operation of radio station computers and networking systems and responds to or assigns a qualified technician to respond to technical emergencies on a twenty-four hour basis. JOB FAMILY 3 Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds. Job description for Radio Frequency Engineer I. IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR General Manager, Radio, MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Director of Broadcast Services. These Engineers often work in a collaborative environment both with other RF Engineers and stakeholders in … Job Description. 2. However, the stumbling block to this way of life for many people is making the right contacts and connections with the people that require the work to be done. Download our app to sign up and get started, iNARTE Telecommunications Engineer (International Association for Radio Telecommunications and Electromagnetics), IPEP (SCTE) (Internet Protocol Engineering Professional), Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA), RCDD (BICSI) Registered Communications Distribution Designer, CTNS (TCO) (Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist), Should know cell site design and LTE networking, Should have the ability to understand and study wireless network parameters, Should have interpersonal, verbal and written communication, They should have the ability to work in a team, Must have the ability to prioritize workload. All of our wireless and mobile devices operate on radio waves, so our tech-centered society would not be possible without the work of RF Engineers. Facilitates the purchase and installation of new equipment by researching new equipment and writing bid specifications, installing or supervising the installation of new equipment, engaging in process improvement by identifying operations problems that have technical solutions and finding existing devices or designing and building devices as solutions, and inspecting and making recommendations for possible new locations for better operations. A Radio Frequency (RF) design engineer is a great way to earn a living, and at we can put you in touch with the right connections to achieve your goal. Contributes to the overall success of Ozarks Public Radio by performing all other duties and responsibilities as assigned. Improperly performed work and/or equipment or software failures produce errors and delays that affect the operations and/or reputations of the entire University. Skill in applying knowledge through analyzing, designing, organizing, and developing major programs, systems, and networks.

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