Killer whales stick their heads straight out of the water and inspect the world above the sea in an activity called "spyhopping", Killer whales are also known as "orcas" and by Inuit communities as "blackfish", The killer whales top speed is almost 35 mph. At present killer whales are not endangered. Our brilliant and wonderful domestic dogs do not pass this test, but the great apes, the elephants and the dolphins do. Clicks are believed to be used primarily for navigation and discriminating prey and other objects in the surrounding environment, but are also commonly heard during social interactions. In addition to being known as the killer whale these marine mammals may also be referred to as the Blackfish or the Orca. Orcas: Facts About Killer Whales. The question is why? When hunting sharks one group of killer whales may attempt to distract the shark while another killer whale sneaks up from behind or beneath the shark to flip it upside down. Great apes facts, photos and videos..Human beings did not evolve from chimpanzees, modern chimps and gorillas do not appear in the fossil records until much more recently than homo sapiens.. e-mail us at, Copyright 2011 - 2019 by Jenise Alongi   Animal Facts On rare occasions these marine mammals may give birth to twins, but this is extremely rare. Fish, cephalopods, mammals, seabirds, & sea turtles. A killer whale’s pectoral flipper contains 5 digits much like the fingers on a human What's the Difference Between a Wild Animal and Domestic Animal? As stated earlier the killer whale is the largest animal within the dolphin family. Well, that would certainly seem to be an emotional conclusion to draw from that information, but considering the results of MRI scans on the brains of killer whales, it might not be far off. African Animals - Animal Facts Encyclopedia, Great Apes Facts - Animal Facts Encyclopedia. New mother whales have even been recorded using unique sounds when communicating with their offspring that they never use in communication with adult whales. Some dolphins are really fast swimmers so in order to capture these marine mammals the killer whales will take turns chasing it in order to conserve their own energy while the dolphin slowly tires out. Killer whales kept in captivity have given us great insight into their intelligence. When searching for food underwater or at night echolocation becomes the dominant sense for locating pray and maneuvering around objects in the dark ocean. This type is the smallest killer whale known and forages deep in the pack ice, where it feeds exclusively on fish. Communication lies at the core of orca social awareness. In fact there all dolphins species that are known to use echolocation as a replacement or in addition to vision, which is extremely important among species that have poor eyesight. In the simplest test, animals faces or heads are marked, and their reaction to their reflection in a mirror subsequently observed. However, in tropical regions with lower productivity, populations tend to have more generalized diets. The reverberating sound provides information about an object’s location, size, and shape. 02 As of 2016, the minimum worldwide population of killer whales is believed to be 50,000. Furthermore, pack hunting can be useful for separating mothers from their young, for confusing prey and for capturing gregarious prey swiftly before individuals scatter. Sending sound waves that travel underwater, killer whales use echolocation as a means for hunting. target_type: 'mix' Wild males live around 30 years on average, with a maximum of about 60 years. - Killer Whale Facts. – 12,000 lbs. The close social structure of these marine mammals makes them one of the most successful hunters around.

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