Are we just not gonna talk about Hassan Minhaj. (x) Ensure the mixer’s audio driver is compatible with your computer and OS, (√) Intuitive ‘set up and go’ Nevertheless, is a digital mixer right for your needs and budget? The Yamaha 01V’s flexible range of features makes it a popular choice for studios, live arenas and theatres alike. Posted on Fri 09 September 2011 in entries. • Do you need onboard effects? Operators ranged in age from early 20’s to late 60’s. Analogue recordings can be more accurate and natural sounding due to changes in air pressure being captured exactly as recorded. If integrated audio interfacing is your primary requirement, it’s possible to get this at an even lower cost too. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Hello everyone, I'm thinking of buying a digital mixer instead of an analog mixer. Expansion cards for live mixers cover a variety of long-distance, multi-channel formats, including MADI, Danté, CobraNet and Aviom. In … There is no right or wrong when opting to use analogue or digital equipment, it’s all about the sound you are trying to achieve and what your looking for in a recording. Now, when digital mixing consoles first started to be more prevalent in the market place I found that I could best train operators by starting from the analog mixing console that they had known – reminding them of how the signal literally “flowed” (like water in pipes) through the console starting at the preamp, moving through the gain stage, equalization, aux routing, passing through the fader at the bottom of the console, over to subgroups, and out the main fader/aux control. Apr 15, 2003 Turkey-Istanbul. (√) Pristine signal quality, (x) Higher prices Digital Consoles. Many of the same manufacturers mentioned above offer consoles with high-quality preamps and a range of input channels to match studio needs. Two types of mixing consoles have been in the market for quite some time now. Analog mixers and digital mixers both have pros and cons. Analogue also uses less bandwidth and has a natural compression to it. When choosing recording equipment, the ultimate deciding factor should be the desired sound. I'm a scratch Dj, and I'm afraid the crossfader isn't going to react as fast as on an analog mixer, or is this just a bad thought? In this blog I will look at the advantages and disadvantages to both analogue and digital equipment. When you keep your entire project in your computer, there is only one analog-to-digital conversion, and only one digital-to-analog conversion. Admit it – most of us in the audio industry can identify with looking for the next great widget. • How many sub-groups do you think you'll need? Before choosing recording equipment, it is wise to look at the similarities and differences between the two styles. It can be easier to edit digital recordings because the editing process involves manipulating the soundwaves by sight. What to do? You may also want to check out the smaller Tascam DM3200 and associated bundles. When you merge the talents of the right artist with those of the right sound professional, the result is musical magic. PROs. My point here is to say that understanding the analog concepts our equipment is founded on is still important. AES and Syn Aud Con member Bruce Bartlett is a recording engineer, microphone engineer (, and audio journalist. A legend in both style and technique, Malmsteens long career reach new heights when his totally classical work for orchestra and solo electric guitar, Concerto … CONCERT BEST BETS: Things can get loud with Barb Wire Dolls; psychedelic with All Them Witches; […], In last week’s blog I wondered about the idea of a skills-based music curriculum at a time when there is an intensified discourse surrounding the idea of a knowledge-based curriculum extended to a knowledge-rich curriculum. If so, does it matter if it's USB or FireWire? I'm a scratch Dj, and I'm afraid the crossfader isn't going to react as fast as on an analog mixer, or is this just a bad thought? This mic is smooth and velvety throughout the frequency range with an overall balanced sound. The TascamDM4800, like all dedicated digital studio mixers, offers full mix automation, meaning that the desk is sync’d to the timecode output of your recording system and records any adjustments made to the faders, mutes, pans, auxes, EQs, dynamics and FX settings in real-time. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. mixer His latest books are "Practical Recording Techniques 6th edition" and "Recording Music On Location 2nd edition", both published by Focal Press. So, as we think about our uses of analog and digital technologies, it’s important to remember that both are important. Yes, you can use a tape simulation plug-in to restore some pleasant grunge to digital tracks. But many engineers prefer to employ real analog devices. What is the “Return on Investment” (ROI)? CD quality digital is poor because it cuts out frequencies above the human audio spectrum which have an important effect on the frequencies we can hear. The reason that many engineers use outboard processors and mixers is to add some of the analog warmth and euphonic distortion that digital recording lacks. In the recording industry, the debate is between analogue and digital equipment. As a frequent early tech adopter, it’s not uncommon for my wife to roll her eyes and graciously smile while I tear open the box of some new, recently arrived electronic gadget and then disappear to go try it out. The microphone’s small size makes it easy to work […], … established seemingly overnight the style now referred to a neo-classical melodic rock. THE ANALOG SIDE OF THE STORY. I love new gadgets and toys. Why would anyone not choose to mix in the box? Unwanted noise like tape hisser equipment noise is hard to get rid of. Computers and technology, although quite advanced still has its limitations, so large sessions will eventually slow a machine down. Let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of mixing in the box. Generally speaking there are three mixer types to choose from: • True digital mixers, which quickly convert input signals into a digital format and keep them digital throughout the mixing process; • Analogue consoles with digital audio interfacing for a direct connection to your computer; • True analogue consoles that offer no digital capabilities at all. (√) High quality, digitally processed audio (√) Usually cheaper than digital, (x) Lack of audio interfacing We want to guide you in the right direction! Choosing the right type for your needs and budget constraint is crucial so that you can buy your money’s worth. If you’re concerned about the number of inputs, multiple Mackie 1640i's can be ‘aggregated’ to expand the number of available channels. Be generous as it's very likely to grow! The facts are analog mixers provide deeper, richer sound, and analog outboards are used in the final stages of production in the best productions studios. Live, SynAudCon Seminars taught regularly in Australia/NZ. They also have the potential to put the preamps much closer to the source, resulting in a better noise floor of the system. MistaMarko. Create a free website or blog at This allows you to insert pro-quality dynamics, EQ and FX into the signal path using your computer, giving you similar channel strip functionality to a digital mixer.

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