You can see how resilient these cuttings really are because they survived the move and a total change in climate. How to propagate cactus Recently, my unique-looking paper spine cactus has bloomed with lots of flowers, and has grown new oval-shaped pads. About: gardening, gardens, crafting & creating. This is the mother plant from which I took the cuttings. In the fall & winter water once a month. This makes the leaf edges brown, which spreads if you continue to give the plant fluoridated water. Cactus are extremely drought tolerant and can rot if they get too much water, so err on the side of under watering. And I have taken this pot and in it I put a cactus and a succulent mix. Also known as milk plant, pencil cactus isn't difficult to propagate by taking cuttings in spring. Take a cutting that is 4-5 inches (10-12 cm) long from a healthy stem using a sharp and sterilized knife. Pencil cactus plant is named for the thin, somewhat brittle, pencil-like stems. The only difference is instead of putting them in water, after dipping the cuttings in rooting hormone you leave them out to dry for a few days. Firestick plant grows up to 4 to 8 feet and 120 to 240cm wide in homes if provided with full sun a… Pencil cactus plant is named for the thin, somewhat brittle, pencil-like stems. This is my favorite amendment for succulents by the way. Factors such as size of cactus, size of pot, temperature, humidity and season will all affect how often to water cactus plants. I for one have had great success with ‘dirt propagation’ but was curious to see how water propagation works so I set out to perform an experiment. Did you make this project? Fluoride is especially harmful to young cuttings, traveling through the plant in the water and settling on leaf edges. Many people start out with cactus as a gift plant and don’t think much about cactus propagation. You don’t want to plant succulent cuttings too deep by the way. However, the different conditions need to be considered when watering these plants. Share it with us! Offsets, or pups, are another means of propagation. Still, others that propagate through the water method say that the plants do just fine once transplanted from water to soil. Cuttings from pencil plants root very quickly, and soon you’ll have a new succulent growing. However, when they see how easy it is to care for these interesting plants, they quickly become collectors. A while back I saved two lucky bamboo from Ikea that had been rotting in their containers - chopped the rotted portion off and stuck the healthy bits in some water … Here’s what I did: -I put newspaper over the drains holes so any of the light weight potting mix wouldn’t wash out with the 1st few waterings. It's very light, drains very easily and I have worked a hole in there with the chopstick and then I just go and straighten that out and you might have to straighten it out from time to time until it roots. Dip the stem’s end in water to stop the sap from oozing. Belonging to the Euphorbia family, pencil cactus grows in a variety of shapes within an indoor landscape. Then I added the 2nd cutting along with the Aeonium Sunburst cutting & filled the pot with more mix to about to about 2″ below the rim. Needless to say, the cuttings got beat up before they even reached their new home. Propagating a pencil cactus plant always requires you to keep a few key things in mind. The aeonium rests just fine against the inside of the pot but the 2 larger Pencil Cactus cuttings needed staking to stay upright in the light mix. Source: Rosa Say. Soon the “How to propagate cactus” question gets asked. It is still preferable to give a cactus plant less water than too much. I 1st laid eyes on it when I was installing the Macy’s Spring Flower in the late 80’s and it was part of 1 of the window displays. Cactus plants are best left to almost dry out completely between waterings. Give water to your plant occasionally. The plant in itself is very heavy but then you add in the large terra cotta pot & all the soil & there was no way it was moving anywhere. So what I do is I take a rag so that it doesn't drip too much because it will eventually heal over and you have to be careful because this sap is really irritating. As with all other plants, cacti require water and nutrients, taken in by the roots, in order to grow. This pot is just a temporary home for the Pencil Cactus and Aeonium Sunburst cuttings until next spring. Once the roots are established, decrease watering and allow the soil to dry out before watering again. I didn’t bring any stakes with me from Cali & couldn’t find any laying around here so I had to improvise (you know how that goes!) The white marks that you see on them are bits of dried up milky sap along with some scarring. Pencil Cactus is a succulent plant with rare water needs. Propagating a pencil cactus plant always requires you to keep a few key things in mind. Some people are a little allergic to it and the other thing is it can stain your clothing. It was a cutting that I took in San Francisco and it traveled with me when I moved to Santa Barbara.

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