For either of these reasons — and also because it is valuable for you as a product manager to understand what your product marketing counterparts are doing, and how they’re doing it — you might want to expand your skillset into some of the areas of product marketing. In either case, the result is the same: The product manager will be responsible for executing the strategy.). The product marketing manager also serves as a product expert for marketing teammates, tracking metrics and reporting on any shifts in the market. It may look like these two roles are very similar. It should be very difficult to unite them…. PMM should never merely understanding the strategy, they need to be a co-driver of the process. Great article as PM and PMM roles become blurbed in so many companies. We appreciate that. Sometimes the CMO has responsibility for this, but the PMM really needs to nail this in collaboration with other stakeholders. ProductPlan. In this article, we are going to clarify and dive into the details. However, I think that many of you may get confused when describing the difference between a product manager PM and a marketing product manager PMM. What do you think about these two roles? A decade ago, not many people understood what this profession meant and what is its functionality about. A product manager is a relatively new profession. After all, product managers are responsible for the product’s success or failure. As per my view the basic difference between PM and PMM is, PM is someone with an engineering degree in that particular product or niece and PMM is someone with a pure marketing degree (either MBA / MS in marketing). Different focus and responsibilities — but product managers and product marketing managers are trying to create the most value for … You’ll become a more well-rounded product manager. Marketing Let’s define 7 main areas of his/her responsibilities: A product marketing manager is responsible for communicating the product’s value to the market. Nice topic, good argument! I definitely agree that someone performing both should be a superhuman. To get awesome business results you should care of a solid marketing plan that will precisely outline how you’re going to make money. Please share! In the ideal world, both roles are well defined and they don’t overlap in any area. What I’ve seen in my 20 + years in product management, is the roles and activities performed, depend largely on the organisation. Ultimately, the product manager is responsible for the product’s success or failure — which is why she is often called the product’s CEO. numerous interviews with users, polls and questionnaires. Now I understand why I struggled so badly with such a heavy workload for years. What skills should product managers — or product marketing managers — develop that are valuable but outside the traditional boundaries of those roles? He/she gathers market research and customer feedback and then arrives at a strategic plan for the product. Here are some tips on how to expand the skillset into some of the areas of product marketing. Still, as we stated in the introduction, the roles of product management and product marketing are fuzzier than most. What about a product manager and product marketing manager? It was a great article. In parallel with the product manager leading the product’s development, the product marketing manager will be responsible for learning the product’s strategy, getting to know its customer and user personas, and developing the tools and campaigns that the company will use to introduce and sell this product to the market. Stay focusedon the tasks thathelp your businessgrow, Great products always coexist with successful marketing. I would also include some product management skills that the product marketing manager should possess – understanding of personas and applications through direct contact, contribution to value proposition, positioning, and competition…all key to communicating the right messages to the right personas and pulling together sales training. It is a nice article. It’s possible — assuming you can find a superhuman who doesn’t need to sleep. In the ideal world, these two roles are complementary and form a team. Even when people agree, change… Read →. While you have described the roles of the PM and PMM at most companies, you have not examined if this is the right approach. The mistakable definition of the responsibilities of a product manager and product marketing can hamper a company’s ability to develop the best products possible and bring them to market successfully. The function of public speaking and training is highly prized skills to possess. This is a function you might want to prepare yourself to take on as a product manager. Your email address will not be published and required fields are marked. But we wouldn’t recommend it. Tweet This: Just as the number 1023 looks very similar to 1024 — even though it’s significantly larger — the titles “Product Manager” and “Product Marketing Manager” appear to be similar even though they actually each serve different functions in the product development and sales process. Usually a bit much for him/her to maintain for a long period of time. Even as some grow in size they try to keep it all in the Product Manager’s description. Of course, that’s in a hypothetical company, where these roles are well defined and don’t overlap in any area. And the more business, the more specific helpers company requires in order to make the entire workflow more appropriate. “You may find your role as a product manager to be largely yours to define.”. What skills should product managers and product marketing managers develop to get outside the traditional boundaries of those roles? The product manager will collaborate with product marketing to clearly articulate the features and benefits to the market. Understanding how your product marketing team determines which keywords the customers use to find the products is one more valuable skill to add to the PM arsenal. Knowing everything about the strategy, the product manager will communicate it to developers and work with them to build a plan to execute and oversee the product’s progress throughout the development phase.

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