Es muy preciso, es pequeño e incorpora un buffer, lo cual ahorra espacio y dinero. I wanted a smaller tuner to fit on my pedal board and this one fits the bill. Boxes, TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Mini Noir in Black, lIMITED EDITION D'ANGELICO GUITARS ON OFFER NOW, New Epiphone 'Inspired By Gibson' Acoustic Guitars, Book Online 1-to-1 Electronic Drum Kit Demo's, LIMITED EDITION D'ANGELICO GUITARS ON OFFER NOW, Modal COBALT8, reinventing Classic Analogue Sounds, Coronavirus Information: Online Orders Operating Normally, Earn loyalty points whenever you shop at Andertons, Redeem points for discounts on your next purchase, Online, in store or over the phone, earn and use points however you choose to shop. Really accurate tuning and small size is ideal. MonoPoly technology detects whether you play one or multiple […] This is TC Electronic’s third iteration of the famous pedal in micro form – still retaining all the best bits of what makes the range great. It negates tonal degradation by boosting the signal into your effects pedals, making the Polytune 3 perfect for sprawling setups. The firm has announced two new compact additions to its successful PolyTune family, the 3 Mini and the 3 Noir, which is basically a Mini in dark clothing. Here at Andertons Music Co. we believe that we stock some of the best musical equipment in the world. Get approval before 3pm and we'll send your order out the same working day (stock permitting) for next working day delivery! 3. Plus the black looks neat on the board! Currently taking this up with TC Electronic. Does the job, and does it well. I don’t know if the buffer TC puts in their pedals is a top notch one, but it definitely makes a positive difference having one. This includes free, named-day delivery for most UK postcodes on orders over £99 which are in stock, Saturday & Sunday deliveries, and competitive delivery rates worldwide. Black Friday Deals - Shop Now! "ItemImage" : "", Despite the small footprint, PolyTune Noir still delivers PolyPhonic tuning, lightning-fast response, and an ultra-bright display. I use it in strobe mode as it appears and sounds to be more accurate that way - though it’s very, very close. You can always switch back to a true bypass setting if you don’t require the extra oomph. The full size Boss TU3 doesn’t, but the TU3S - the little half size version - ONLY works this way. Perfect for guitar in all tubings I use and handles my 5 string bass with ease. Click the button below to read more. "displaySKUContextData" : "false", Very accurate and professional little tuner - recipient very happy. The Polytune 2 Noir is compact, extremely accurate (though not as much so as a Turbo Tuner), super easy to read in brightly lit environments, and extremely reliable. Tryb polifoniczny pozwala na strojenie wszystkich strun jednocześnie, błyskawiczny tryb chromatyczny zapewnia dokładność 0,5 centa, a ultra-precyzyjny tryb stroboskopowy to +/- 0,02 centa. No need to sign up - points are added automatically when you make a purchase! Kristina Nov 30, 2013 #6. Works great but keeps switching to the Polytune function when tuning 1 string, RustleFuzz Tele-Meister. I also own the clip on version and love it. Nice bit of kit very sturdy excellent buy, Perfect little space saving tuner on a board where space is important. POLYTUNE 3 MINI has you covered for any setup, and then some. Doubles as a buffer at the start of my chain. Great to be able to check thing across all six strings on the fly between (and even during!) Was going to go with another very popular and expensive strobe tuner pedal but very happy I went with this one. TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Mini i Noir to również true bypass z możliwością przełączenia w bypass buforowany, co pozwala zoptymalizować pracę urządzenia w każdym połączeniu, a także bardzo jasny wyświetlacz złożony ze 109 diod oraz czujnik natężenia światła regulujący jasność wyświetlacza i zapewniający jego czytelność w każdych warunkach. Lo volvería.a.comprar. Easy to see from a distance. }, {id: '3074457345623428171', name: 'TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Mini Noir in Black', image: '', type: 'ItemBean', components: {}, skus: []}, {}, "shoppingListJS"); You can then choose which finance term you'd like to apply for, and change your deposit if you wish. But it's also hard to go wrong with Boss pedals, since they're built like tanks, although not as accurate as the TC stuff. When enabled, the buffer allows you to operate the tuner in always-on mode. }, Thanks to its built-in BONAFIDE BUFFER, which ensures zero signal degradation and an extremely high signal to noise ratio, POLYTUNE 3 MINI is the ultimate 2-for-1 pocket tool for pedalboards – … Great having it as a buffer too! Next day & free to most UK postcodes when in stock! Like their older, fatter sibling, both feature polyphonic, chromatic, or strobe tuning modes, an undeniably funky 108-LED display, and a built-in switchable, 'studio-grade' buffer. "ItemImage467" : "", So despite the advanced tech in the Polytune 3, TC Electronics have kept the pedal competitively priced. The Polytune 3 will set you back $99. One reason for me to choose the Polytune 3 mini is the fact that the on/off switch is located on the outside of the pedal whereas the regular Polytune 3 requires you to unscrew the backplate. In addition to a great tuner, the small enclosure also houses a buffer. How many points will I earn when I shop? Just 10% deposit. shoppingListJS = new ShoppingListJS({ It is clear and easy to use and I like the way it switches from poly tuning to single string tuning just by me strumming all six strings or a single string. At the end of the checkout you'll be taken to the V12 Finance web site. TC Electronic ist mit ihren Stimmgeräten der Polytune Serie schon ganz lange vorne mit dabei, aber auf den gewonnenen Lorbeeren ruhen sich die Dänen nicht aus. } Appears to be very well made and therefore should prove to be durable. © Andertons Music Company, St Vincent House, 58-59 Woodbridge Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 4RF VAT No. Podobnie jak w przypadku wcześniejszego modelu, PolyTune 2 i jego mniejszych wersji Mini i Noir, również tuner PolyTune 3 doczekał się nowych edycji PolyTune 3 Mini i PolyTune 3 Noir. Really like that it can be used as a buffer, or not and always on, or not. For some comparison, the Boss TU3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal costs $95, and that of course is not polyphonic. The TC Electronic Polytune 3 Mini takes things further with a built-in Bonafide Buffer to keep your tone crisp. Nice build quality too. "Attributes" : { We display the number of points available for a product on the product's page on our website. Urządzenie automatycznie przełącza się z trybu polifonicznego do monofonicznego, w zależności od ilości granych strun. 5 Stars for the product but I would suggest in the info before purchase that it mentioned you will require the 9v power supply with this item and it does NOT take the 9v battery like the normal sized Polytunes. Pay the rest on collection. Credit provided subject to age and status. ], {"userId":"-1002","email":"","logonId":""}, if(typeof(shoppingListJS) == "undefined" || shoppingListJS == null || !shoppingListJS) { Combined with the small physical footprint, this is one of the most versatile and pedalboard friendly tuners available. Posts: ... Plus I have the 'noir' so extra cool factor, hah. "storeId": 10151 Both pedals come in new smaller footprints (with the Noir essentially a dark-hued version of the 3 Mini), and feature a choice of polyphonic, chromatic or strobe tuning modes. Firma TC Electronic wprowadziła do oferty mniejszą wersję polifonicznego tunera PolyTune 3. Love the poly tune mode for a quick reference. songs... small and neat on the board ... tuning is easy and the screen is super clear. If you don’t already know them get to know about Andertons, Using this with a bass guitar very accurate it is

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