You will receive confirmation of your PIN’s creation on the log in page. A:        No. If you wish to pay your full estimate at once, you may do so. The city of Lakewood has a tax rate of one and one-half percent (1.5%), but allows a credit of up to one-half of one percent (0.5%) for a tax withheld for other localities by the employer. TTY: 303-987-7057, Lakewood Together (engagement portal for projects & issues), Lakewood Speaks (comment on agenda items), Community Development Block Grant Program, City Council Agendas, Packets, and Minutes, Tips for participating in City Council meetings. ACH Electronic Funds Transfer Change Form. Q:        Are lottery/gambling winnings taxable? The Lakewood Tax Office also extended their deadline to July 15, 2020. Monthly returns are due the 20th day of month following reporting period. The City of Lakewood Tax Division’s Interactive Forms are a dynamic electronic tool by which taxpayers can prepare their individual City of Lakewood tax returns for any year in question. Individuals may also prepare their individual Declarations of Exemption for any year in question, and businesses may prepare their reconciliations and monthly/quarterly withholding statements for any period. Retirees and disabled individuals with no taxable income will need to file an exemption and supply the Division of Tax with a copy of their annual benefits statement. Additional fines and fees may be assessed if the bank returns a check or if you fail to appear in court. Pursuant to the passage of Amended Substitute House Bill 5 in December 2014, new State mandated municipal income tax guidelines have been established. The City of Lakewood requires persons who expect to owe more than $200.00 in tax for the current filing year to make quarterly estimated tax payments. The Cuyahoga County property tax office is located in the Administration Building in downtown Cleveland. The tax collected by the City of Lakewood is based on income and residency status, not on property ownership. By paying the fine, rather than appearing in court, you give up all legal rights to which you are entitled. City of Lakewood Estimates for the current year are billed quarterly, with the exception of the first quarter—which is due to be paid with your tax return by the April filing deadline. To ensure proper credit, write your ticket number on your check or money order. Only estimated payments originally due on April 15 have been extended to July 15, 2020. The municipal prosecutor may offer a plea bargain on traffic infraction tickets, which will reduce your points and possibly your fine; upon payment, the original violation will be dismissed. A: All resident individuals 18 years of age and over, non-residents who own rental property or conduct business in Lakewood, and resident and non-resident businesses that operate or have an office within the city limits must file a City of Lakewood tax return, even if no income is earned or no tax is due. Download the city of Lakewood’s Interactive – 2019 L-1 Individual Tax Form with Instructions, Download the City of Lakewood’s Interactive 2019 W-1 Monthly/Quarterly Withholding Form with Instructions, Download the City of Lakewood’s Interactive 2019 W-3 Reconciliation Form with Instructions, ACH Electronic Funds Transfer Registration Form-Quarterly Estimates, ACH Electronic Funds Transfer Change Form. Please see the Payment Plans section for more information. ORC 718.23 – Verification of accuracy of returns. Q:        Do I receive credit for taxes paid to other cities? Division of Municipal Income Tax 2nd Quarter Estimated Payments Still Due on June 15, 2020 Then, just print a copy of the return, attach the appropriate supporting documentation, and send in along with a payment on any balance due.

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