Serve with a side of jasmine or white rice. Or better yet, just order orange chicken with a side of the new hot chicken strips and add the chicken to your entree for even more chicken-y goodness! Heat 1/2 cup Panda Express Mandarin Sauce over low heat. Americans enjoy sweet food, and The CEO and founder of Panda Express, Andrew Cherng, says the reason this sweet and vaguely spicy entree is so popular with Americans is because "They like the dessert before dinner or during dinner.". What about a recipe for yummy noodles (Tepanyaki style) To serve with this Orange Chicken? You could always bake it...just do egg then flour, and then the sauce once it is baked. Even though consuming fried chicken on a daily basis could end up being a deadly habit, there's just something so delicious about deep fried pieces of poultry that it's hard to ignore fried chicken's appeal. • 1/2 cup Panda Express Orange Sauce DIRECTIONS: For hot dipping 1. A version of orange chicken from the 1800s had a vaguely citrus component to it, from boiling lemon and orange peels along with soy sauce and garlic. Although soy sauce is high in sodium, it's also high in vitamin B3 and iron. Ginger has a spiciness and an aroma which can't be compared to anything else. It comes after sour, sweet, bitter or salty, and roughly translates to "yummy deliciousness" from the Japanese. Of course Heath, I take requests:) we will come up with some yummy noodles!!! Privacy Policy Recipe Index,, 2 stevia packets, or 2 tbsp sugar (Liquid sweetener will work; just use a bit more cornstarch for thickening. Going to try it tonight at home. He has known 2 'Rachel's' lol. This  yummy Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe is easy to make and so delicious! These are all good reasons to increase your daily intake of ginger, and if one of these ways is by enjoying some orange chicken so be it. Dark meat chicken, like chicken thighs, are more forgiving and can stand up to heavy sauces while still remaining tender, even after deep frying. It's basically just another flavor, but it's almost ethereal in how to describe it. Just a suggestion:) I would love to hear how you did the crockpot version! That's not its job. Then dip your chicken into the flour/cornstarch, and then into the egg mixture. Americans love white meat. Granted, the fact that the chicken is deep fried isn't great for your health, but it's not like we'll be eating orange chicken for every meal of every day. You'd be hard pressed to find the orange chicken equivalent in a traditional Chinese restaurant, much less another fast casual Chinese food chain. I love laying out in the sun relaxing and playing in the water with the kids (or so... Two of my favorite things are brownies and chocolate. We use a little bit of crushed chile to give it just a little kick, but not too much.". Their orange chicken is always delicious and it’s definitely a family favorite of ours. The University Of Maryland Medicine Center also suggests that ginger may help in reducing blood clots. Orange chicken isn't here to educate people about wonderfully authentic Chinese cuisine or challenge anyone's palate. "As a chef, we all strive to try and top what's the best. Garnish with Cilantro or Green Onions (optional), Eat and enjoy - Panda Express on a Budget in the crock pot, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Comprised of lots of fresh vegetables, flavorful meats, tantalizing spices, and innovative cooking techniques that involve minimal uses of oil, real Chinese food is healthy and delicious. The humble chicken was said to be first deep-fried by either African slaves or European descendants living in Southern America. Koji mold breaks down soy beans and wheat which then converts into glutamic acid, which is... you guessed it!

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