This Crispy Fried Potatoes recipe starts with raw potatoes and ends with a perfectly pan-fried potato. Sounds like quite a garden! So gorgeous!!! Not all stoves are created equal, some run hotter, some cooler. . The way the crusty, crunchy edges outside contrast with the uniquely rich and creamy inside is truly a magical thing. Pick up a thyme sprig with tongs and use it to paint butter over the top of the potatoes. Cook uncovered and undisturbed 8-10 minutes or … tater tots. The potato flesh is fluffy and dry — what makes the dumplings so tender. You’re welcome! Top with sour cream and enjoy for breakfast or dinner. Remove from heat and sprinkle with salt & pepper (I used about 3/4 tsp salt and 1/8 tsp pepper), toss with 2 Tbsp chives. What did you plant? Yum! dried thyme. The potato flesh gets almost velvety after a few hours. Instead of butter, I used a generous spoon of high-quality ghee and it took the flavor to a whole new level. 30-Minute Smashed Baby Potatoes with Lemon & Tarragon; Pan Fried Potatoes Recipe Notes. Powered by the ESHA Research Database © 2018, ESHA Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved, The ingredient list now reflects the servings specified. As for the recipe, we'll just let reviewer Curtislee take it from here: "Wow. Pour chicken stock into skillet. Once the skins are filled with chili, use the leftover fluffy potato centers for mashed potatoes or pancakes. Place potato cylinders with best-looking ends into the hot oil, lower heat to medium-high, and pan-fry potatoes until well-browned, 5 to 6 minutes. I flip them over and ad chicken stock, very slowly, Thank you so much for sharing that with us Natalia! A heavenly and healthy dish to warm you up on those cold fall and winter days. Love how golden and crispy they look! Perfect pan-fried potatoes, with their crispy and buttery golden crust, and that creamy, tender interior are basically what dreams are made of. Here, thick slices of potato are baked until golden, then loaded with every last one of your must-have toppings. My husband said you should quit nursing and open your own restaurant, because the food is so good! ", Credit: is that a cast iron skillet? Oksana, thank you for bringing that to my attention. I will definitely keep this one in my cookbook for a great side. Actually the thin skins are delicious; crisp with a sprinkling of course salt. Yes, everybody makes basic cooking mistakes. I only have one, but I want 10 more . The contrasting textures had my friends "Mmmmmmm"-ing throughout dinner. I followed the recipe to the letter, and the one thing I will say is that mine needed closer to an hour in the oven (and I used about a cup of chicken stock total) for the insides to be cooked through and nice and creamy. Do you keep a garden? And just when you thought they couldn't get any better, melted butter and Asiago cheese are embedded between every golden layer. Info. I start them off in butter medium heat careful I will say that the presentation on the platter with the flourish of thyme sprigs was quite striking! Joined all recipes just to say that. The one I have is a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet – Lodge is a US company that has been around for centuries! PERFECT!!! Thanks for sharing! they cook quicker, and no oven needed. I love how flavorful this was. "For such a simple recipe, they look like they came out of a gourmet kitchen," user Jillian says. says reviewer AnnasBananas. You are welcome Steven, I’m glad you like the recipe . Follow my step-by-step instructions on how to transform the humble potato into a family-pleasing side dish (served with ketchup, of course). I been cooking these for 3 years now. I’m always curious what folks are growing! not to burn the butter, once browned on the bottom and the color scheme goes perfectly with your logo! If you usually go for topped bakers or crispy wedges, you'll love chili-loaded potato skins and homemade (yes, homemade!) Aw, I wish you didn’t update your website. Will make them again, fancy looking and tasty, I added some garlic and transfer them to a baking dish as i did not have a cast iron skillet. Thank you, for providing this simple and tasty recipe that allows me to quicken cook fresh potatoes to replace the frozen ones! We cook these at least once a week out on the grill in a Lodge cast Iron skillet and sprinkle a little fresh rosemary and sea salt on them right before serving. I think they were the best, new potato dish I've had in a very long time. My pleasure Leah! Wash potatoes and dry gently in a kitchen towel. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. I hope you love these taters! I would serve these during a special occasion or holiday anytime. cut in half or quartered to make 3/4-inch thick pieces. Turn the potatoes again, cover and cook another 5 minutes or until you can easily pierce potatoes with a knife. A packet of taco seasoning is all you need to give these chips their smoky, savory flavor. Once they are completely dry, pan-fry them on medium heat using a few tablespoons of oil to make sure that they crisp up and don't stick. Here are some more simple tips to ensure fried potato success: Be sure to cut all your potatoes close to the same size. Had all the ingredients, followed recipe(except for cast iron pan…) and they were delicious!! Great potato, I do them sliced half inch thick, no oil. I hadn’t though to put my cast iron skillet on the grill. "Wow, does it get any easier than this? Like, say, something as simple as overcooking mushrooms or toasting grains and spices. Cook over medium-high until skillet contents start to sizzle. Heat a large skillet over medium heat and add 1 Tbsp butter and 2 Tbsp olive oil. Now get back in there and fry some potatoes. Natasha, I enjoy your blog, I made so many of your recipes! Do you have good ones that are fairly non-stick? This post may contain affiliate links. As if we didn't love potato wedges enough, breading and baking them doubles the crispy factor for something even more delicious. This has become my go-to for baby potatoes. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. I made this up tonight in search of something different from baked(boiled)potatoes. Individual potato gratins not only look impressive, they make serving so much easier. I’m so ready for garden grown goodness! I cannot understand how you can have crisp potatoes if they are covered during cooking. I like where you’re going with this. I did not have russet potatoes so I used red potatoes making sure of the size for correct baking. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines.

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