Buy the FTN-RRHW here. 2m, 180° single sided wall mount tower, 2 beams can be fitted per side. Grenada Falkland Islands Guam Christmas Island Bermuda The Optex FTN-RRIX FitLink Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector is a versatile device that was specifically designed for use with Interlogix/GE Alarm Systems. Jamaica Virgin Islands (USA) Bosnia & Herzegovina Features Detection Logic Selector. Great Britain It works with most alarm systems that support the 319.5 MHz frequency, including the 319.5 MHz Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus, the original Qolsys IQ Panel 2, and the Interlogix Simon Series Panels. Cable length of 5.8 km (3.6 miles). Additionally, its patented double conductive shielding can resist more than 50,000 lux of sunlight, eliminating false alarms from light sources. Malaysia Alarm Grid offers another version of this same sensor that is designed for use with 2GIG. Colombia Features Detection Logic Selector. Curacao automatic walk test mode, Versatile design- choice of housing and front covers, Intelligent 12m dual tech for harsher environment, Intelligent 12m wireless PIR with animal immunity, Intelligent 12m wireless dual-tech sensor with animal immunity, 12m 180 degree PIR for external intrusion detection with anti-masking, SMDA logic: digital analysis for enhanced environmental variance adaptation, Two independent detection areas left and right - ideal for CCTV camera presets, Selectable pulse count and full lens anti-masking feature, 12m 180 degree outdoor wireless battery operated PIR. 100m wireless outdoor active infrared beam, designed for perimeter security. Zambia Our sensors are designed and tested to perform under all kinds of weather conditions to give you peace of mind. View our Sensors. Kuwait Optex Multi-Angle Bracket for CX-70M/LX-Series, Optex LX-802N Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor, Long-Range Model Data Sheet (.pdf), Optex LX-802N Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor, Long-Range Model Installation Manual (.pdf), Optex Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor, Long-Range Model, Sensitivity selection switch (high, mid and low), Selectable detection patterns (pet alley or multi-level), High-reliability against water, insects and other outdoor elements. Good: Wide Viewing Angle, IP55, Works in Almost Any Environment, Does Not Activate Due to Small Animals, Tamper Switch, Walk Test Feature, Bad: Very Large Sensor, Battery Replacements Needed, Lackluster Coverage Area. Either high or low mount are selectable. Both patterns must detect motion in order for the sensor to alert the system. Turkey Fiji Spain Finland Channel Islands PIR Detector / PIR Microwave Combination Detector : CDX Series. With a lithium CR123A battery, the device will remain powered for up to 5 years at a time. 12m (40ft), 120 degree outdoor PIR wired with dual-technology (PIR + Microwave) and anti-blocking, 12m (40ft), 120 degree outdoor PIR wireless, 12m (40ft), 120 degree outdoor PIR wireless with dual-technology (PIR + Microwave). Sri Lanka Niger OPTEX Europe has entered a new partnership with leading UK security services company, DS Security Group Ltd. All OPTEX offices throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa remain open and operational. Antigua & Barbuda 3), Creates virtual walls and planes for a versatile indoor/ outdoor protection, Unique algorithm detecting the size, distance and speed of the objects, PoE compliant and integrated with most VMS platforms, Scene selection (outdoor, indoor, indoor ceiling/wall protection and vehicle), 30m Twin beams with high grade aspherical lenses, Option to use CR123 batteries or to be partly hardwired with accessories, IP65 weather protection and anti-frost design, 60m Twin beams with high grade aspherical lenses, Digital signal analysis to greater reliability, 12m battery-powered PIR for approach detection, Easy set up incl. Austria Zimbabwe. Encrypted, HomeKit, Wireless Security System, Wireless Security System w/ IP Communicator, 3 Door/Window Sensors, AT&T Cellular Security System w/ 10 Door/Window Sensors, Wireless Outdoor Motion Detecting Sensors, another version of this same sensor that is designed for use with 2GIG. Singapore Vanuatu Egypt Designed to trigger outdoor IP CCTV systems. With more than 40 years of sensing expertise, we have a complete range of sensors for every site whether that is residential or commercial. You need JavaScript enabled to use all the features of this website. Greece 12m per side detection, outdoor PIR motion sensor, wireless model. Features an additional PIR detector with independent output. Midway Islands The sensor has an IP55 weather-resistant rating, so you will have no trouble using it outdoors. Martinique 60m outdoor Infrared beam hardwired, channel selection with dual modulation. It is also easy to enroll with any 2GIG GC2 or GC3 Panel. Cuba Designed to trigger outdoor IP CCTV systems. Azerbaijan Hardwired model which features 3 outputs, far/near/creep zones. Argentina St Kitts-Nevis Access security. We can protect the perimeter of a site, the approach, the exterior of a building and the interior too. This could include a patio, a barn or on the side of the house. Albania Home Controls is the premier national distributor of comprehensive and unique home automation and security systems! Yemen 200m outdoor AIR beam wired, channel selection, dual modulation. Israel The Optex FTN-RR2G uses PIR technology to detect the presence of motion. Wide Angle Outdoor PIR Detector : VX SHIELD Series. Paraguay Kazakhstan We can protect the perimeter of a site, the approach, the exterior of a building and the interior too. With its IP55 rating, it works great in areas where harsh weather conditions might be present, such as a patio or on the side of the house. Poland But please note that this sensor will not work with 2GIG Systems, even though they both use the 345 MHz frequency. Rafael Madrigal 511 views. French Guiana Lithuania The Optex FTN-RRHW FitLink Outdoor Wireless Motion Detector for Honeywell Systems is a versatile device that will actively detect motion in almost any setting. Morocco We even offer home automation and security devices compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee and more. Single sided 2 metre 180° free standing tower, 1 beam can be fitted per side. Saudi Arabia PIR Detector / PIR Microwave Combination Detector : FMX Series. Luxembourg Slovakia A ceiling-mount detector, with its unique zoom function and highly dense, triple-element detection pattern. Some users may be off-put by the fact that this is a very large sensor that measure nearly seven (7) inches long. »Optex LX-802N Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor, Long-Range Model Data Sheet (.pdf)»Optex LX-802N Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor, Long-Range Model Installation Manual (.pdf). Taiwan the latest products, and offers. British Indian Ocean Ter Features 3 outputs, far/near/creep zones. Cape Verde Niue Norfolk Island Quad Zone Logic PIR. OPTEX is a world leading manufacturer of high performance sensing technologies. Vatican City State 30m outdoor Infrared beam hardwired with channel selection feature. Ghana Romania Pakistan Optex specialize in passive and active infrared technology, control systems and CCTV products for home and business security. The device uses a CR123A lithium battery to remain powered for up to 5 years. Benin El Salvador And other sources of motion, like a bird or a swaying tree branch won't activate the lower pattern. Venezuela These features combined offer a robust solution for protecting a variety of outdoor areas. This is made possible using two double-layered detection patterns (upper and lower), where both patterns have to detect the presence of motion. It will also work with Qolsys Systems that feature the same 319.5 MHz receiver. Buy the Optex FTN-RRIX from Alarm Grid. Integrates with Video Management Systems. 40x4m outdoor PIR. Qatar St Vincent & Grenadines The devices uses PIR technology to detect motion. This detector features a highly durable structure that is considered a key factor for accurate operation to prevent false alarms. This will give the sensor a base reading of the heat signatures associated with the objects and structures in the room. This is a wireless outdoor motion detector that has an adjustable detection range of up to 16.5 feet. Jersey OPTEX and DS Security Group announce new partnership, OPTEX EMEA statement in relation to the impact of COVID-19. Sierra Leone As an outdoor sensor, the FTN-RR2G is best used in areas where it might be exposed to harsh conditions. The detection zones for the sensor are designed so that the sensor does not activate due to small animals moving around. Belarus Uganda Chad In addition to the simplified wiring process, use of the supplied weatherproof sponge makes for tighter sealing than with conventional products. Gabon It alerts the system upon activation.

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