Unlike process-oriented programs, object-based programs are based on classes and objects. Here, a parrot is an object. The second is to hide some parts of the object from the outside, that is, to hide its internal details. This way we can create new objects of Car without explicitly re-declaring each of the functionalities and properties associated to a car. So C++ was originally called “C with classes”. The data type in C and C++ is an abstraction of a batch of concrete numbers. Currently, I am running my own YouTube channel "Expertstech", and managing this Website. These attributes are defined inside the __init__ method of the class. They have basically the same attributes and behaviors. Python is a multi-paradigm programming language. Using inheritance can simplify the steps of programming. In this part, we’ll discuss about Object Orient Programming and some of its core concepts. If another class B inherits from this class A, the properties and functionalities of A are also automatically available in B. Let’s look at an example to properly understand it. Imagine a scenario where you have multiple cars. Generally speaking, anyone with attributes and behavior can be used as objects. * Music US Dollar is a type of currency. If you still want to define “white stallion”, just say Ming “a white stallion is a male white horse”. We can see this from the whoisThis() method. operation code), as shown in the below Figure. In Object Oriented Programming, classes are the templates or groups which we use again and again to generate entities which belong to this group. ), generally Call it “message”. Algorithms. Again, the child class modified the behavior of the parent class. If you can use your own TV Even if you see a different brand of TV at home, you can definitely operate it, because it has all the TV sets. For example, the term “person” we often use is an abstraction. In addition to these properties, a car can execute certain functionalities as well. Since the class is sharable, the code can be reused. Its attributes are the manufacturer, brand, weight, volume, color, price, etc., and its behavior It is its function, for example, it can play, fast forward, rewind, pause, stop, and other operations according to the information given to it from the outside world. “Horse” is the parent category, or called the base The class “white horse” is derived from “horse” and is called a subclass or derived class. Polymorphism is an ability (in OOP) to use a common interface for multiple forms (data types). The prime purpose of C++ programming was to add object orientation to the C programming language, which is in itself one of the most powerful programming languages. They embed the class properties in them and function according to the set of rules the class defines for them. The second is to hide some parts of the object from the outside, that is, to hide its internal details. We share Electrical, Electronics, Power, Robotics, Software, Communication, IOT “Internet Of Things”, GSM, Industrial and communication projects. Pretend to “conceal” the parts that are not necessary for the outside world to know. All data belong to different objects. The function name (referring to the public function) in the C++ object is the external interface of the object, and the outside world can pass the function name to call these functions to achieve certain behaviors (functions). The gasoline engine-driven one is abstracted as a “car”, and the horse-drawn one is abstracted as a “horse cart”. Information concealment is also conducive to data security, preventing unrelated people from understanding and modifying data. A DVD player is an object. If there is variables a, b, c, they can be used by different functions call, which means that these data are lack of protection. The function of the message is to control the object. All data belong to different objects. In C++, the so-called polymorphism (polymorphism) refers to: related different classes produced by inheritance, which Objects will respond differently to the same message. Then abstract people from all countries including the Chinese, Americans, and Japanese as “people”. OOP, short for Object Oriented Programming, is an approach in programming that revolves around the concepts of classes and objects. Another example, in Windows. An instantaneous data structure and operation process. We tried to modify the price. Similarly, if there are two armies, when you hear a kind of The sound of the trumpet, due to different prior agreements, the A army may carry out an offensive, while the B army may prepare to start a meal. Basically, the operation of the program is carried out around the object. Including the concepts of classes and objects, the mechanisms and declarations of classes, and the definition of class objects And use etc. A Parrot is a bird. Unlike process-oriented programs, object-based programs are based on classes and objects. In the above program, we defined two classes Parrot and Penguin. The cross-use of data can easily lead to program errors. In order to further illustrate the problem, the following first introduces several concepts related to object-oriented programming. For example a car is an object which has certain properties such as color, number of doors, and the like. Objects are concrete, such as a triangle can be used as an object, 10 triangles of different sizes are 10 Objects. This is how we talk in the real world. In this case, we can create a super class Vehicle and write all the common code related to Truck, Motorcycle, Bus and use inheritance to access the common functionalities. If you wish to read more about classes and objects then please see our detailed tutorial here. Object-based programming faces each object. Where classes define a blueprint, objects are the entities which are created using these classes or blueprints. C++ supports process-oriented programming, as well as object-based and object-oriented programming. The main purpose of C++ programming is to add object orientation to the C programming language and classes are the central feature of C++ that supports object-oriented programming and are often called user-defined types. People control externally and the specific operation details are implemented internally and are not transparent to the outside world. Polymorphism allows the same interface for different objects, so programmers can write efficient code. Polymorphism is the capability of a programming language to treat similar objects differently at run time depending upon their class or data type. This is the basic unit of object oriented programming. For example, the driver can adjust the oil circuit by stepping on the accelerator. In Python, the concept of OOP follows some basic principles: We can think of class as a sketch of a parrot with labels. Therefore, people imagine that related data and operations are put together to form a whole, which is relatively separated from the outside world. This concept is also known as DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself). Object Oriented Programming - With C++ Examples In this article, we’ll learn about Object Oriented Programming (OOP) which is a programming paradigm well known for ages now. For example, a school is an object, a class is also an object, and a student is also an object. Basically, the operation of the program is carried out around the object. An object is generally composed of a set of attributes and a set of behaviors. Similarly, we access the instance attributes using blu.name and blu.age. Then design a new class from scratch, and only need to add some new content on the basis of class A. Object-oriented programming(oop) adopts this kind of thinking that people are familiar with. Put all people of Chinese nationality into one category, called “Chinese”, this is a kind of “abstraction”.

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