I've only been on two out of state hunts (Idaho Bear and Africa). I can do 9 of the 10 as a resident of BC (damned Antelope)-and 8 of those on OTC tags. Started chasing Muley which is a blast. ', Now you guys have done it! The main thing is I don't want to look back and say man I wish I would have tried to do that. It's not a pressure cooker...it's more of a lifetime of hunting for variaty. Eye em goin fer the extrem pred slamma! At least so long as the checks don't bounce that is. Each 'list' or set of goals is personal for each individual. I just knew I didn't want to live the rest of my life in Flint, MI, where my first job out of college was. Haul road doable, drop in flights for better quality. If you invest well you'll be able to nock a few of the bigger ones down later in life. And that thought started creeping into my mind. A goal of the Super 10 is simply a framework and channel in which to help me experience the country. Goat: Currently applying for mountain goat in MT and UT. If I had to I would measure myself to other hunters as Ty Webb would, by height. Dall require a guide unless you're a resident and those hunts are very expensive. It is overwhelming as to what other people can do and afford. your getting to hunt new animals on a budget. Whoot, whoot, now we are talking predator slam! I think I will have to do this guided in Canada once at least. A goal like the Super Ten is a great goal to try and achieve and it will yield experiences and memories that you would never have had if you had not tried for it. Those other 2 states you mentioned are extreme longshots for a newcomer. The Super Ten is based on the same principal as the Super Slam, however it is a more concise and feasible goal for many of us. I'd like to get it done by age 60 which is 6 years from now. The Bison needs to meet SCI free range requirements. Box 310727 Birmingham, AL 35231 Phone: (205) 674-0101 Fax: (205) 674-0190 Email: gsco@wildsheep.org I certainly know people who never considered a "super slam" until they were 20 species into it and the light bulb went on. No hunting over bait yet. The time and effort required to reach this milestone is incredible, and for most it represents a … I've since completed the Big 9 with a Shiras' moose, and still hope to draw a desert sheep tag someday. Bison: statistically never draw lower 48, P&Y Fair chase expensive, Ranch bison accepted by some orgs. That's where paying more up front for a good outfit may save you in the long run. I did not want say this because I really respect Tom Miranda and his life story but this is a brilliant marketing strategy. You don't need to hit the lottery. Super Slam Hunt Drawings. Personally, I see no reward in spending tons of cash on shooting lesser animals to achieve a number. Going guided for Mountain Lion with good dogs is also one of my favorite hunts. I had a "Super 10" before there was such a thing because I wanted to try different things and different places. In fact, for many of us, it is possible to get nearly half-way (or more than half-way) to the goal without ever leaving your home state! Then I tried pronghorn, and whitetail. Mountain Lion: you will need a guide or contacts with hounds. Probably some where in the middle is just about right. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Or whether one chooses to record his accomplishments or not. Moose: Currently applying for MT and UT. I'll never get the NA 29 or even the Super 10 but I know that sitting around looking at critters from all over North America remembering the hunts & places I had been would sure beat the heck out of sitting in the same room with a bunch of Turkeys! I really can't get a grip around why some set goals to kill whatever...super 10, NA 29 and then just quit after that. Fred Eichler did his trad 29 with a number of female animals, and he still gets excited everytime he hunts. For Shiras Moose you should definitely be applying in Idaho. Like some, that wasn't a goal. My most memorable hunt to date we came home empty handed. You must be pretty close Nick? That kinda went awry as it has progressed for me. It turned in to taking as many different species with a bow that were at least the P&Y minimum. such is not the case wtih the NA 29 guys. I would rather spend the time experiencing area and the animals that lived there. I wish they would allow you to enter all your photos and stories online instead of having to snail mail in your entries. I've taken 22 different species and I'm hunting 2 more new species this year. Contact GSCO to register animals you harvest. I drew a montana bison tag in area 395-02 but I'd have to look. I think you can do it pretty easy by the time your 35. You are on the right track for low cost caribou hunts looking at Manitoba. Probably never will. Also, this is the next level of trophy hunting the difference you get a piece of paper upon completion. On the other hand, you could get a ewe tag or nanny tag down here a little more easily in draws. Also agree that its more about the adventure than just ticking off a box. I've done Newfoundland three times and loved it. I'm not interested in completing it for the sake of completing it but would like to hunt all three of,those species so I suppose it's something that may come to be eventually. Bou I really like the Spectacular Six. Just looking for advice in doing that and there has been some great advice given. To complete a Super Ten, you must harvest and register an animal from each one of ten species groups (Bears, Cats, Deer, Elk, Caribou, Bison/Muskox, Moose, Goat, Antelope, Sheep). Moose: AK is cheapest DIY for bull, best bet a "guaranteed" tag is cow in WY with high success, Sheep: statistically you will never draw a tag unless you are a Resident of a state and even then 20-100yrs. I got 10 on camera that year...10 out of 11. Certainly if you got to AK you could get a Sitka black tail a bit cheaper. 2. I am gonna break that predator slam down to predator slam 30 to make it more obtainable. AK would be another option. I will die trying at least if I do not get it done. They need to be challenged more and need something greater to strive for. The dedication and commitment it takes to getting that done has to come from someone who loves all aspects of the hunt and that's not something that ever gets turned off IMO, especially after checking animals off a list, Mr_steve, for only being 23 years old your approach to hunting impresses me (I am an old timer). I decided that as long as my family and future is taken care of, I'm going to chase some dreams. Life is an adventure, hunt hard! Thinking about applying for CO. A Dall sheep hunt in AK looks like a good option too. JerseyJohn was supposed to accompany me on my Stone Sheep hunt this August. Females are sometimes more difficult to harvest also. That defeats the purpose. Grant, Of the three, Muskox is definitely at the top of the list. International Ovis. I self videoed all but one of the SSDGS so if you like a challenge that is one to top..or try anyway. Did he take a black bear or a polar /grizzly, brown. I still think if you just like hunting different animals and chase different ones every year and have the means the NA 29 is very doable. Would love to get a few bowsiters to come along on that hunt. 3. Alaska unsure but less. Coues deer....you US guys might know, can you do it on your own?

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