(ibid.) From a history of ideas point of view, his take-up of ideas about degeneration and frequent health and illness related metaphors are particularly useful. This was reading that I did on my own and not as part of a class. I first tried it when I was too young to understand (18 or 19--a crack-spined copy purchased at a now-defunct occult shop on the South Side of Pittsburgh), then again in the summer of 2003, when I did understand a bit, more than I wanted; it put me off Nietzsche for a while--the description of the beast of prey, performing murder, rape, and arson like a schoolboy playing a prank, sounded entirely too Bush-esque in that first year of the Iraq war. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. On the Genealogy of Morals Friedrich Nietzsche (1887) Prologue 1 We don’t know ourselves, we knowledgeable people —we are personally ignorant about ourselves. Kaufmann has shown that Nietzsche’s “blond beast” is just a creative way of saying “lion.” Yet, Nietzsche, aware of these opinions and the desires of others to misconstrue, takes pains to separate himself from a racist interpretation. This revised and updated 2003 edition of Nietzsche's classic text reflects the considerable advances in our understanding of Nietzsche. Powerfully alive writing, profound analysis and original thought, and incalculable influence is brought down to sophistry by its own conclusions. Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2017. What was formerly “good” has now become “evil:” the exertion of power and the subjugation of the weak. . I don’t remember how I chose those books, but I can report now with no embarassment that my reading was superficial and that I did not genuinely understand much, if any, of it. Nietzsche is and ought to be considered both icon and iconoclast in philosophy. These frequent breaks are maintained throughout the book, each essay being divided into chunks too short for subchapters, but too long for aphorisms. Welcome back. Well, I should've listened when people said that don't start with the, I feel like I've been reading this book all my life, but I've never done it carefully and cover to cover before. Nietzsche challenged most of the main currents of philosophical thought in the 19th century and brazenly attacked many of the basic moral assumptions o… A genuine critique of Nietzsche’s work would involve a critique of his methodology and would require an entire work of its own. More surprisingly, I did not like Nietzsche. I will only give one quote, which you will notice is excessively lengthy: Read in Dutch. The resulting psychological unrest among the Jews resulted in factionalism, which eventually gave rise to Christianity. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. That Nietzsche places the slave revolt in morality so late shows who he considers his audience to be. Nietzsche's Genealogy. This quality is evident right from the preface, which is divided into several shorter prefaces. Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the most influential thinkers of the past 150 years and On the Genealogy of Morality (1887) is his most important work on ethics and politics. It was incredibly interesting, well-written and definitely worth reading. (i.11). Primarily deploying etymology and physiology as his methodological devices, he creates a diachronic analysis of some of our most dear, instinctive, and, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was a German philosopher of the late 19th century who challenged the foundations of Christianity and traditional morality. Within its 3 short essays, and with a mixture of devilish delight and horror, he embarks upon a full excavation of the Western moral system. . He was obviously a very troubled man as well as a bit of a psychologist. this hidden core needs to erupt from time to time, the animal has to get out again and go back to the wilderness . Nietzsche paints the Jews with too broad a brush. Let such ‘contemplative’ people go to the devil! When I was an undergraduate, I tried some Nietzsche. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. In their world, the commoners were to be pitied, and their enemies were respected with the respect that fighters give to other fighters. One cannot fail to see at the bottom of all these noble races the beast of prey . A profoundly and arrogantly racist work, grounded entirely in baseless supposition and sweeping generalization. It is at once charming and alarming to the modern reader to realize that Nietzsche is talking, not about world history here, but about German history. It is the West's darkest hour; no one heard you. I read BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL, THE GAY SCIENCE and THE BIRTH OF TRAGEDY. When I was an undergraduate, I tried some Nietzsche. I would vastly prefer to wander through the most sombre, grey, cold mists with those historic nihilists!". I found this the most accessible of Nietzsche's books because it comes closest - especially in the second essay - to a straight exposition of his theories. I have read many translations of this work (I have little German) and this one is good. . He rarely asserts a proposition and then defends it with evidence and reason in the conventional way. Very readable, once I got into it. And if you are not weeping for our lost culture and civilization by the end of the first essay it is because you are indeed one of the "last men". He followed up this interesting work with an equally interesting publication: Zur Genealogie der Moral, On the Genealogy of Morals.

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