0000049745 00000 n 0000035442 00000 n 0000058442 00000 n 0000049070 00000 n 0000055950 00000 n The Royal Fleet Auxiliary is a Merchant Navy organisation that is made up of civilian-crewed ships operated by the Ministry of Defence. 0000004521 00000 n 0000025649 00000 n Our ability to overcome adverse conditions means we’re often the first to respond when disaster strikes. Operational demands take priority, naturally, but we make every effort to ensure our people can stay in touch with their loved ones at home. 0000047939 00000 n 0000196750 00000 n 0000053372 00000 n Date of issue: 13 January 2009. 0000053624 00000 n 0000055393 00000 n We have been on patrol in the Gulf since 1980, demonstrating the UK’s commitment to peace and stability. 0000110734 00000 n 0000029780 00000 n Silently patrolling the world’s seas is our formidable fleet of submarines. At the heart of our naval prowess is an impressive fleet that includes destroyers, frigates and aircraft carriers. Every day, our dedicated people are working hard across the globe protecting our nation’s interests. 0000032719 00000 n Paternity leave is not required to be used immediately following the child's birth, but must be taken the first year. 0000043131 00000 n Connect with like-minded people and develop a peer-to-peer support network both online and at community centres. 0000025191 00000 n 0000020676 00000 n 0000029996 00000 n The Air Force requires new fathers to use paternity leave within 60 days of their child's birth. Whether we’re rescuing people to safety in a humanitarian aid mission, or helping to resolve a global conflict, the very nature of what we do brings with it certain risks. Supersession. 0000039227 00000 n 0000036574 00000 n Discover the key services available to serving personnel and access the Defence Gateway, where you can contact a range of external organisations. 0000042915 00000 n 0000174646 00000 n 0000038450 00000 n 0000135154 00000 n 0000054633 00000 n However, there can be flexibility in these dates, but this depends on the role, and the unit and its operational commitments. 0000028600 00000 n 0000038182 00000 n 0000037277 00000 n 0000020095 00000 n Protecting our nation’s interests: guardian, diplomat and humanitarian force for good. 0000044325 00000 n As part of a couple of new rule changes under the new parental and adoption leave policy, sailors will now be able to decide which parent receives primary caregiver leave, the Navy announced Thursday. 0000057788 00000 n 0000043820 00000 n If you have a family of your own and are considering joining, a member of your family is thinking about it, or he or she is already in the service or training, consider yourself part of our extended family. 0000027945 00000 n If leave starts ona non-workday, the starting hour may be 0001 if not contrary to command policy. 0000025846 00000 n 0000196240 00000 n 0000032482 00000 n Rod Powers was the U.S. Military expert for The Balance Careers and was a retired Air Force First Sergeant with 22 years of active duty service. 0000042632 00000 n 541 0 obj <> endobj 0000061444 00000 n 0000028865 00000 n 0000041470 00000 n 0000175852 00000 n This is where we recognise the difference they make. §1433 (h) OPNAVINST 1754.4A (i) 2017 Navy Physical Readiness Program, Managing Physical Fitness Assessment Records for Pregnant Servicewomen 1. 541 206 Contact during training is straightforward. 0000023948 00000 n 0000110127 00000 n 0000053122 00000 n 0000061152 00000 n That’s why time off to care for new family members is really a readiness issue. startxref 0000059464 00000 n <<357D94722E6A194B8072AB092978D256>]>> v�1�����AX�D�>��]u�s�X6vFl�g,�؛��ӻG���˰��Ft��)�d�>2�#��$(��B��}-ܩ`W�y|�R�I�R��ٷ�wS�ҔϦ�:�k�q3��?��g}Wu�V�ٶ�n$JOhl'��;�H�P|�'4�SAVl$�l5i�^��7��V��sՆ"2T�(K�ܣN��#�������F���O����T�]j��o��7����@$��PgVO���4NQ�G܀~_� 0000033850 00000 n 0000045699 00000 n 0000048155 00000 n 0000041977 00000 n Officers spend 30 weeks at Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) in Dartmouth. Primary Caregiver Leave (PCL) - PCL is a 6-week (42-day), non-chargeable leave period for the designated Primary Caregiver (PC) following a Qualifying Birth Event (QBE) or Qualifying Adoption.

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