Unlike the smaller breeds, large breeds can require up to five acres for only two animals. Because of their feed efficiency and outstanding growth rate miniature cattle can be raised at a two per acre concentration. We had a baby heifer last night born at 11pm. White Park Cattle for Sale. Miniature cattle can also be a great investment. RSVP would be helpful for meal planning and tour. After noon, tour Toby Dahl's crossbred herd and partial ranch tour. She is a gentle sweet cow with her pretty red tips, 40 inches. Chloe is bred to Black Bullet for a 2020 Miniature HighPark calf. Listing # 32140642. Macy is a 2017 Miniature Whitepark x Dexter cow. About 1/3 the feed is typical. From our generous hosts of the AGBA 2020 Annual Members' Meeting, Harley and Michelle Blegen: Pumpkin has the face of an angel and  is an in your pocket type of cow, very comical and playful in personality, Also one of my favorites to hang out with and get some cow lovings in. RCM Sweet Sammie RCM Little Miss Gracie RCM Little Miss Gracie. We strive to have the very best genetic lines for our cows and bulls. The cost of Belted Galloway cattle is determined by a number of factors including the age, health, DNA, and breed characteristics of the animal. Addie is a 2017 Registered Small Frame British White Cow. New addition to our program. Allie is bred to King George for a 2020 Miniature WhitePark x British White Calf. We are happier when these things do not end in disappointment or tears (and there have been tears). Members' Meeting at 10 a.m., eat lunch when done. Breeze was purchased from a breeder in Montana where we purchased Cloudy back in 2017. Always first to the gate to greet you and will follow you around all day. Come back to Blegen Galloways for supper and socializing. Cattle are herd animals. We love everything about this little small framed cow from her sweet personality to her traditional British White body frame. Great markings on this sweet little boy. Besides all that, miniature cattle can make great pets. The Ryder Cup will be held at the same time as the WBE. Sweet Pea is a 2013 Mid Sized Miniature White Park Cow, 44 inches and naturally polled. Blues is a sweet girl, measuring 39 inches at 14 months of age. Very flashy and adorable. Address: 2999 NW Plotsky Ave., Plattsburg MO 64477, 2999 NW Plotsky Ave., Plattsburg MO 64477 (816) 741-6291, Copyright © 2020 Panda Mini Cows. Mini White Breed Cows; Mini Belted Galloway Cows; Pricing; RCM 2020 Calves for Sale ; RCM 2019 Calves Sold; RCM 2018 Calves Sold ; Our Miniature White Park / British White Cows. Pumpkin is a 2017 Mid Sized Miniature White Park  Heifer, 44 inches and naturally polled. Hotels are Autumns Inn 406-323-1000 and Big Sky Motel 406-323-2303. She is the mother to Sammie and Chloe and we couldn't be happier with the quality of calves she throws.

We prefer a nice full belt but any white around the abdomen indicates that the belt gene is present. Blues Clues is a late 2018 heavily speckled whitepark heifer, non chondro and naturally polled. She is a lover and a fantastic mumma cow. Chloe’s Dam is Sweet Pea and her half sister is Sammie. We strive to have the very best genetic lines for our cows and bulls. Allie is a 2009 Registered British White Cow, 44 inches, qualifying her as a Mid Sized Miniature Cow and naturally polled. She is an incredible animal to look at! Chloe is a 2018 Miniature White Park yearling. Our cattle are only withdrawn from sale when a deposit is paid and the receipt is sent to us. Blondie is a 2016 Miniature White Park, 40 inches, horned and chondro negative. They adapted to living on the rugged, windy upland pastures and moorlands of the South-Western Galloway region. The smaller cattle breeds are particularly well suited for these small acreage farms for several reasons. For more info go to https://www.worldbeefexpo.com/, Check out the latest edition of the Miniature cattle come closer to a families needs than large commercial cows. Breeze is the sweetest little heifer around, naturally polled and heavily speckled. All Rights Reserved. Sammie is one of my most favorite cows on our ranch. We watched the great frame race of the last two decades, and kept our cattle moderate in size and mature weight - even though it was unfashionable to do so. That winning combination makes these adorable cattle a very hardy, dual purpose breed. Black and white mini panda bull from our outstanding mini panda bull heard sire.A couple of our mini panda heifers at their new home. Breeze is a 2019 Small Frame British White Heifer. Click photo to scale up and begin slide show. Gracie has the flashy coloring and strong confirmation we are looking for in our cows. Polled. We work with the best breeders in the industry to produce the best off spring lines. This means smaller acreage farmers can maximize the potential of their limited acreage. We've added 3 additional cows to our herd (up to a total of 6 cows). #2 August 29th, It's a girl, It's a great little girl. Bulls & Cows. Becky has a beautiful udder, raises great calves and is a gentle and curious cow. Adopters get cow cuddling rights. We are also life time members of the International Miniature Cattle Breeders Society and Registry. American Galloway Breeders Association (AGBA) We learned way back that it's not always in our best interest to chase every fad that rushes by. Macy is non chondro, naturally horned and very gentle in nature. blegengalloways@midrivers.com, The World Beef Expo will be held September 27-29, 2020. White Galloways carry the “white park colour pattern” whereas the Belted Galloway carries the “belted/sheeted colour pattern”. Galloway Dispatch [ CLICK HERE ] Sammie will be  bred to King George for a 2020 Miniature Whitepark calf. Sweet Pea is bred to King George for a 2020 Miniature Whitepark calf. Miniature cattle can make great pets. On average, the price of a Belted Galloway heifer will start from {MALES}, whilst a bull will cost from {FEMALES}, and prices start from {YOUNG} for a calf. He has just Awesome markings. Pumpkin will be bred to Black Bullet  for a 2020 Miniature HighPark calf. Class . Our focus is primarily on Registered Mini Panda’s and Registered Mini America Beltie cows, (Mini Cookie). Thanks for your interest in our mini cows. For Sale: 1 White Park Bulls. Toby does timber thinning for fire suppression and forage growth. Miniature cattle come closer to a families needs than large commercial cows. Gracie is bred to Black Bullet for a 2020 Miniature HighPark calf. Allie is sweet and as gentle as they come. We work with the best breeders in the industry to produce the best off spring lines. Two more to... We are expecting 4 new babies in August. I will call these reasons “miniature cattle product features.”. Stormy is a 2018 Purebred Registered British White heifer standing only 38 inches, naturally polled and non chondro. New breeding stock additions at Panda Mini Cows. Sammie is one of my most favorite cows on our ranch. LatestNews... Always one of the first to come running up for her grain and some attention. Copyright © 2018 RCM Miniature Cattle Company - All Rights Reserved. If you have any questions please let me know. Polled.It’s very hard to find a more evenly marked black and white panda. Macy will be bred to Mighty Murphy for a 2020 HighPark calf. Galaxy, She is offered 4 sale.One boy and one girl so far. Rain is a 2017 Miniature Whitepark 75% and Dexter 25% cow, non chondro and naturally polled. Always at the gate to greet you and get to the grain first! Strong conformation, small and compact and well balanced. To contact Bauder Ranch please call or email. Displaying 1 - 20 of 23 . Let’s list some of the potential reasons. Mom – Chopper Mom – Shorty Mom – Elsa Dad – Bandit. This is a great site for, Potential Mini cow owners to get valuable information. In our effort to be the definitive resource for all things Miniature Cattle these listings of Miniature Cattle Breeders are provided free of charge to all Miniature Cattle breeders. Thanks again. White Galloway genetics in Australia are descended from cattle registered in Canada. She is beautiful to look at, gentle as they come, well built and a wonderful mother to her babies. Sammie is a 2016 Miniature White Park Cow, 42 inches tall and naturally polled. Please book your rooms early. Cloudy has the British White markings we so desire and has a gentle personality to go with it. Breeze won’t be bred till 2021, allowing her to grow up and finish maturing, to calve her 3 year old year. You need more than one. It’s very hard to find a more evenly marked black and white panda. Sadly, for the buyers, there are always more buyers than there are Miniature White Galloway cattle for sale. She is dual registered with the White Dexter Registry and the IMCBR, dehorned. If you are a Miniature Cattle breeder who wishes to have your breeding facility listed here please forward your contact information, breeds you manage and hopefully a few photographs to info@minicattle.com. White Galloways are a distinct breed in the same manner as Belted Galloways. © 2020, American Galloway Breeders Association. Belted Galloway cattle originated in Scotland; believed to be a result of crossing Black Galloway beef cattle with Dutch Belted (Lakenvelder) dairy cattle and established as its own breed in 1921. Blondie is an awesome cow to look at. Chloe is a really sweet heifer to be around and naturally polled.

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