Then there is a recurring theme that veterinarians are “just in it for the money.” Your veterinarian is not in this profession for the money. An online survey was conducted by Brakke Consulting in November 2017 among 3,540 of a sample of 20,000 randomly selected veterinarians in the U.S. Data were weighted based on age, gender and region of the U.S. All data were tested for statistical significance at the 95 percent confidence level. There was an incredibly sad month where we lost six amazing people from this profession this past year. Although every individual’s story is unique, veterinarians tend to face common factors that can increase the stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression that lead to suicidal thoughts. It needs to be recognised that mental health conditions are illnesses which are treatable and, in most cases, will be recovered from. Please note that this month’s topic is a delicate one and a difficult one to write about, but nonetheless important. @article{0c0cca0141704417bd2d1220c8d6b284. 2 Nov 2020 . A veterinarian or not, if you or someone you know is struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out, ask a professional healthcare provider for help, or call the national suicide prevention hotline. I think it’s … However, it is not easy and sometimes we struggle just as much as the pet parent during these times. For far too many years, mental health issues in the industry were rarely observed, and the topic was largely seen as taboo in day-to-day discussions. -Peter Romano. Veterinarians have higher depression and suicide rates than any other profession as well as the general public. Common mental health–related issues experienced by veterinarians include depression, anxiety, anorexia, mood disorders, alcoholism, and drug-related problems,1 and the suicide rate among United Kingdom veterinarians is 3 times that of the general population.2 The etiology behind the high incidence of suicide among veterinarians is debated but likely multifactorial. Oxley, J. It is a shame that we keep losing intelligent, talented professionals each year. journal = "Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association". They share the saddest moments with pet owners, and – true animal lovers at heart – they bear the emotional weight of it all. I felt it was necessary to bring the information to light in the small venue that is this Blog. We feel it is necessary to bring this information to light in the small venue that is this Blog. What Happens During a Pet’s Dental Procedure? Acknowledging the mental health aspects of any profession is a vital part of leading a balanced life. The Houseplants That Could Poison Your Cat, The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Oxley, James A. ; Montrose, V. Tamara ; Kogan, Lori. This month’s topic is delicate, but nonetheless important. By 2030, it is estimated that there will be approximately two million more adults in the UK with mental health problems than there were in 2013. abstract = "Mental health and well-being have been receiving greater attention within the veterinary profession in recent years. You have no idea what your veterinarian went through to earn his or her doctorate degree. Veterinarians have higher depression and suicide rates than any other profession as well as the general public. We need to leave this profession better than when we started- for future generations of veterinarians, our clients, and our sweet patients. It is difficult to discuss because of the stigma that currently exists. Dive into the research topics of 'E-mental health and the veterinary profession'. No one should feel ashamed to ask for help. Reacting to feelings of anger. The job itself has its own stressful responsibilities. / Oxley, James A.; Montrose, V. Tamara; Kogan, Lori. It is difficult for us to leave the negative comments behind when we have done everything we could for your pet but the outcome did not turn out as planned. E-mental health and the veterinary profession. Help! As veterinarians often oscillate between happy and sad appointments throughout the workday, the nature of the profession puts high demands on emotional energy. Anger essentially forces the mind to rely on shortcuts to make rash decisions. Statistics About Mental Health Within The UK Veterinary Profession Print The veterinary profession is made up of some of the most compassionate people you will ever meet. They provide free crisis management resources, suicide prevention training, and a cyberbullying hotline to members. Mental health is a huge problem in the veterinary profession. Inclusion, diversity and culture are buzzwords that have been widely discussed within the veterinary profession over the last couple of years. What if I Don’t Get Into Veterinary School. Mental health in our profession. Ready for some good news? There are a number of factors contributing to the greater prevalence of mental health issues among veterinary workers. Factors that may play a role in suicidal ideation include work-related factors, such as professional isolation, long working hours, high workloads, managerial responsibilities, poor work-life balance, high client expectations, frequent exposure to euthanasia, and the ready accessibility of euthanasia drugs, and personal factors, such as relationship problems and alcohol- and drug-related problems".

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