Ques.36. [278 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 333 333 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 556 0 0 0 0 0 0 556 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 722 0 722 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 833 0 0 0 778 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 556 0 556 0 0 611 278 0 0 278 0 611 611 611 0 389 556 333 611 0 778] These rights and responsibilities are registered under the Consumer Protection Act 1986. This contains 10 Multiple Choice Questions for Commerce Test: Consumer Protection - 1 (mcq) to study with solutions a complete question bank. /FirstChar 32 The energy gained is proportional to the product of the mean free path and the applied field strength E, and since the mean free path is inversely proportional to the pressure p it follows that the conditions are a function of E/p. ?�'H�[V�?���_:�Y(�88�5�{W�=� ]������zׯ�뢟 � �놵��|>��T>��q\��H�*���hy�ɝ������ypf��ߺ�QH������/ܮ%���[�Ɓ��8��J��^����gln�i{g��\g�u����O�d�U@��۶�}1��@m��qH�]�m��-/���2 }����������h�l���/~l�n���@��?���s�]r9䫨=�|ֹ�7�|V�C�O���Cgo�x0����������nߨ��G�x|��7���쭯_y���v���={2�_R{�c���:��]|/������1�p�u/O=͹� S� �[�[V�쏿��?�z��t�t�5������:.���[���)I���ָ��N�P���P��ɯ��+S���L�=L���i�)�����^�u2C7���>\�A�5�m�ߡ���?����I���R")�L�IV���R��&�K��.�*�a9��R��Uv0����.em���^�n�����,[6,�&Z���xm��f�s���.ܐ.�gu��z�_C�xݓ�I�u0N��t��Mۓȿw��>E���x]�7�`���҉��a�|����X���:�[�]��_p�耏S:3��8�ɬ�O�ʾ�B�llW ���tc��|�a��^x�U ��&J.$�w[�@ �@ �@ sݷpz�� �א>�������S�nCwV�c�'�!����c�!��� =���_�4n4Gq#�k�B�� 7��G��2�ח/�G��3����ge�,������ݫ�Iw%nb��Vl�{p��e��T� 7��&����-��dߤ�˰FW�*݋إ�,�u(8��c� �>��7ZTVw��Ë�:�$Io�~m0��6L0����׷��e���;P�9��r�^�����ki Commerce students definitely take this Test: Consumer Protection - 1 exercise for a better result in the exam. Ans: (d), a) Circuit power factor only Which of the following statement is true? Which of the following medium is employed for the extinction of arc in air circuit breaker? The whole India except Jammu and Kashmir B. The voltage drop across the arc is called arc voltage. With this arrangement, the arc is always struck between the arcing contacts only. Economics of Operation page-3, Objective Type Question or MCQ of B. As noted in Sec. The components do not get deteriorated. c) Recovery voltage Temperature: At high temperature, the kinetic energy of gaseous particles increases and energy transfer through collisions causes thermal dissociation and/or thermal ionization. a) Majority carriers b) Supply voltage The different types of high voltage circuit breakers which include the following, SF6 gas circuit breakers are widely used for EHV applications today, as Sulphur hexafluoride(SF6) gas is an electronegative gas having excellent di-electric and arc quenching properties resulting in many advantages such as compactness and less maintenance of EHV circuit breaker. Ques.35. (d) Short-circuit test: These are conducted in short-circuit testing stations and are mainly meant to prove the ratings of the circuit breaker. There is Consumer protection act 1986 enacted in? /Filter /FlateDecode The surge diverter diverts the surge to the earth while the surge absorber absorbs energy contained in the surge. d) SF6 circuit breaker ��34���l5:��w�����hR_��&�Y����k�Q�2�n�@ 9�[�Os���L~�]����eH*�$�b� hence, the relay should be selected which is less affected by arc resistance. Assume, for example, that it is desirable to disconnect the power to a circuit if the temperature rises above a certain level. A relay used on short transmission lines is, Note:- In the case of short lines, power surges remain for a shorter period and hence, their effect is unimportant. These electrodynamics forces act on the operating mechanism and because of these forces, there is a tendency for contact opening. Shunt trips are used to trip a circuit breaker electrically from a remote location and consist of a momentary-rated solenoid tripping device mounted inside a molded case. The arcing contacts are made up of heat-resistant material like copper tungsten, or silver tungsten. This depends upon the nature of field existing between electrodes, shape, and configuration of electrodes and the gap between the electrodes. The answers are also given for your reference. The fuse element is either pure silver or bimetallic in nature. including a spark. Question 1. The arcing contacts in a circuit breaker are made of. Answer - Click Here: C. 2. The shape of the fuse element depends upon the characteristic desired. This type of unit has an advantage over the solder-melting type in that it, be adjusted for manual reset or automatic.T he solder-melting type of overload must be manually reset. This test does not indicate the quality of primary insulation. This combination is placed in series with the line steep wavefronts. x�� |������>,K�e�*���ۉ�'��C�! Hence are safe for electrical equipment. (c) One minute power frequency voltage dry withstand tests. If the current flow through the heater becomes excessive the bimetal strip will warp and permit the spring to open the contacts. Ques.33. The assembly of the fixed and moving contacts along with other parts of the ‘current carrying circuit’ form a very important portion of any switchgear. On which of the following routine tests are conducted? If the circuit breaker protecting the circuit contains a shunt trip, a thermostat can be connected in series with the solenoid. The first is that this test can indicate low values of insulation resistance because of many parallel paths. b) Conductors B) Movable Goods. The rate of expansion of the two metals is different so that when the strip is warmed, it will bend and will trip the latch, due to its expansion coefficient, its action is time delayed. As a consequence of the increase in resistance, the short circuit current and the phase angle are reduced and thus the likelihood of a successful interruption is significantly enhanced. Back up protection to the circuit breaker, Ideal Transformer | Characteristics of Ideal Transformer, Construction of Alternator | Synchronous Generator, Why synchronous motor is not self starting, Methods of starting of Synchronous Machine, UPPCL AE Electrical Engineer Solved Paper 2019, SSC JE electrical question paper 2019 with solution SET-2, 100 Important MCQ Question of DC Motor | Objective type question of DC Motor, SSC JE synchronous motor & synchronous generator question, 100 Most Important MCQ Of Transmission and Distribution | Objective Type Question Of Transmission and Distribution. In an air circuit breaker, increasing the resistance of the arc in effect ins creases the arc voltage. 1. The surge absorber is a protective device which can reduce the steepness of wavefront of a surge and absorbs energy contained in travailing wave. With proper control, electric arcs can be harnessed and used industrially for welding, plasma cutting, and even certain types of lighting such as fluorescent lighting where a high voltage ionizes the inert gas within a glass tube; the flow of current across the ionized gas liberates visible light. No adjustments are permissible during testing. and according to R-X diagram of impedance and reactance relay, the area of reactance relay is more and it is less affected by arc resistance fault but impedance relay is moderately affected due to arc resistance, The fuse element is either pure silver or bimetallic in nature, Silver plated tag contacts provide good contact with fuse base and keep the, use temperature low. 15 June 1986 C. 24 Oct 1986 D. 24 Oct 1987. The thickness and length of the fuse wire depend on the maximum current allowed through the circuit. c) Water They have a delayed action characteristic under an over-load and are instantaneous against a shortcircuit condition and thus inherit the quality of discrimination. Ans: (c), a) Aluminium Which of the following statement is correct? A surge is a high-frequency wave, the capacitor acts as a short circuit device, passing it to earth. Though the most Commonly observed arc discharge occurs across air at atmospheric conditions, the arc discharge is also observed at high and low pressures, in a vacuum environment, and in a variety of gases and metal vapors.

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