Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. These are all great characters, I do not doubt that, but the Marvel list is of superheroes, earth’s saviours. 2. The Inexplicable Puzzle Into Amazon Affiliate Exposed   Finding Amazon Affiliate Online A lot of people are ready to earn... MY THOUGHT WHY MARVEL IS BETTER … DON’T JUDGE ME. Required fields are marked *. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. DC Comics/Francis Manapul . Now I grew up with Marvel and DC comics and I’m sure most people today can say the same, DC comics was founded in 1934 while Marvel was founded in 1939. DC’s storyline involves 52 parallel Universes, separated by time, distance or realm. In This post we will discuss all the facts and thought with reality and specially my thoughts on MARVEL Vs DC Comics and Movies. The general public fears and/or opposes the superheroes. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. DC has more diversity among its characters. DC isn't afraid to show the darker side of humanity. DC, outside of Batman, is not about the character. AsktoHow is the Ocean of Knowledge and Question Answer Read any about that free of cost. How to Show Proof of Income: A Basic Guide, Important tips to follow for finishing Maths paper on time, The Inexplicable Puzzle Into Amazon Affiliate Exposed. 5. The Justice League requires organization and planning – which is fine if you’re planning a tea party, but not to save the world. DC has been more apt to recycle parts of Intellectual Property, they even, made an entire movie using the ideas of the 1960's characters and comics. The characters are easier to relate to: The majority of Marvel’s superheroes are human – think Iron Man, Spiderman, Wolverine – they are all human. Even Superman, I love Superman, but he belongs to an America that doesn’t exist anymore. Kialo requires JavaScript to work correctly. ( Log Out /  This was later injected into Logan’s(Wolverine’s) skeleton. Hello everyone hope you are all doing well, today I’m going to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and talk about Marvel vs DC and which is better. In 2012 The Avengers came out and it’s a movie that I dreamed about all my life, a movie with all of my favorite Marvel heroes. The general public revers and/or looks up to the superheroes. Stan Lee's Marvel vision contains more clarity and purpose than DC. They are based around their super power. DC Comics, on the other hand, is based on an Earth with imaginary cities like Gotham, Metropolis, Coast City etc. Marvel caters to fans by adding in additional scenes. I did some research to try and find a percentage on how many people pick Marvel and how many people pick DC, the percentage is 71% for Marvel and 29% for DC. For example, Vibranium was deposited on the Earth by a meteorite that crashed onto Earth about 10,000 years ago. Iron Man, Thor, Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, the Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, Professor X, Cyclops, Nicky Fury…the list goes on and on. One good example of this is Wonder Woman. Dr.Myron MacLain, on his attempt of making a powerful alloy, made another alloy with steel and invented an indestructible metal called Admantium. The modern Marvel Cinematic Universe is a much higher quality compared to DC's. He got his powers when a lightning bolt struck him, and the chemicals he was working with were knocked over him in a lab. With Batman, you can understand him and you can worry about him but someone like Green Lantern, he has this ring that allows him to create 3D physical manifestations and green plasma with the thoughts in his head but he’s allergic to the color yellow! Arranged Marriages are Better than Love Matches, Equality of Outcome vs Equality of Opportunity. Pingback: 9 Apps APK Review and Download Process in 2018 - Ask To How, Your email address will not be published. Yep, we're actually doing this. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In 1952 that made perfect sense but now the audience have no idea what that’s all about. IF YOU LIKE OUR POST THEN SUBSCRIBE US AND DON’T FORGET TO COMMENT YOUR THOUGHT …. Tweet. The [DC] characters aren’t cinematic. DC have too many of the same type of characters, too many Batman clones, too many Green Lanterns, too many Superman clones, too many Speedsters, too many characters with stupid names and awful costumes. Last year Wonder-Woman came out and it was actually the first great DC movie we’ve had since The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, Marvel on the other hand has not had a bad movie. As this mega war continues Marvel continues to bring out great movies, Marvel and DC will always remind me of how inspirational super-heroes can be. We will never be able to take Aquaman seriously: The dude’s mode of transportation is a seahorse. DC's newer characters are developed with more depth than Marvel's current characters but are often overlooked. 4. I think it’s really simple. Not that DC Comics lack authentic plots, but the execution is better in Marvel comics. MARVEL Vs DC marvel vs dc. Where Can I Find Famous Celebrity Autographed Memorabilia? The Avengers bounce off each other, and their team dynamic allows them to combat evil fairly spontaneously. DC’s list is a group of rather exceptional but incredibly evil characters. DC has diversified its fan base with imprints. There are a number of interesting facts to be noted in DC like for example, the Flash actually gave his powers to himself. In This post we will discuss all the facts and thought with reality and specially my thoughts on MARVEL Vs DC Comics and Movies. Marvel characters have more of a Human side to them and their stories show what getting superpowers can do to a Human’s life. DC isn't afraid to show the darker side of humanity. All art is subjective; therefore, to say Marvel is "better" than DC doesn't mean anything since different people react differently to art, music, writing, etc., based on individual tastes and opinions. ( Log Out /  Share. This being the reason of DC’s complicated storyline involving the concept of Multiverses. Marvel has developed many other popular franchises. Marvel stories have more interesting characters. DC has more diversity among its characters. Marvel  Comics is based on an Earth as it is, with a very real New York(where most of Marvel’s characters live) and characters who get their powers from either mutation, radiation or divinity. Change ). Marvel vs. DC is an ancient blood feud for nerds, and we try to solve it today based on their Another reason DC is better than Marvel is because the massive impact it has had on society. DC characters are killed off too easily: Both Marvel and DC have pretty poor records for killing off their characters, but when DC insist on having invincible Gods and aliens as superheroes, who are eventually killed off, it really defeats the point of them being superheroes. Batman is my favorite comic book character even though he’s in DC, I adore all the Batman comics and films. Scrum vs SAFe: What Are the Major Differences? AsktoHow is not only a site this is Helper of your life all need a supporter and instructor. For over 50 years there has been a mega war between Marvel and DC, since the comics first came out people would just read them and you see people doing their own comics and drawings inspired by Marvel and DC. DC Vs. Marvel: Why Marvel Is Winning Right Now, Things DC Does Better (And Why They Both Lose) ... Beginning as an innocent childhood debate, the battle over whether DC or Marvel is the better company has turned into a full-fledged war. He represents 20th Century America and I think he peaked then. People will slam me for this but I think the evidence is there. There are some (like the X-Men) who, despite accidents which turn them into mutants, are still inherently human. The Joker, Bane, Lex Luthor, General Zod, V, there’s even an Anti-Justice League. and the characters here get powers from technology, training or are aliens. I believe Marvel is better for several reasons, Marvel has all of my favorite super-heroes such as Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and list goes on and on. No further comment needed. A vibranium-iron alloy created by Dr.Myron MacLain was used by Howard Stark(father of Tony Stark) to create Captain America’s shield.

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