Cardboard box guitars can also be part of a whole craft instrument band or used as props for costumes. At the Australian Guitar Making School you can: “I’ve always been intrigued (being a singer/songwriter/muso) as to what a makes a guitar tick. White plastic looks great when it goes yellow – a sure sign of age. If, like me, you have always dreamed of building a guitar but had no idea where to start then this is the absolute perfect place." Scratches are also good, exposing the metal underneath the shiny plated finish. You can attend the Australian Guitar Making School in a choice of 6 different locations. Hand-wiring a 5W tube head from scratch using a kit. Alternatively, visit our FAQ page. Really sorry Jack but this is not our field of expertise. Then make random scratches and marks with a pair of scissors or a screwdriver to create places where dirt can accumulate. ... We like to make an A4 grid of all the resistor numbers in the schematic, then check them off by testing them one-at-a-time and placing them on the paper. Most pick guards have two or three layers, usually in different colours. You can also rub the shine off with either a fine metal file, wet sandpaper or steel wool, check out our range of abrasives for more information on sanding and abrasive materials. You could try a google search and see if anything comes up. You can pick up cheap second hand guitars at junk shops, antique emporia, charity shops or online and hone your skills before letting yourself loose on your favourite instrument. Children can re-create these simple guitars using materials that can be found around the house. You need to apply a coat of wood primer before painting … On the positive side, you won’t ruin the sound of a good quality guitar that just needs a touch up or adding your own customisation to it. 12. Take the plastic parts off the guitar body first, including the pick guard and pickup covers if you like. Then make random scratches and marks with a pair of scissors or a screwdriver to create places where dirt can accumulate. You can read all about the demo in fine detail via the link above, where there’s a step-by-step guide showing the demonstrator using a tinted wood stain to help age the instrument to perfection. How to build a guitar amp from scratch. Relics, as Fender branded them, were an instant success – and an instant controversy. Is it the same process on acoustic guitars? Can you direct me to someone who might do this for me? where your fingers habitually rub the neck, either side of the strings (although not below them), the lower part of the guitar, where your arm rests when strumming, just below the pickups, where your pick wears the lacquer away, And finally, to whet your creative appetite, the absolutely inspirational. There are plenty of images online, or you could make a note of the effects your own style of playing has on various areas, for example: Before you begin, take all the metal parts off and, if at all possible, remove the neck altogether. The wood that goes into making a guitar, whether it’s an acoustic or electric, is a very important thing to consider. Make a Guitar With CNC: Step by step instructions on how to make a solid body guitar on the CNC using parts from a cheap Epiphone Les Paul. The entire process of making a guitar can take between three weeks and two months, depending on the amount of decorative detail work on the guitar top. For more information, contact our team of resident experts who are always on hand to help with project advice and product recommendations. A Cardboard Guitars Craft to Make- - Making a guitar from a cardboard box is a fun and easy craft for kids. For many they are completely wonderful, for others they are complete heresy. “Why beat up a brand new guitar and then charge more for it?” seems to be the main sentiment, but for many others, it just makes perfect sense. (Our frets in this example are .040" tall, so when we add .030" for string clearance we get a slot height of .070".) Upgrading the pickups to more ‘rustic’ or ‘vintage’ sounding ones will give your guitar the look and sound of a killer axe but is entirely optional. Class Days and Times There are 5 different class times at the Townsville school.Thursday 6 -10 pm Wednesday or Thursday 9.30am – 1.30pmFriday 8:30am – 12:30pm or Friday 1:30pm – 5:30pmTo speak to Joel call 0412 243 444 or click here to enquireClick here for more info on the Townsville school. If so, have you come across the trend for custom guitars? Firstly, remove them from the body. Dot onto a cotton rag or paper towel. Remember to check progress regularly so you don’t go too far. This is the easiest bit. If you would like to share your DIY relic guitar pictures with us, you can either send us some photos or share on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram pages. The idea is to make the instrument look like it’s been heavily used for forty or fifty years, and the effect is often called ‘road worn’. Be wary of acoustic guitars where the neck is fixed, so you might want to skip this step when aging an acoustic guitar. I used some 8/4 ash for … Make sure you have planned out the right depth, and use a depth guage for accuracy. A freezer is ideal if yours is big enough. You don’t have to distress the metal parts. The trend was given a boost at the infamous Dallas guitar show back in 2006, where a demo was carried out by the legendary Fender Custom Shop. You might not want to practice on a guitar you love, just in case it goes horribly wrong! The guitar body, neck and the headstock are easy to age. A real road worn Telecaster is a seriously costly item. Take the plastic parts off the guitar body first, including the pick guard and pickup covers if you like. Planning to do this to my flying V. Thank you for the article! You have entered an incorrect email address! The major features of guitars that are made from wood are the body, which is the largest part of the guitar, where the sound emanates from, and the neck and fingerboard, where the frets are located. People make a great deal of money out of it, and it may even provide you with an extra income if you discover a hidden talent for making new and boring-looking models look just like vintage guitars. After sanding the surface you can get the effect with a small amount of dark solvent-based wood stain, such as Morrells Light Fast Wood Stain. If you would like to email in with some further details we may be able to offer some help, however it is a very specialist area and not something that we are experts in. Directly in line with the current fashion for shabby chic interior décor, ageing guitars is all about making new or relatively recent instruments look like beautiful old, used and well-loved vintage guitars. You can be as subtle or extreme as you like. I’d be willing to mail this to any location in order to achieve it. Do it yourself that is the fun part and then it really is your guitar. Take the slots to their final height with all the strings on and tuned to pitch. Hope you find what you are looking for. Click on the school of your choice to see what class times are available and to enquire about starting to make your very own custom guitar at that school. You can attend the Australian Guitar Making School in a choice of 6 different locations. Then add a coat of Morrells Nitrocellulose Spray Lacquer to seal in and complete the yellowing process. Then re-assemble your instrument and you’re ready to play. I purchased my Epiphone Les Paul online for only $120 just to gut it for the electronics, hardware and neck. It’s simple, but you need patience. Paint the body. This is the easiest bit. You can hit the parts with a brick or stone, or even concrete, to pit the surface and create a key for dirt to accumulate. With the body of the guitar formed, you need to route out spaces for the hardware. Most instruments are coated with polyurethane lacquer, some are coated with nitrocellulose, which is thinner and helps the guitar resonate. Do you play guitar, or do you just love the instrument? If you want to take things further for a more dramatic look, you can dip them in bathroom cleaner, which is abrasive and often acid, and eats away the surface beautifully. Thursday 6 -10 pm or Friday 9.30am – 1.30pm.To speak to Strato call 0425 202 154 or click here to enquireClick here for more info on the Lake Macquarie School, Class Days and TimesThere are 6 different class times at the Central Coast school.

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