Niv-Mizzet's focus on 2-color cards is going to make me want to play a ton of 2-color cards, but it is also going to make me want to play a fairly even spread of those cards. So, I'd look to run as much ramp and fixing as possible to ensure that happens early and often. Gosh by billium813, Oh. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. This is my first post on the first commander deck I have ever built. But yeah, they're not gonna learn. I'm also wary about the number of tribal stuff we have ... eventually the list will be mostly just creature types. That’s a good question DeinoStinkus, apparently wizards weren’t being mindful when they printed the wedges. They're only able to affect one opponent, which is an inefficient way to hurt people in a multiplayer format. First of all, great deck! Cool deck. For each color pair, choose a card that's exactly those colors from among them. Put the chosen cards into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order. Might not be a true god, but at least his title doesn't scream it out. Is Niv-Mizzet Reborn able to find Unburial Rites? 5C Niv-Mizzet is also a great clock since it has flying. Which makes totally sense even for optimized decks, as when your deck can make infinite colored mana with Foodchain, running him out and continually sac'ing him to find the stuff needed to close out the game is very solid. He's not that great otherwise. While that will remove any enchantments attached to my commander and any equipment will fall off of him, I'll still enjoy being able to equip and swing with Blade of Selves. 100% Upvoted. I'm not going to include any of the earlier versions of Niv-Mizzet because of their heavy reliance on Blue and Red mana, but Spellbound Dragon will join the party. He has been trying to become a planeswalker for years. When Niv-Mizzet Reborn enters the battlefield, reveal the top ten cards of your library. I'm also running Taigam, Ojutai Master so that my Dragons (and instants and sorceries) can't be countered. So even if you don't go cEDH, going full-on value deck with his 5c and having him as a card-selection engine to run out when the coast is clear sounds like a very nice plan. Righteous Authority is a way to give ourselves more card draw, and that is always important. Meet Niv-Mizzet, Reborn. How does this work with Split mana costs? That's a great problem to have, but it means recursion will be really important. While a Ramos Storm deck uses his ability to make mana as a built-in mana battery to power through a ridiculous number of spells in a single turn, I don't see Niv-Mizzet as being able to sustain a turn of storming off quite as well. Or everyone will siphon their Sparks back. Is Niv-Mizzet Reborn able to find Unburial Rites? I know his type. Ramp, Curse, Treasure, Ultimatum, PROGENITUS. Every card I include that isn't two colors is going to reduce the effectiveness of my card draw engine, and most of the ETB helpers I might want to include aren't going get put in my hand by Niv-Mizzet. I think I might try to follow this thread a little. It's essential in commander to draw cards, mostly because of the prevelance of boardwipes and the fact that 3 people are killing off your stuff at most points in the game. And well, I guess I would still put in the foodchain combo, but that's just me being a filthy combo player ;). Niv-Mizzet, commonly referred to as the Firemind, is 16,768 years old.He is an ancient red-brown Ravnican dragon obsessed with omniscience. I really want to spread out my cards among all 10 guilds so that I can try to minimize the number of times I get two of the same guild when Niv enters the battlefield and reveals 10 cards. The fly in the ointment of a Voltron approach is that winning will get much harder if I'm faced with losing all of Niv's auras and having to reattach equipment every time I want to flicker him. They're not terrible in Niv, but they are better in Ramos by a long shot and I decided not to run them in this list. One hit kill with your commander. Help | This 6/6 legendary flying Dragon Avatar costs and has the kind of ability that will really shape the way you build his deck. On a side note, how epic would it be if Niv-Mizzet's rebirth was bursting through the Dragon Maze thus justifying the title of its namesake expansion set? A Voltron strategy might seem like a good idea at first. Hogaak: Even though the card is banned in modern its still a powerhouse in other formats. In the games when I can cast him, my problems will revolve around having too many cards and not enough mana. If you can do both, you'll probably win. They're modal, have a relatively low casting cost and give me some flexibility. For the second slot of dragons I'm going to run Ojutai, Soul of Winter, Silumgar, the Drifting Death, Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury, Atarka, World Render and Dromoka, the Eternal. Ads by Fandom. Also, is Niv-Mizzet Reborn pointless since I hardly use any color pairs? Easy to fulfill deck building requirements... everything must be two colors! Niv-Mizzet is back and better than ever, this time in a 5 color ETB deck! Brago, King Eternal and Deadeye Navigator are both repeatable ways to generate more enter-the-battlefield triggers from my commander. Early testing does make me feel like the cycling plan works, and works well. There are ten color pairs in Magic: white-blue, white-black, blue-black, blue-red, black-red, black-green, red-green, red-white, green-white, and green-blue. It’s a great card, I was just hoping his spark was going to ignite ☹️. by MTGBurgeoning, Living-Dragon-Wheel And I'm kind of okay his spark didn't ignite because then Bolas wont harvest him like all the others? Niv-Mizzet Reborn. When I first looked at Niv-Mizzet my first thought was that finally I have another general who will make Borderposts worth running! This site © 2020, LLC [WAR] Niv-Mizzet Reborn - Master of Guilds & Astral-Living-Genesis, I upvoted because the bringer of the dawns are straight out of my early magic days:). save hide report. 飛行 ニヴ=ミゼット再誕が戦場に出たとき、あなたのライブラリーの一番上からカードを10枚公開する。その中から、色2色の組1組につき、ちょうどその2色であるカード1枚を選ぶ。選ばれたカードをあなたの手札に加え、残りをあなたのライブラリーの一番下に無作為の順番で置く。, 5色カードとなった4枚目のニヴ=ミゼット/Niv-Mizzet。戦場に出た時にライブラリーを10枚公開し、そこから各ギルド/Guildの色と一致する多色カードを1枚ずつ手札に加えるというド派手な能力を持つ。, 戦場に出るだけで最大10枚のハンド・アドバンテージを得ることができるが、無作為に公開された10枚が全て異なる色の組み合わせの2色カード、なんてことは現実的にはありえない。なにせ土地は色を持たず、同じ色の組み合わせは1枚しか手札に加えられず、5色カードを戦場に出せるデッキだからと言って全ての色を平等に採用できるわけではないので、的中率には限度がある。もっとも、色拘束が厳しいとはいえ5マナ6/6飛行とミゼット本人の性能がそれなりに高いこともあり、1枚的中でもコスト・パフォーマンスとしては上々、3枚ほど的中すれば十分すぎる戦果と言える。土地以外の大半を2色カードにできればそのくらいは期待できる。一方で、悪く言えば「手札が増えるETB能力を持つフライヤー」以上のものではないので、「出せば勝ち」のカードではないのは欠点。ETB能力で打ち消しなどを優先的にピックアップして援護してやるか、逆に事実上のサーチカードと割り切って除去されても構わない心積もりで使うのがよいだろう。, 唱える必要はないので、リアニメイトやライブラリーから直接戦場に出すなどのマナ・コスト踏み倒しは自由に使えるが、そもそもこのカードを活かそうとすると様々な色の組み合わせの多色カードを多数採用するので必然的に5色デッキとなり、踏み倒すまでもなく唱えられるデッキ構築になりやすい。そういう意味では、デッキ構築こそ独特な工夫を求められるが運用方法自体は割と素直な、扱いやすい部類のカードと言える。, このカードを中心に据えた5色ニヴ=ミゼットが存在する。スタンダードでは、ラヴニカのギルド・ラヴニカの献身と合わせた「ラヴニカ三部作」での2色カードの充実、ショックランドとチェックランドの同居などの追い風もあったが、やはりマナ基盤に不安があり、主流には至らない。主戦場はより強力な2色カードやマナ基盤が充実するモダンである。稲妻のらせん/Lightning Helixやコラガンの命令/Kolaghan's Command、ケイヤの手管/Kaya's Guileといった歴代の強力なカードを手札に加えることができるため、このカードを出す前後の隙を埋めることができる。特に白日の下に/Bring to Lightはこちらの能力で手札に加えることができ、かつあちらでこのカードをサーチすることができるため非常に相性が良い。また、フェッチランドとショックランド以外にもパルンズの柱/Pillar of the Parunsや基本氷雪土地とアーカムの天測儀/Arcum's Astrolabeのセットといった強力なマナ基盤のおかげで、このカードを含むデッキ内の多色カードを色事故なく唱えることができる。特にパルンズの柱は、このカードの登場後に急激に評価を上げることになった。, リミテッドでは多色土地がギルド門通りの公有地/Gateway Plazaしかないため、複数種収録されている全色対応のマナ・クリーチャーやマナ・アーティファクトも使ってマナ基盤を整える必要がある。アンコモンにもいる多色のプレインズウォーカーたちを複数枚手札に加えられれば強力だが、当然ながらリスキーである。このカードを戦場に出せる多色カードである新生化/Neoformとは好相性。,, このページの最終更新は 2020年1月26日 (日) 07:11 に行われました。. Wow the astral slide build looks insane. I have friends like this.

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