Students can play an immersive game that can bring a topic home for them. Closure draws attention to the end of the lesson, helps students organize their learning, reinforces the significant aspects of the lesson, allows students to practice what is learned, and provides an opportunity for feedback, review, and reflective thinking. Thank you for visiting Learning4Kids. Plus love the bright, funky colours. Looking back at my restaurant job days, for example, I never felt like a better server than when I was training a new hire! Love toys that are able to be used in several ways and bring out your childs imagination. The little turtle puzzle, how can you not love a turtle! As we seek ways to improve literacy teaching and learning, we need to be careful not to overlook lesson closure as an opportunity to solidify student learning. If possible, have your students teach the concept to other students in a lower grade. My First Word Puzzle looks fantastic Students can piece together their own historically accurate 18th-century fort or village. Allow your students to flex their creative muscles by developing slide presentations that highlight key points from the topic. I love the butterfly puzzle because my daughter would enjoy grabbing those big wooden knobs, and we don’t have any with giant knobs. A good closure will create a lasting impression and will have students reflecting on their own learning. The puzzle that interested me the most on the website was the Colour Puzzle Level 2. Teachers value these wrap-up activities because they are perfect ways to check for understanding (and any misunderstanding) as well as summarize important info. Brilliance lie in not leaving the schedule at the mercy of shambolic planning and fluctuating resources. At the start of the next lesson, ask the students to share their answers with the class. I love the Double Tanagram, because it has any number of different arrangements or ‘solutions’ that can be created. The animal puzzles are a favourite, wonderful ♥. How will I use what was learned today outside of school, and how does it connect to the real world? Reading Teacher. Double tangram has so many configurations and challenges that it be used by anyone of any. Second, consider the following questions that students should answer or reflect upon in relation to the objective or learning target. 350 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148. Now what? If the students just completed a lesson on space and measuring you could ask questions about estimating measurements. Houssart, J. 20 ways to make teaching and learning the wonderful world of grammar fun. Think about this for a second. Where do I start teaching numerals? Check out these 15 suggestions to get you started. You ask a question reflecting on the days learning, and the student who answers correctly wins a point for their team, then get to shoot a trashketball into the recycling bin for an added 2 points. This will allow your class to see and also participate in a literal rendition of the topic they learned. Puzzles are also an important educational learning tool for toddlers and young children as they provide many skills and cognitive learning benefits and opportunities. Piggybacking on the art installation suggestion, dioramas and models are fabulous wrap-up activities. It increases their visual spacial awareness and develops a deeper understanding of these themes and topics. By using the Monster March Out Lesson Exit Tickets, students are able to let you know of any concerns or successes before they leave the room. Lesson Closure: An Important Piece of the Student Learning Puzzle. Consider using slides after conducting an experiment to show the results with graphs or a series of documenting pictures. Wrap up a series of lessons by having students create a related piece of art. Yes, I completely agree with your thoughts. Much like a beloved but no longer needed piece of clothing, a lesson has value and leads to something better (like how those pleather pants served their purpose and have now helped you to evolve to another style!). Closure is important because “there resolution of the lesson but students could reiterate the key learnings and prepare to transition to something different.” (Bloomquist,  & Huffman, 2010). This can have surprisingly fascinating results! Closure is an essential and critical part of a less which “we need to be careful not to overlook lesson closure as an opportunity to solidify student learning” (Ganske, 2017). Kind regards, Victoria. Well On Your Way! Cut out puzzle pieces and glue/tape them together to form a wonderful classroom mural. You can read more about our copyright and website terms and conditions by clicking on the link in the tab. You can share your lesson plan by writing a brief agenda on the board or telling students explicitly what they will be learning and doing in class. This includes how to write the numeral, and also what the number looks like in pictures. A fun way to close a lesson is to play a game of Reflective Beach Ball.

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