Posted Jan 21, 2014. A month ago I utilized an older version of this book to successfully pass the series 7 exam. Do yourself a favor: Pass the Series 7 … Specializes in Public Health. Was concentrating on finishing my q-banks and studying content and videos . At the FINRA 2019 annual conference, it was announced that from October 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019, 10,542 individuals sat for the exam, and the Series 7 pass rate for that period was 71 percent. However, Knopman is one of the few that directly references a 95% pass rate for their students. is it good enough to go for the nclex on Thursday?? By using the site you agree to our Privacy, Cookies, and Terms of Service Policies. Kaplan Financial Education presents all our Securities Licensing pass rates and satisfaction ratings openly to give you the full picture. However, this improvement was just a few percentage points and factors in a 74 percent rate for the SIE alone. The Series 7 Goes Deeper. QT5- DID NOT DO IT. I got up early, went to the gym, cleaned my house and stayed busy the entire day so I konked out early and slept well. My scores are as follows. Your scores look good. Theref… Tips on Prepping for the NCLEX® During COVID-19 (With a "2-Week NCLEX® Essentials" Study Plan! I have schedule to take this Nclex again for the third time, I am so worry and anxious about it. More details inside. I too got a LOT of SATA and drag and drop questions but they weren't very hard, I think I missed maybe two SATA. Best Mobile Learning Experience: … Our members represent more than 60 professional nursing specialties. Relax the day before the test. The new Series 7 is harder, kind of ... Test scores will be scaled in order to try to keep a consistent pass rate, but that doesn’t make the exam any easier while you’re actually taking it. While that’s extremely impressive, their bundle options are a little disappointing when compared to other options on this list. My firm had me buy the Pass Perfect study material for the 7 a week ago, I had been using Kaplan on my own previous to that. I need some suggestion with the drugs part of this exam. Students NCLEX. Compare each package below and select one that best fits your learning style. My scores were mostly in the 60's though I got one 46% ( my first attempt at using the decision tree) and a 52% and a 58%. I am thinking of re-scheduling because of my Kaplan scores. Also in this final stretch , how should I study?? Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Kaplan’s top priorities are the health and safety of employees, students, customers, and the community. QT2-63. is Kaplan harder, easier or just the same as Nclex.. Will appreciate your 2 cents. I don't have the Q banks, I just have the quizzes and exams in the … If you did really well on the SIE portion - say, 90% or higher - you could afford to do poorly on the harder Series 7 Top-Off portion - say, 60% or slightly lower - and still pass. On the other hand, the Series 7 exam is a different story. I got similar scores as you did on Kaplan and I did a only 27% of the Qbank so I think you are ready! Your scores are good with Kaplan. Our mission is to Empower, Unite, and Advance every nurse, student, and educator. If you have individual concerns, please visit our FAQ page ». QT 1- 64. Was concentrating on finishing my q-banks and studying content and videos, QT6- 68 ( just did in last week Thursday), Nclex readiness- 68 ( I did it during the Kaplan class 2 weeks ago). How many questions did you get?? Whereas now, with both exams tested separately, you must score 70% and 72% or higher, respectively, on both the SIE and Series 7 Top-Off …, INC, 7900 International Drive #300, Bloomington MN 55425 Kaplan Financial Education's securities licensing exam prep packages provide all the necessary tools to help you prepare, practice, and perform on the FINRA ® Series 7 Exam, General Securities Representative Examination (GS).We offer a variety of instruction options and exam prep study tools to best suit your learning style and schedule. That rate applies only to those who passed both the SIE exam and the Series 7 exam. Many investment banks will plop Series 7 study materials on each new hire’s cubicle and carve out a week for them to hunker down and study. Kaplan Test Prep: Best for In-Person ... you’ll need to pass both the SIE exam and the Series 7 exam. Hello Everyone~ I am scheduled to take my Nclex in 2 days. Do yourself a favor: Pass the Series 7 on the first try. Good luck! Kaplan and Nclex Pass Rate. It has 125 questions (plus 10 extra that don’t count toward your score) vs 75 for the SIE exam. We strongly recommend including a Series 7 preparation package as part of your plan. I, for one, thought NCLEX was harder than Kaplan but I was also innundated with SATAs and alternative format questions. The main culprits for a failed Series 7 exam are the exam’s increased detail and difficulty. FINRA also reported that this pass rate was better than those from before October 1, 2018, when the SIE was introduced. Dx test: 66. When did you take your exam?? Compare Series 7 Study Packages. QT 3- 57. One 80% and a few 74% ( 3 to be exact). How are my grades?? allnurses is a Nursing Career, Support, and News Site. QT5- DID NOT DO IT. Just know your lab values and EKG's. Specializes in APRN, Adult Critical Care. I have completed 84% of my Q bank with an average of 65%. I am thinking of re-scheduling because of my Kaplan scores. I took the NCLEX this afternoon and it was IMO easier than Kaplan because it was more straightforward. Some prep courses have a better reputation (and pass rate) than others, so choose … Many Series 7 Exam Prep providers tout a guarantee that you’ll pass your exam with their help. Since 1997, allnurses is trusted by nurses around the globe. Its up to you, if you feel confident to take the test. The minimum passing score is 72%, and the pass rate is around 65%. ), Answering max number of questions on NCLEX. 1-612-816-8773. Like PP said, relax the day before. I took Kaplan and got 60's and above most of the Qtrainers and passed. My process was to read the book cover-to-cover, completing the chapter reviews along the way, creating a 500 … Each study package is designed by our team of subject matter experts and learning engineers who strategically combine instruction with study tools to help you retain more information and pass your qualification exam. Has 4 years experience. QT4-61. What doyou all think? I am scheduled to take my Nclex in 2 days. Kaplan does not offer a money-back guarantee, but its 85% Series 7 exam passing rate is indicative of its success in preparing students for the exam. Most web sources say the Series 7 pass rate is 65% (FINRA doesn’t release the pass rates), but in a recent Kaplan survey of Kaplan Series 7 students, 85% reported passing the Series 7 qualification exam. Also those that have taken the NCLEx and did Kaplan?? I also only got a handful of questions on meds and two math questions. DixieGrace. Good luck! Series 7 Exam Prep Classes and Study Materials. The Series 7 exam is essentially a much more difficult SIE exam. I don't seem to remember everything. Specifically, the old Series 7 exam used to include material from both the SIE and the Series 7 Top-Off. How long ago??

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