Floats and performances are still happening! Huntress, who notices that Black Canary gets easily taken down by a pickpocket, follows her into the city of Blüdhaven, where she enters a secret arena to fight against her fellow Justice League member Fire. This FAQ is empty. Black Canary: If you call me "girlfriend", I'm gonna dropkick you into the next county. Teleplay by: Huntress, Black Canary, Vixen, and Hawkgirl vs. Wonder Woman. (11 Mar 2006). Animated adventures of superheroes, including Superman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl. The skimpy costumes and exaggerated proportions mean that no matter what the animators do, there’s going to be an element of titillation for certain viewers, but that’s far from the focus of “Grudge Match.” This is an episode about the strength and skill of women as warriors, establishing that they can be action heroes that are just as riveting as their male colleagues. Huntress informs Canary of Roulette's plan. Roulette enlists the ladies of the JLU in her new & improved all-girl gladiatorial arena. The Guys and the Grudge Match. Huntress uses a garbage can lid to take out a thief at the start of the episode, continuing the long-running DCAU trend of using trash receptacles as weapons. Huntress: Like I'd waste my dreams on you... DC Animated Universe is a FANDOM TV Community. But the fun isn't over yet: Roulette announces a new star attraction to the mix -- Wonder Woman. Bito Wladon Grudge Match last edited by You know what I mean.”, Huntress: “You’re scum.” Roulette: “No, no, my dear. These characters don’t have the same kind of relationship as Black Canary and Huntress, and their fighting styles are further distanced to emphasize that. Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed. "Justice League Unlimited" Grudge Match (TV Episode 2006) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Next ► Question: Blue overcoat, fedora... The superhero genre doesn’t have the best track record with female characters. Before going home, the two women decide to have one last re-match. There’s something very primal about the idea of pitting people against each other in a cage match, particularly when those people are all beautiful women that bring an unavoidable air of sensuality to the violence. Roulette: The new Meta-Brawl! Sonar: In another thirty seconds, your brains will be so scrambled, I'll be able to serve 'em up with bacon. "Grudge Match" is the ninth episode of the third season of Justice League Unlimited, and the 35th of the overall series. Isn't this the woman who beat the snot out of you a few months back? Matt Wayne Huntress: She got a lucky shot in! Yes, much of the running time is devoted to scantily clad women brawling in a cage, but these aren’t sloppy catfights intended to titillate. Sonar / Story by: There’s a general lack of action heroines in pop culture, especially when it comes to programming for younger audiences. Justice League Unlimited (animated series), Justice League Unlimited - Season Two (DVD), Justice League - The Complete Series (DVD), Justice League Unlimited - The Complete Series (Blu-ray), https://dcau.fandom.com/wiki/Grudge_Match?oldid=189682, Question and Huntress are apparently still going steady; they were last seen together in ", Black Canary regrets not having shut down. Fedora.” Huntress: “You really stink at this.” Question: “(Pause.) It looks like it really hurts when she’s whaling on Vixen and Hawkgirl, and it’s very possible she would have killed them if Black Canary and Huntress didn’t eventually find a way to shut down Grodd’s mind control device. As Vixen and Hawkgirl try to survive against wrestling with the Amazon Princess, Huntress and Black Canary break out of the arena and make their way into Roulette's control room, where they force her and Sonar to break the brainwashing signal. Roulette: You're playing with fire, witch! Roulette: Of course, you two aren't under my control any longer, which means I'm going to have to eliminate you. © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Huntress: They've had you up every night working the arena. It premiered on March 11, 2006. Depictions of women are … Roulette gets Lex Luthor to help her bring back Metabrawl as a way of financing his latest attempt to revive Brainiac, and to make the matches more enticing, the Legion of Doom uses Grodd’s mind control technology to put female heroes in the arena. Justice League Unlimited (TV Series) Season 3, Justice League Unlimited (TV Series) Episodes, 8 Images from Justice League Unlimited (TV Series) Episode: Grudge Match, Episodes of Justice League Unlimited (TV Series), Images from Justice League Unlimited (TV Series), Gallery for the Justice League Unlimited (TV Series) series, Grudge Match at the DC Animated Universe Wiki, https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Justice_League_Unlimited_(TV_Series)_Episode:_Grudge_Match?oldid=2463916, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function, As Huntress enters Blüdhaven, a shadow can be seen perched on top of a stucture. There’s no way not to be exploitative when one of the character designs is a naked green woman with flames for hair, but Fire’s exposed appearance doesn’t mean that she’s vulnerable in battle. Comic Vine users. The opening fight between Hellhound and Shatterfist is hilariously pathetic. Huntress: You know, I was totally whipping your butt back when they caught us. Huntress and Black Canary have a friendly fight. Hell, she might grow up to be the savior of the world, which comes with its own thrills and disappointments. Huntress: You would have done the same. We'll call it "The Glamor Slam" or "The Belles of the Brawl"! Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? (voice). Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. Roulette enlists the ladies of the JLU in her new & improved all-girl gladiatorial arena. It originally aired on March 11, 2006. Episode navigation Vixen and Hawkgirl may share an attraction to the same man, but they differ in more dramatic ways than Black Canary and Huntress. With Morena Baccarin, Amy Acker, Virginia Madsen, Clancy Brown. Roulette: Huntress and Black Canary versus two new contenders! After witnessing her leaving her apartment in the middle of the night, and planting a homing device on Canary's motorcycle, Huntress follows her into Blüdhaven. View full history. Soon, just as Wonder Woman is about to smash her fellow Justice League member's faces in, she stops and calmly tells them both they have some explaining to do. Justice League Unlimited Directed by Joaquim Dos Santos. The superhero genre doesn’t have the best track record with female characters. "Grudge Match" Airdate Order: Shayera: Yeah, try to stay alive. Roulette and Sonar are arrested, and the rest of the League members are released. Soon, Roulette and a doctor arrives to check on Fire, to which Huntress informs Canary over what she did while hypnotise.

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