For specialized missions, Cadmus utilized a special black ops team composed largely of criminals and mercenaries, but led by Colonel Rick Flagg. Rather than an exercise in nostalgia, “Legends” becomes something akin to a, aired, we had already spent more than a decade in the DC Animated Universe. The whole thing ends in a super hero versus super villain Royal Rumble in a football stadium as the talents behind the cartoon take delight in smashing the action figures together in glorious animation in order to make the Justice League stronger than ever before. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Inside LexCorp, the Justice League's seven founding members and Amanda Waller have just been treated to the bizarre sight of Brainiac inside Lex Luthor's body. It's fun to look back on the triumphs of the DC Animated Universe, which still stands as one of the most accurate adaptations of Superman, Batman, and their many superhero comrades. Batman started this animated universe and this finale is a love letter to him. Great Pretender Season 2 Review (Spoiler-Free), The Mystery of D.B. It was the moment that made me personally recognize just how powerful Flash could be while also emphasizing his role as the League’s heart and soul. More than anything, there’s the whole lobotomy business, which makes you feel uneasy when you get a load of the Joker and Poison Ivy (though the Ventriloquist/Scarface sight gag is brilliant). But there are ingenious little character moments as well. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Anyway, during the chaos of the past, Wonder Woman meets a US airman named Steve Trevor so get the hankies and violins ready. And  what a Society Grodd has assembled! OK, so it’s not quite the Justice Society, rather the “Justice Guild of America.” But when “Legends” aired, it was by far the closest to an Earth-2 story we had ever seen on TV before. The way he interacts with Dr. Polaris, Tala, Grodd, and even Bizarro make this must-watch. It manages to be a great Flash episode, a great Superman episode and a great Martian Manhunter episode all at the same time. You can’t shortchange Lex’s voice actor Clancy Brown, whose exploits as Flash-in-Luthor’s-body are completely hilarious and awkward. Gold star for the episode fitting in a quick reference to Hitman. A secret government agency called Project Cadmas was founded to combat the Justice League should they ever go rogue with Amanda Waller and Lex Luthor leading the program. These shows have always been blessed with good voice acting, but CCH Pounder and Kevin Conroy are a cut above, especially here in their face off. We also got General Eiling’s transformation into the Shaggy Man, something that happened in Morrison’s JLA a decade earlier. Like a K-pop boy band, the Ultimen are raised and housed together inside a complex and guided through stardom by PR professionals. —C.H. Rather than an exercise in nostalgia, “Legends” becomes something akin to a Twilight Zone episode with its story, but its character interplay recalls another show. And the fights, particularly the big set piece between the Squad and Atom Smasher, Shining Knight and Vigilante, are beautiful. —Christian Holub. Darwyn Cooke wrote this episode, so it makes sense that it’s a near-perfect Suicide Squad story. further reading: The Superman Stories of Alan Moore. Just listen to Batman sing. This four-part arc was written by Justice League Unlimited‘s producer, the late and great Dwayne McDuffie, who really examined some serious issues here. But no episodes are as important to the overarching plot of the DC Animated Universe as these two. The results are silly but also delightful — and like "This Little Piggy," the use of magic once again becomes a way to ignite some WonderBat teasing. Jerry O’Connell voices Captain Marvel here, the kind of inspired voice casting that at one point could have carried over into a live action version of the character. “The Savage Time” is set in the days of World War II in an alternate past where the evil Vandal Savage and his Third Reich have conquered the world. the scene where Doomsday and Superman fight in a volcano. It all ends with Circe’s ultimate plan, as the evil mythical witch forces Batman to do the unthinkable: sing. While it has ties with Justice League, it’s more about being an epilogue to the entire DC Animated Universe. So what better way to honor that lineage than by taking original Super Friends characters -- like Apache Chief and the Wonder Twins -- and casting them as the young group of heroes trying to supersede the Justice League. There are only two words a Justice League member dreads more than “monitor duty” and that’s “crowd control.” So with the League taking on Mordru (!!!) A unique representation of generational warfare here. —C.A. He doesn’t have to. Superman was often relegated to the sidelines on Justice League, out of fear that he would outshine his teammates. You can’t go wrong with great source material. It all builds to a tragic finale that powerfully sets up the threat of Amanda Waller and Cadmus. And you guys, Conroy is quite the velvet throated crooner. It’s the cartoon two-parter so good that Ed Boon was like, “We should make this into a fighting game one of these days.”. Just check out J’onn manipulating intergalactic power struggles between wannabe dictators! At the end of the day, the Cadmus Arc and ‘Divided We Fall’ specifically are among the best Justice League stories made. "Epilogue," which takes place in the future of Batman Beyond, essentially pays tribute to Bruce Wayne/Batman, the hero who started it all in Batman: The Animated Series, and gives him the touching happy ending he deserves and often never gets in other mediums. It’s the first time Darkseid appeared since the end of Superman: The Animated Series, when he kidnapped and brainwashed Superman into leading his army’s attack on Earth. By finally embracing outright evil, he puts together a team that introduces us to a whole bunch of new villains to play with, from Solomon Grundy to The Shade.

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