Of course, during parties, the vessel can accommodate hundreds of people temporarily. This is in part due to its purpose—it is both a pleasure yacht and an exploration vessel. The ship runs off a diesel-electric arrangement with eight diesel generators powering two electric motors that provide six megawatts of juice to drive her screws. The eight-deck yacht can accommodate 26 guests across 13 cabins, comprising of a master suite, two VIP suites, seven doubles and three twins. A dive centre and hyperbaric chamber are also on board, along with a beach club with bar. P.O.R (price on request) À propos OCTOPUS. Octopus also has missionized spaces that can be reconfigured for different exploration voyages. Luxury Pulse, the best Luxury Marketplace for sale and buy your Luxury Car, Real Estate, Yacht, ! The Octopus, listed for sale by yacht broker companies Fraser and Burgess, was one of Allen's three superyachts-- he also owned the 301-foot yacht Tatoosh, and the 198-foot Medusa. Her crew of 63 is spread out in 30 cabins. Octopus is currently co-listed for sale by Fraser and Burgess. Many hitmakers have recorded in the sea-borne studio, such as Mickjagger, Usher, Johnny Cash, Bono, and god knows who else, but rest assured the secret list is extremely impressive. There’s space for 26 guests in 13 cabins, and room for 63 crew members. The list of accouterments goes on and on. It even recovered the ship's bell from the sunken HMS Hood. His beloved Octopus is now part of what is something of the world's most outlandish estate sale. Octopus, the 414-foot mega yacht which ranks as one of the world’s largest, has been listed for $325 million. Is This Russian "Forever President" Vladimir Putin's Yacht? In fact, Octopus is still arguably the best design that can actually wear both hats, with other exploration-capable yachts looking far less glamorous and luxurious. Offering a genuine first-class experience while cruising or at anchor, OCTOPUS has plenty of space for enjoyment and activity on board. Now, the biggest is for sale — with a price tag to match. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. The rule of thumb is that a yacht costs roughly ten percent of its total cost to operate annually. The man who could be the world's richest has a navy of warships and nuclear submarines, but does he have a super yacht. This is a very rare reality in the world of large vessels where depreciation driven by a tiny customer base can be absolutely brutal. Through his family office Vulcan Inc., Allen acquired sports teams, real estate, art and invested in startups. She also features an absolutely top-notch recording studio—another one of Allen's great loves was music. The Striking And Fast Superyacht 'Yaz' Was Born From A 40 Year Old Dutch Frigate's Hull. Designers combined the steel hull of a retired fast frigate with a cutting-edge composite superstructure resulting in a truly one of a kind ship. I have no idea how accurate that often repeated rumor is, but would you be surprised if he didn't seek the most talented operators with vast experience in the maritime operating environment to protect his pride and joy? Built by Lurrsen and delivered in 2003, at that time she was the world's largest yacht, but she quickly lost that crown as part of an ongoing competition among the world's yachting billionaires to have the biggest boat. One of the world’s most famous superyachts has recently been listed as a yacht for sale.The 126.2-metre yacht Octopus is seeking a new owner after Burgess and Fraser were appointed as joint central agents. Autonomous in every respect, the yacht's hybrid propulsion system gives her a maximum speed of 19kn and a transoceanic range of approximately 12,500nm at her economical speed of 12.5kn. The teams are worth more than $3 billion combined, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Paul Allen's former 414-foot superyacht is for sale for 295 million euros, or about $325 million, yacht brokerage Burgess told Business Insider. An unmanned remotely operated vehicle that can dive far deeper—thousands of feet below the surface of the ocean—is also stored and deployed from here along with the ship's primary tender, Man Of War. So, for the richest human beings on the planet, a 'for sale' Octopus represents a very rare opportunity to snap up a vessel that has stood the test of time when it comes to the hardest to impress community in the world. The sub can dive as deep as 1,000 feet. A renowned world-class cruiser and one of the most well-travelled yachts in the global fleet, the 126m (414ft) OCTOPUS is the pinnacle explorer yacht for those seeking a proven platform to view some of the globe’s most remote and inaccessible locations. Octopus is a 126.20m (414.04ft) motor yacht, custom built in 2003 and last refitted in 2008. Maybe the smartest mega yacht of them all design-wise is the late Paul Allen's Octopus, an iconic vessel in the yachting universe and one that you can now own for … The stern pad is co-located with a huge helicopter hangar capable of easily storing two helicopters—Allen's Sikorsky S-76C and his MD-902 NOTAR Explorer. Have a confidential tip for our reporters? A library, bar, movie theater, gym, observation lounge, and a complete dive center—with its own hyperbaric chamber—are all available to guests. The Seaborne cruise line's super up-market and small-sized ship fleet, like the Seaborne Odyssey, has about a .73 crewmen per guest ratio. Paul Allen described his passion and amazement for the project in his 2011 autobiography, according to Bloomberg, stating: “When I first stood on the bridge, I felt as though I was on a spaceship,” he wrote, adding that with features including a pool, basketball court, movie theater, a recording studio with ocean views, “all my passions come together in one moveable feast.”, “It’s less a Bentley than a Range Rover,” Allen said in the memoir, adding that “Octopus has realized every mission I had in mind for her.”.

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