If a cold compress on the forehead fever patients, or take other measures to cool down the temperature data will low, should be avoided in this case to measure body temperature. It displays subject’s temperature over a range of 34.0~43.0°C. This product is a professional infrared forehead thermometer to measure the temperature of the human forehead. Please note that this unit reads 0.5°C (0.9°F) lower than a rectal digital thermometer. This means the measurement could be incorrect. It is for household use only. Batteries and packaging are not covered under warranty When asked to provide warranty service, you must have a purchase date and purchase stamp dealers (including dealers name and address) of the warranty card. The non contact infrared body thermometer is designed to minimize the possibility of hazards from errors in the software program by following sound and light engineering design processes, Risk Analysis and Software Validation. The screen licker, automatic turn off. Product Description ----- 1) Overview ---------- 2) Structure ------------------ 3) Operating principle-------------- 4) Indications for use --------------- 5) Contraindications ------------- 3. Slide the battery cover back in until it snaps in place. Use a clean, soft cloth to clean the surface of the device and LCD. Description: 7) Checking 35 sets of memory data When the thermometer is turned on or power off, by pressing the Memory/Mute-unmute buttonto go to the memory mode,press this button again to check the 35 sets of memories one by one. Infrared thermometer is a precision electronic product, please use it carefully 1. All files are original, not repacked or modified in any way by us. Do not expose this thermometer to extreme temperature conditions of > 50°C (122°F) or < 0°C (32°F). The customer or the user of the infrared thermometer can help prevent electromagnetic interference by maintaining a minimum distance between portable and mobile RF communications equipment (transmitters) and the infrared thermometer asrecommended below,according to the maximum output power of the communications equipment. Do not mix the old and new batteries to avoid damage to the product. The distance of the item Keep the thermometer in contact with and target is too far forehead, or put the probe into the Ear Canal. 8) Even in the absence of fever, those who exhibit a normal temperature may still need to receive medical attention. NOTE 1 At 80MHz and 800MHz,the separation distance for the higher frequency range applies. Used batteries should not be disposed of in the household rubbish. If for some reason the low forehead temperature measurement can try to align behind the ears. If 37.4°CSTS37.9°C(99.3°FST$100.3°F),the orange light will last for 3 seconds, with 3 short beeps and the value in LCD flickers, which is a warning that you may have a light fever. F5- Exit Setup Mod When in F1/F2/F3/F4 state, long press the setting key(setup) for 3 seconds to automatically exit the setting. The power voltage is lower than 2.5V+ 3%. Please follow the general safety precautions when using on children. Warning Warnings are identi ied by the WARNING symbol shown above. This device comprises sensitive components and must be treated with caution. Open and release battery cover following indicator on the surface of battery cover. Memory Error 3 short beeps and red backlit for 3 seconds.Contact dealer. Notes: 1. —8— 4) Holding the thermometer for too long in the hand before taking a measurement can cause the device to warm up. All memory records will loss when uninstall or reinstall the battery. Disposable Examination Gloves Blue Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves. Products names, logos, brands and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders in the USA and other countries. Product Description 1) Overview Infrared Thermometer measures the body temperature based on the infrared energy emitted from the eardrum or the forehead. The infrared thermometer is suitable for use in all establishments other than domestic and those directly connected to the public low-voltage power supply network that supplies buildings used for Homestic purposes. I am unable to change setting from C° as already programmed on device to F° . 0 Operational Temperature: 10°C-40°C (50°F-104°F) / conditions Humidity: 15-95%RH,non -condensing Atmospheric pressure: 86-106 kPa Battery 2*AAA,can be used for more than 3000 times Weight & Dimension 669 (without battery),163.3x39.2x38.9mm —11— 11. This thermometer is not intended to interpret hypothermic temperatures.Do not allow children to take their temperatures unattended. 2) A child's normal temperature can be as high as 99.9°F (37.7) or as low as 97.0°F (36.11). Accurate measurement: The product adopts the optical principle, the measurement accuracy is controlled at ± 0.2 ℃. The unit’s electronics transmitted energy which is display on the unit. Toggle Switch Note: All the future temperature you are taking will be automatically added the value you are adjusted. The patient is an intended operator. Under the boot mode, long press MODE button until LCD display “rst”. IP22 2 Protected against solid foreign objects of 12,5 mm and greater, 2 If keep the thermometer in 15 degree angle, it still can prevent the water drop. Do not fall, disassemble or modify the device. SETTING UP YOUR THERMOMETER + _ • Slide the battery cover out & up. Symbols: ------- --------------- 12. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage caused by incorrect application. Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer Instruction Manual Your thermometer is now ready for use! Operating temperature exceeds the range of speci ied temperature. For increased ease and accuracy the laser pointer makes aiming even more precise. -6— 5) Read your temperature T indicates a temperature reading. Do not touch the sensor of infrared detection with your ingers. 3) External factors may influence ear temperatures, including when an individual has: - been lying on one ear or the other - had their ears covered - been exposed to very hot or very cold temperatures,or - been recently swimming or bathing In these cases, remove the individual from the situation and wait 20 minutes prior to taking a temperature. Device principle and introduction The HeTaiDa Non contact infrared body thermometer are hand-held, reusable, battery operated devices, which can measure human body temperature on forehead, the skin temperature on one's forehead.

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