Most only appear in an issue or two: Superman Prime One Million * Living into the 853rd century, this Superman spent a As the most powerful being in the Sh'iar Empire and leader of the Imperial Guard, Gladiator has a costume with the very familiar color scheme of red, blue, and yellow. Related: Superman Vs Captain Marvel: Who Would Win? That being said, comic book fans have yet to see how a head-to-head battle would go for the two characters. Well, let’s go over the combatants. Be sure to subscribe! Well lets find out! Fair warning, the true extent of a few of these characters is not known. While Zod and King Hyperion are very different in demeanor- Zod is a soldier and King Hyperion is a madman- Zod is a villain that has the same powers as Superman and while Zod has gotten the best of Superman on a few occasions, Superman has … He sports a near-identical powerset to Superman that includes flight, the ability to shoot energy blasts from his eyes, freezing breath, near invulnerability, and incredible strength. Here are the five reasons why Hyperion is more powerful than Captain Marvel and five why he never will be. Created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum and debuting inX-Men #107, Gladiator is … The Man of Steel vs Hyperion! A battle between two supermen - but who wins?

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