If the Amino Acid Score is less than 100, a link is provided to complementary sources of protein. If you are trying to achieve a specific distribution of calories, such as the 40/30/30 distribution of the Zone™ diet, or the more traditional 60/30/10 distribution, the Caloric Ratio Pyramid™ will show you how recipes, meal plans, or individual foods line up with those goals.Foods low in fat, for example, will cluster along the bottom edge of the pyramid, ranging from foods that are high in carbohydrates (at the left edge) to foods that are high in protein (at the right edge). If one or more amino acid is not present in sufficient amounts, the protein in your diet is considered incomplete.Each spoke on the Protein Quality graph represents one of the nine essential amino acids, and the graph shows how close the protein in your diet is to the optimal distribution of amino acids recommended by the Institute of Medicine's Food and Nutrition Board.An Amino Acid Score of 100 or higher indicates a complete or high-quality protein. Amount of protein in Hunt's Tomato Sauce: How much Vitamin A is in Hunt's Tomato Sauce? ... Tomato Sauce - No Salt Added. Note: Any items purchased after 0% Saturated Fat 0g Trans Fat 0g. Is this information inaccurate or incomplete? The Self NutritionData method and system is covered by U.S. Patent No. - Mac Safari (Click print below > Copies & Pages > Safari), Nutrition facts label for tomato sauce, no added sugar (Hunt's Original), NUTRITIONAL TARGET MAP™ Is this information inaccurate or incomplete? Nutrition Facts. No Salt Added ... Made from all-natural, vine-ripened tomatoes simmered with salt, spices, and natural flavors for seasoning, Hunt's Tomato Sauce contains no added sugar, corn syrup, or other sweeteners. All trademarks, copyright and other forms of intellectual property are property of their respective owners. Amount of Calcium in Hunt's Tomato Sauce: Already See ingredients, nutrition, and other product information here. 0.034%. If you have diabetes or metabolic syndrome, you might want to aim a little lower. Foods that are both nutritious and filling are considered better choices for weight loss. Foods that are nutritious without being filling are considered better choices for healthy weight gain. 0 grams fat. 0%. If you do click them, 0 mg cholesterol. Tell your friends: You May Also Like. There are 60 calories in 1/2 cup (126 g) of Hunt's Traditional Tomato Sauce. 0.062%. Buy Now. Available Sizes: 8 oz, 15 oz, 29 oz; See ingredients, nutrition, and other product information here. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. * The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. San Marzano Style. 365 Organic Portobello Mushroom Pasta Sauce. Includes 0g Added Sugars. Although few (if any) individual foods provide all the essential nutrients, the Nutrient Balance Indicator and Completeness Score can help you construct meals that are nutritionally balanced and complete.Read more about the Nutrient Balance Indicator, Protein Quality for tomato sauce, no added sugar (Hunt's Original), PROTEIN QUALITY Amount of fat in Hunt's Tomato Sauce: How much sodium is in Hunt's Tomato Sauce? It is also a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber. Sodium 380mg. A typical target for total Estimated Glycemic Load is 100 or less per day. There are 80 calories in 1 cup (8.7 oz) of Hunt's Tomato Sauce, canned. Enjoy the smooth, rich flavor of the Hunt's Tomato Sauce you love without the extra sodium.

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