You can use this recipe to make chocolate bars, chocolate candies or even chocolate chips. I poured half to make bars or bark, and the other half I tossed in some almonds and dried cranberries. Join our community for free and never miss a recipe! Stir in the vanilla, stevia, and salt. How much stevia did you use? Great recipe, cant wait to try. Hope that helps! Once i combine all the ingredients It becomes very thick & dry. Not dumb at all! If you’re a milk chocolate person, you will NOT like this chocolate. Hi Becky! Thank you again! Thank you for the wonderful information! If you steadily add more honey, could you get milk chocolate? I make fudge the same exact way! I'm making chocolate with honey almost every day and I usually stop the temperature between 40°C and 42°C. They seriously look like they came from a fancy chocolate shop! You should have seen the many, many improperly tempered batches that came before this one….so don’t be too impressed! how long can this chocolate be stored at room temperature? Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Cacao Butter, 1 Lb - Raw | Keto | Vegan | Unrefined, 2 x6" bars or about 9-10 mini chocolate bites, « Not-tella, the Best Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (sugar free, gluten free, paleo, and vegan). :), hahaha! Haha! Nice!! . I’m so glad you found me 🙂, I made the chocolate and made bout 6-7 in Easter egg mould, I’m just like you I love dark rich chocolate and have a weak tummy, but need to make it last more then a weekend lol Bec Wilson Nsw, I hear you! Hi Carly, unfortunately I don’t have a recommendation other than coconut oil or cocoa butter. Because of that, I don’t think sunflower oil will work , thankx for yrs good recipe of chocolate love u i m pakistani but alwayz i follow ur web i wanna to meet u so please give me ur f.b id ok …..gud bye. And they look so tasty, I love me some dark chocolate! hi just wondering if anyone ever tried replacing the honey for powdered stevia? I discovered a banana and used it to dip it into the warm chocolate mmmmmm! Hi! Thank you. If the links don’t work, search ‘What’s Cooking America – Chocolate Melting’, and ‘How to salvage seized or overheated chocolate’. Get my best recipes and tips in your inbox. Add it to the batter at the last possible minute before baking, and don’t use it in any cookie that bakes more than about 10 minutes. Your email address will not be published. 1.5 ounces equals 2 tablespoons of honey = Dark Chocolate 60%. And then I find out all the chocolate bars—Lily’s and unsweetened bars—have milk. Niiice!!! issue is the texture. sounds lovely. Vegan and Paleo Homemade Sugar Free Dark Chocolate. Store in the fridge until you're ready to eat it. What would be the result if you prepared the chocolate with no fat other than the fat contained in the cocao? I guess I’ll have to rely on the enzymes I get elsewhere. Thank you so much for this amazing site and this recipe!!! Yes! I blogged about the chocolate-making experience and have pictures of my little bear chocolates there. I am so thankful you posted it!! And by the way…Do you have any special recipe to get looking so beautiful? A little goes a long ways! thank you for bringing chocolate back into my life! Not that I needed an excuse but I love the 5 reasons to eat more!!! I can only say this: When you add water to cocoa powder, you get a liquid or goo consistency, not a solid. But if you try it, please let me know how it turns out! You don’t have to do this, but I think it makes it easier to work with! Cacao is one of nature’s richest sources of polyphenols! This question is for Alisdair – can you please provide the amount of honey that you used?

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